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  1. I am not sure whether this will work but try naming your select MBS-Services-of-Interest[] With the square brackets at the end then when it has posted it might be an array which you can run through each option selected.
  2. I was handed my redundancy notice a month ago, which expires end of November.... Being a web developer I am sure there are others in a similar situation so I imagine there are going to be more unemployed people than jobs available... which sucks. But aside from that I can't really say I have been that affected yet, I just hope the media is making it out to be worse than it is and we see an upturn sometime soon. The one thing which might help me out is the state of the housing market, when I buy a house with the lady we will be first time buyers... there are LOADS of houses/flats on sale at the moment here in the UK and they are literally throwing money at you to try and take them. Might be a good way onto the property ladder.... I guess time will tell.
  3. You say the data could be coming from anywhere, but surely you have a query at some point to add the data into the db? So in your insert query do something like this: >$query = ' INSERT INTO tbl_name (fld_name) VALUES(\''.strtoupper($the_value).'\')'; i.e. convert the string to uppercase as you insert it into the db or is this not what you want? if you want to write an update query it will be something like: >UPDATE tbl_name SET fld_name = UPPER(fld_name) WHERE fld_name = 'blahblah'
  4. I am a Brit, with dual-nationality - my second nationality is American... I guess I am eligible to vote, but I have never done so in the past because I have lived most my life in Britain... But, if I am eligible I will be casting my vote for Barack I think.
  5. turned out my dns had propagated fine, but my DNS zone settings needed synching and updating for those two domains, which TCH help desk did very quickly for me now all is well thanks guys!, I am a very happy bunny
  6. Everything went swimmingly... I asked to be moved to a reseller on Sunday evening (I guess the staff who do migrations don't work Sundays) on Monday I was informed my sites would be migrated early Tuesday morning overnight... This was the case, everything has been set up and everything seems to work... except two of my domains seem to be taking their time propagating... Can anyone else test these for me: http://www.mixforme.co.uk and http://www.mixforme.com What is weird is I also changed the DNS on another parked domain for that site: http://www.masterforme.co.uk/ That has propagated, but some of the images don't display because they are absolutely linked to http://www.mixforme.co.uk which isn't working yet. If these continue to not propagate do I need to take it up with TCH tech support or the support from my domain registrar?
  7. Thanks guys I have submitted my ticket to the help desk... hopefully it will be smooth running
  8. Thanks Dick, One final question... do I contact Billing, Tech Support or Sales to get this migration in motion?
  9. Thanks alot Mike... settled my nerves a little!!
  10. Hey guys I currently have 3 sites hosted with yourselves, 2 on deluxe and 1 on starter. Domain 1: Deluxe Hosting - I receive: 140GB bandwidth and 3000MB server space for $98 per year Domain 2: Deluxe Hosting - I receive: 140GB bandwidth and 3000MB server space for $98 per year Domain 3: Starter Hosting - I receive: 40GB bandwidth and 1400MB server space for $44 per year Domain 1 uses on average 15GB bandwidth per month and roughly uses 1300MB of server space Domain 2 barely uses anything as its very new and I completely overbought my hosting... currently it uses: 200MB per month bandwidth and 8MB server space - I envisage this increasing a lot in the near future though. Domain 3 also uses next to nothing, 25MB per month bandwidth and 220MB server space Totalling: Roughly 15.5GB bandwidth per month (although domain 1 has been over 20GB month than once in a month) Roughly 1500MB server space, but domain 1 is constantly growing so this is likely to increase too. $20 per month on hosting. I have just bought another domain which I would also like to be hosted with TCH obviously. Simple reseller is: 75GB Bandwidth and 3000MB server space for $20 per month. This is obviously enough to cover my needs (at the moment - I am unsure how much space and bandwidth my new site will require when finished) and is the same price I am paying. Is it worth while moving them all onto the same server? Will all my sites be migrated for me? Will I experience any downtime? Will I still have 3 separate CPanel logins to manage each site individually? On domain 1 I have moved my MX Records to point to Google, will these sorts of settings also be migrated? Are the server settings the same on resellers as shared hosting? With my sites all being PHP based I am well aware that server settings can differ and cause functionality changes (I recently experienced this with a development version of a site performing differently to a live version on a different server). I take it all I will need to do is change my DNS settings with my domain registrar to point to the new nameservers? Will my payment settings be transferred from being 3 separate payments to being one lump sum every month? How easy is it to add a new domain onto a reseller account, so if I do create my 4th site with yourselves, how easy is it to add this to my account? Will I incur any cost for moving from shared -> reseller? Sorry for all the questions, it feels like it could be quite a big step and I just want to make sure I know all before taking the plunge. Cheers guys, I love TCH!
  11. This will need to be a cron job yes. I had a quick google search for a mysql export to csv PHP script, I came across a few. You would have to tie in the emailing thing yourself, or find a script that can send attachments. Beware though if your database is large and you try executing a query to grab a lot of data you may end up locking your mysql tables for a long period (hence rendering your site's database unusable until the backup has finished). Also, if you try sending a large CSV file there are limits to the size of file that can be emailed from TCH servers so this may cause an issue too.
  12. If you haven't taken the plunge and uninstalled follow these instructions. Log into your Cpanel (go to http://www.YOURSITENAME.com/cpanel) Enter the username and password provided to you by TCH to log in. Scroll to the bottom of the page and find the link for PHPMyAdmin Click that link, when PHPMyAdmin loads in a new window you should be presented with a drop down list (top left of the page) with a list of all your databases in. Click on the database you set up for Zen cart. Take a look at all the tables in your database (they are listed in a column on the left hand pane. Do they all start with a prefix? For example zc_admin, zc_whatever.. if they do, then zc_ is your table prefix, if they don't all have the same prefix then you don't have a table name prefix. Then click on the SQL tab in the right hand pane. Copy this code: If you dont have a prefix: >DELETE FROM admin WHERE admin_name = 'Admin'; INSERT INTO admin (admin_name, admin_email, admin_pass, admin_level) VALUES ('Admin', 'admin@localhost', '351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b', 1); If you do have a prefix: >DELETE FROM yourprefixhere_admin WHERE admin_name = 'Admin'; INSERT INTO yourprefixhere_admin (admin_name, admin_email, admin_pass, admin_level) VALUES ('Admin', 'admin@localhost', '351683ea4e19efe34874b501fdbf9792:9b', 1); Paste that into the SQL query box that has appeared and run the query. It should say 1 row was deleted and 1 row was added. Then you should be able to log into your zen cart using the following: Username: Admin Password: admin
  13. OJB


    try scouting out: hxxp://www.opensourcecms.com it has preinstalled examples of loads of CMS systems that you can try before you install..
  14. what you have returned is a resource, not actual data you need to do something like this: >$queryDinnerNumber="SELECT SUM(dinner_number) as total FROM data WHERE dinner = 'yes'"; $resultDinnerNumber=mysql_query($queryDinnerNumber); while($row = mysql_fetch_array($resultDinnerNumber)) { $actual_results[] = $row; } print_r($actual_results); // this will print out your results array so you can see the values! echo $actual_results[0]['total'] .'people have been invited to the dinner.';
  15. have a look at: http://www.opensourcecms.com there are loads of CMSs you can trial before you install, all are open-source (hence free - and in the case of the more reputable ones, very well supported) have a look under the portals section as I believe these may be what you are looking for?
  16. For me they look identical in both FF and IE7... just loads really slowly in IE
  17. OJB

    How Do I?

    I would personally do it with PHP and dynamically change what appears in the right pane as Bob Crabb said
  18. If its a 404 then it means that the page you have pointed it to doesn't exist... So i guess its something to do with: RewriteRule ^([^/]+)/?$ /read.php?id=$1 [QSA,L] Im no good at mod_rewrite so I dont know If it was a 500 error it would have been a .htaccess error.. so I imagine its that line I have pasted above. Its possibly looking in the wrong directory? Not sure
  19. As Bruce said, its by using RewriteRule in your .htaccess file - essentially it is apache mod_rewriting but not done at a server level but rather directory level (as on shared hosting you obviously don't get access to the http.conf file) have a read of this: http://httpd.apache.org/docs/1.3/mod/mod_rewrite.html
  20. could check if the post array is non empty (hence the form has been submitted) and also check the referring page if one or more of them doesnt match what you expect then redirect somewhere else something like this: >if(!isset($_POST['input_button_name']) || $_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] != 'whatever_you_expect_it_to_be') { header("location: index.php"); } bare in mind though for security reasons that http_referrers are set by the user agent... which means they aren't necessarily secure
  21. will anyone be allowed to access process_userupdate.php???
  22. when I use the php mail function mine was like this: mail($to, $subject, $msg, "FROM: support@piazza.cc"); this seems to work for all my messages.
  23. Hey, Im sure there are more header variables you have to set than that... try looking here: http://www.phpit.net/code/force-download/ and adding in the missing headers... most notably i think is the missing mimetype/content-type obviously I can't guarantee this code works as I didn't write it, but worth a shot?
  24. Sorry to post again in the same thread, but this is getting a bit confusing and worrying. I contacted the help desk and they have told me they have changed some server settings but it should work. Problem is it doesn't. I put a die('Are we here'); just under my if (isset($_POST['uploadfile'])) at the top of my upload script (it posts back to itself) and then submitted the form. The same 'connection reset' error popped up and my die statement was NOT executed. This to me tells me it can't be a coding issue surely? If its not even getting back into my script the problem must lie elsewhere. So I have a page which will gladly upload any file UNDER 8MB and fully execute all my scripts commands. This same page will refuse point-blank to upload anything OVER 8MB and doesn't even seem to get to the point of posting back to itself My phpinfo() tells me that my values are being overridden as I have wanted, but something somewhere in the chain is refusing to work. Has anyone got any clues why this might be happening? Have I missed something?
  25. Hey guys This kinda follows on from that Large POST upload thread. I finished coding my site a while back and don't recall having this problem before but now when uploading files, anything under 8MB works a treat. Anything over 8MB does not even seem to attempt to upload. It just dies straight away with (in FF) a connection reset page and in IE a cannot find server The page cannot be displayed error. Now, if it were an execution time issue im sure it would at least attempt to upload and then die part way through not just die immediately upon clicking submit! I have also altered my .htaccess with these values: php_value post_max_size 75M php_value upload_max_filesize 75M php_value memory_limit 75M I have checked my phpinfo() and that says: post_max_size 75M 8M memory_limit 75M 32M upload_max_filesize 75M 2M So all those values seem to be set fine... Is this an issue with my code or something I need to get in contact with the help desk about?
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