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    Windows 7

    True, however why fix something if it ain't broke? I will let Windows 7 lay for a while and see what comes of it and then consider the switch. Is everyone who is using Windows 7 using the 32 bit or are any of you using 64 bit? I produce music and 64 bit processing comes in very handy for music production so I would definitely opt for the 64 bit edition if/when I 'upgrade'.
  2. How are you backing up? Are you using the Backup options from within CPanel? I have just tested on Alderaan and the backups from there contain all the data as well as table structure.
  3. OJB

    Windows 7

    I rock XP x64 and have done for about 3 years I think. Very very rarely have any issues with it, unlike my Vista based desktop I have at work. Vista is a pile of junk in my opinion and unless Windows 7 can break the stigma Vista has created for me I will continue using x64.
  4. OJB

    Sata Drives

    If it hangs could it possibly be bad sectors? Could you run a chkdsk on the drive to try and find and fix any bad sectors? How old is the drive?
  5. What type of script is your cron executing? PHP?
  6. The way I work with PHP/MySQL is usually the following: 1) Create a db via CPanel and a user with appropriate privileges - As Dick said, you need to do this to create a db for security reasons. 2) Log in via PHPMyAdmin - providing you have given your user account the right privileges you can create your tables under your db as you wish from the PHPMyAdmin interface. As an addition you can provide external access to your MySQL databases via CPanel using the Remote MySQL option. I tend to do this for my particular IP, then download the MySQL Query Browser and MySQL Administrator tools from the MySQL site, then log in remotely from home and/or work and operate on the db that way. I much prefer the interface of MySQL Query Browser than that of PHPMyAdmin. Not having shell access does limit your scope somewhat to what you can do, but for the most part, especially if you are really just getting into the swing of things with MySQL/PHP, it won't really affect you at all.
  7. Awesome! Glad it worked. Don't worry, the simplest things are sometimes the easiest to miss. I do it all the time when coding.
  8. You said before you ARE assigning the variable didn't you? Just in case you aren't, try this in your header: > $type = $_GET['type']; switch ($type) { case 'dvd': $title = 'DVDs'; break; case 'hidef': $title = 'Hi-Def Titles'; break; case 'movie': default: $title = 'Movies'; break; } echo '<title>Movieman\'s Guide to the Movies >> Review Index >> '. $title.'</title>'; If this is what you are doing, feel free to PM me some of the code and I will have a look through it for you and see if I can figure out what is going wrong.
  9. How recently has it broken? How are you assigning the $type variable? Are you doing something like $type = $_GET['type']; or are you relying on register_globals to assign the variable automatically? If the latter, then it could be to do with register_globals being disabled on your account. If this is the case then I advise you to run through your existing code and ensure you are not relying on automatic variable creation via register_globals anywhere and you are manually assigning them yourself. I could be way off with the register_globals guess, not even sure TCH have it enabled on any of the linux boxes anyway, but it is one explanation. Edit: you will have to escape the apostrophe in "Movieman's" in the title in the code I wrote. Like this: > echo '<TITLE>Movieman\'s Guide to the Movies >> Review Index >> '.$title.'</TITLE>'; Sorry about that
  10. You don't appear to have any quotation marks around the 'dvd', 'hidef' and 'movie'. Why not do something like this instead: > switch ($type) { case 'dvd': $title = 'DVDs'; break; case 'hidef': $title = 'Hi-Def Titles'; break; case 'movie': default: $title = 'Movies'; break; } echo '<TITLE>Movieman's Guide to the Movies >> Review Index >> '. $title.'</TITLE>';
  11. I would have thought it would come up under the 'pages' section. I get swf and rar files showing in there so can't see any reason why it wouldn't show pdf files.
  12. Things have calmed down on Alderaan again. Not seen or heard about any issues today.
  13. I can confirm it has indeed flared back up on my site for myself and several users.
  14. Thanks for the update, Bill. The issues have stopped on all my sites hosted on Alderaan now, which is something I and my users are very relieved about. Thank you for your hard work looking into this for us!
  15. Unfortunately I am still getting them on my Alderaan hosted sites. Any idea what server the compromised account was found on, and if it was not Alderaan whether these corrective measures will be rolled out to other servers too?
  16. Wow, I went away for the weekend and come back to this! Awesome. I haven't had a chance to check my sites yet but I am very keen to do so now. I love it here at TCH.
  17. Hey. I was told by someone on the helpdesk that some of my files for my forum were 777 so were insecure. I went through these files and found no compromises that I could see. I set them all to 755. Problem is I do not think this is a forum issue, the reason for that is I managed to get screen recorder footage of this virus popup on two other domains. One of them is one of my domains that is completely locked down permissions wise and is built upon the latest stable CakePHP framework. I built it with security in mind and made sure everything was locked down. The other domain I managed to get the popup on was the one I mentioned in one of my earlier posts which is clearly not built on a forum. I can't say what their permissions etc are like because I don't own or control that domain. Here is video of it occurring on my forum UKHHF, it happened as soon as I loaded the site, then didn't happen again. I tried to test mixforme and builderssurplus but couldn't get it to happen in the same video: http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stVE1XRk1IR1xcQVpcXltYU1BS/ukhhf_virus Here is a video of it occurring on my CakePHP build of mixforme. It happened when I clicked a link on the page. Then when I reloaded the page and clicked the same link it did not happen. http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stVE1XRk1IR1xcQVpdW1NfXlFS/mixforme_virus Here is a video of it happening on builderssurplus (not my site but on the same IP address!). It happened when I clicked on a link and then like mixforme did not happen again when I clicked the same link upon reload: http://www.screentoaster.com/watch/stVE1XRk1IR1xcQVpcUllaVVRU/builders_surplus_virus I have scanned my PC to death with online scanners, NOD32, Adaware, SpyBot S&D, MalwareBytes and cleaned it up with CCleaner and there are no trojans or the like on my system. I have also scanned all my files for mixforme and ukhhf again with no issues. I hate to keep bringing this up, but I have spent literally hours on end trying to work this one out and I am no closer. It seems odd that 3 sites, built by different people using different software would all suffer from this same issue.
  18. Well the plot seems to thicken with my site. And to be honest it is getting even more inexplicable. 10-20 of my regular users are reporting being presented with popups warning them of viruses (when using IE) after (for no reason at all) being forwarded to a site called fast-virus-scan4, note I have not included the link as the site appears to contain adware. This does not happen on Firefox but I expect when the firefox page goes blank white this is the point that the IE browser forwards to the adware site mentioned above. I have downloaded every file off my forum and scanned them all with: adaware spybot s&d nod32 malwarebytes all come up clean. I also did a load of housekeeping and removed unnecessary directories and ensured everything was chmodded securely. What makes it strange is that I also have several other sites also hosted on Alderaan (under my reseller account) and I am seeing these same issues with those sites. So, I decided to do some digging and found other sites also on the same IP address. I found one called builderssurplusatlanta and after a few minutes of clicking around on a bunch of links in IE I got forwarded to the adware site and my nod32 kicked up a warning. If this was just me I would say that it most definitely was I was infected by adware/spyware/malware. But I have virus scanned my PC with Eset NOD32, SpyBot S&D, Malwarebytes and Adaware and aside from a few tracking cookies it comes up clean. Now that my other members are getting the same issues this makes me think the issue might be elsewhere, but where? I am getting major complaints from my users and it has me baffled. It doesn't happen all the time, in fact I can go 10+ minutes without it happening and then it does again. Very mind boggling.
  19. Hey guys, I don't usually like posting for this sort of question because it can seem so vague and its the sort of thing that cannot be easily replicated. Basically all day today I have been receiving blank white screens on various of the sites I have under my reseller account. Now blank white screen to me usually screams PHP fatal error. But there are no such errors in the logs. Not only this but the white screens are very VERY intermittent. I have received the trying to log in, then log in works, I have received them trying to view posts on my forum, then the posts work. I have received them on my wiki then the wiki works. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. It is strange that it is across various domains too. I assumed it must be my end, even though I was accessing my sites from both home and work (both with different ISPs). Until i got home tonight and some of my users are complaining of the same thing. If I get a blank white screen I did a view source and I am getting this: > <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> var iuub=new Date( ); iuub.setTime(iuub.getTime( )+014*074*074*01750); document.cookie="\x6e_\x73\x65\x73s\x5f\x69\x64\x3d\x34b65f\x333\x389\x34\x39\x65c\x34cb4\x30\x62\x31\x33\x31\x64\x32\x30\x39\x61a\x328\x36f"+"\x3b\x20pat\x68\075\x2f; \x65xpir\x65s="+iuub.toGMTString( ); </script> so JS is setting some sort of cookie. What cookie I don't know as it appears to be encrypted or something. But that cookie is not being set from my code as it isn't in the source when the page loads successfully. So it may be a firefox firebug thing, I don't know, I have no idea what this cookie does or is. Not only this but my firebug console also appears to be showing 301 moved permanently redirects for my site - but not every time I load the site. Which is weird, as I don't have any .htaccess rules redirecting anything. I have attached an example screenshot of my firebug output. What is bizarre is it tries to GET my website and I get a response: "Failed to load source for: http://www.ukhhf.co.uk/forum" but then it does the GET again and it is successful, on the exact same domain, subdomain and directory (www.ukhhf.co.uk/forum). The actual response header I receive when it fails to load (blank white screen) is: > Date Sun, 13 Sep 2009 11:00:28 GMT Server Apache X-Powered-By PHP/5.2.6 Content-Length 342 Connection close Content-Type text/html; charset=UTF-8 It is starting to get a little frustrating, so I contacted the helpdesk and spoke to someone there who told me the sites were coming up fine for them, so there was no issue on the server side. I explained that it was very intermittent and across several users and ISPs but he was happy with it not being server side, so now that is why I am here. I have been a web developer for years now so it baffles and frustrates me when something inexplicable like this occurs and I cannot find the source of the issue. Even now as I have been typing this I have been receiving issues with the following sites: ukhhf.co.uk/forum mixforme.co.uk ukhhf.co.uk/encyclopedia Can anyone help? Regards, OJB
  20. Why are you passing in DB_DATABASE to the mysql_connect() function? It is not needed at that point. I doubt that would cause this issue as it seems to get passed the mysql_connect() without returning the error. Worth cleaning up anyway. Is the "myloginid" it is returning your cpanel login? im just a bit confused by the phrasing of it.
  21. Buffalo Gal, this definitely sounds like a browser popup blocker issue. I would select "Always Allow PopUps From This Site" as you said as that should bypass the information bar asking you whether you wish to open the popup. To confirm it is the browser try editing the files with a different browser. Cpanel wouldn't warn you about popups, it will be your browser.
  22. Sorry knate, I'm not a Joomla or CMS user so I can't suggest where to get a theme similar to that. Good luck with it though
  23. By the looks of it it is some ASP.net script, I'm not sure if TCH do windows boxes?? Not sure if the linux boxes support ASP at the moment, maybe a TCH tech could confirm this? The CMS they use is called netboots I believe. You will find it if you search google for netboots. Edit: mises.org is definitely written in asp, and lp.org is definitely using netboots... but I can't see anything that shows they use the same CMS.
  24. I don't recall having to set up different domain settings to do so, isn't there an option where you just create a file and upload it to your site which will confirm you to be the webmaster of the site? Sorry I can't help in terms of adjusting the dns settings.
  25. Can't help with this particular issue but why not move your mail to be hosted by GMail instead? I have done this for years and never had any issue with it. Just required asking the helpdesk to point my MX entries to point to google... or I believe you can do it yourself through CPanel. This way you don't need external access to your SMTP server and it means you can use GMail as your webclient too
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