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  1. SteveW, Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, my userids are correctly constructed and have the proper prefix etc. I've got enough work to do right now that I'm simply going to leave this alone for a while and I'll be that when the time comes I need to try this again I'll probably have no trouble. Thanks very much for taking the time to respond.
  2. Apologies - I inserted some generic text into the specific fields so as not to put my login info into the public domain. I appreciate your reply and your advice about cleaning up the connect string. I'm going to pursue the login problem from another angle. Thank you,
  3. I'm trying to write a Wordpress 2.8 widget. The widget will need to access a MySql database. I have a connection script that does this: >// Set database info define('DB_HOST', 'my-domain-name.com'); define('DB_USER', 'myhome_username'); define('DB_PASSWORD', '********'); define('DB_DATABASE', 'myhome_databasename'); // connect to the database $mysql = mysql_connect(DB_HOST, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD, DB_DATABASE) or die('Could not connect: ' . mysql_error()); $db_selected = mysql_select_db('myhome_databasename', $mysql); if (!$db_selected) { die ('Can\'t use myhome_databasename : ' . mysql_error()); } When the script runs and tries to connect I receive this error: >Can't use myhome_databasename : Access denied for user 'myloginid'@'%' to database 'myhome_databasename' I just cannot figure out where the Mysql server is getting the "myloginid" -- I would have expected an error with "myhome_username". Anybody have any idea what could cause this? I've been looking at it so long my eyeballs are falling out. I have set up the remote access to allow "%" and have added user "myhome_username" to "myhome_databasename" If I fall back to using a local mysql database on my XAMPP installation everything works just fine of course. Any help is appreciated.
  4. Today I found an open source web stats app I wanted to test. I had everything I needed except for a PHP MySql extension (PDO_MySQL). Thinking I'd get a "No can do" back I thought I'd ask - just in case. Well, much to my surprise this is the response i got from TCH's Level 2 support: This requires apache to be recompiled, I am scheduling this to the service interval of 12am - 6am EST when the loads on the server is at its minimum. I will update you once this is done. Very cool - and I'm just a minor-league $4/month customer. TCH is the best - period.
  5. Sure, why didn't I just do that in the first place you say! I dunno. Just not thinkin' I guess. Thanks Lise and Bruce
  6. Noticed today that my awstats hadn't updated since June. I fixed the .conf file and ran the update which has completed. Now it appears that at least 3 months have no data! Why would these months be missing? Is there anything I can do to recover the data? Thank you, TCH continues to be the best hosting I've ever used
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about Don's passing. I've got to say he'll be missed around here -- he was always willing to give a hand and always able to do it with a smile (so to speak). My condolences to his family and all his friends at TCH and to all the others who, like me, found Don to be a great online host.
  8. This is wonderful! Congratulations Bill and all you TCH good guys who've worked so hard to make TCH the best!
  9. That's pretty big news Bill - I'd say that's like crossing the T in TOTAL in Totalchoice! Thanks to you and all the TCH crew for a great hosting service.
  10. I've never seen this many users hanging around a forum - EVER! (12 at this moment in time)
  11. Soon, real soon now ... I'm sure! Just don't any of you be holding your breath!
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