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  1. Hi All, I had most of this message done and lost it. Anyway, I have gone the route of the Help Desk with this problem and one of the chaps suggested I post the problem in this Forum. I have installed Coppermine 1.3.4 on homegail.com and have configured it to display the EXIF data. I am having a problem with the first album that I uploaded - the Family Album (originally 9 photos - now has 11). The photo titled The Great Grandchildren Today is the only one that will have EXIF data. The other pics are older and not taken with a digital camera. This is one of the errors I am getting when trying to view a picture - the thumbnails work: "While executing query "INSERT INTO cpg134_exif VALUES ('albums/Family/Gail's Family/100-3 Marlene, Dot, and Gail.jpg', 'a:0:{}')" on 0 mySQL error: You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's Family/100-3 Marlene, Dot, and Gail.jpg', 'a:0:{}')' at line 1." If I configure Coppermine to NOT display the EXIF data, everything works fine. I have no clue as to how to fix this - I have no clue as to what they are talking about! This seems very strange since I have exactly the same album in Coppermine on another Domain Name hosted by TCH (on another server). I have named the album the same and have exactly the same photos in it (the original 9)! The version is 1.3.3 if I remember correctly. I keep thinking I should update it because of the security issue with the EXIF data, but now I am not so sure. Here is the link for my album that I am having the problem with: Gail's Online Photo Gallery I have left it configured for EXIF to display so you can see the errors. If you look at the other albums, everything is fine. I keep thinking maybe I set the db up incorrectly but then why would the other albums work fine? I have deleted the files and then uploaded the photos again but this did not make any difference. (this was a suggestion from the Help Desk) If it makes a difference, I always use the 'Batch Add' method to add the photos to Coppermine. If I can't get the problem solved, I will just leave it configured to not display the EXIF data. I like to have the date available for folks to view but it isn't the end of the world. Thanks kindly for any suggestions. Gail
  2. Hi MM, My, you are getting pretty smart aren't you! I think you are starting to have fun with this web stuff now. Just thought I would let you know - I heard Gordon's speech loud and clear via my computer. They don't make them like him anymore do they? Remember his usual line on 'Front Page Challenge' - how much money do you make? I know what Mitch is saying about giving folks the option as to whether or not to listen to the speech. However, because it is part of a link and not currently part of your post - I don't think it is a big deal. If you were to have it as part of a post, then I think I would give the visitor to your blog the option as to whether or not they want to hear the audio. Gail
  3. Congratulations David The award is well deserved. And thanks to all the Moderators for their time and help. Gail
  4. Hi MM, I would think if you do change the dates of the posts to get them in the order you want - then the Current Post list (on the Side Bar) would change accordingly. It would also alter your Archives. Another thought - what you could do is Delete your posts and start over. FIRST, copy and paste your posts into Notepad or whatever editor you use, and SAVE each post individually. Then you could start over - you would not have to retype the post - just copy and paste the stories back into the blogger software in the order you wish them to be viewed. MM, now that you have your blog successfully moved to TCH, you might want to post your questions re your Blog here in the Blog Forum. Perhaps more people might see your posts (particularly anyone who uses blogger or is familiar with the software) and can also make suggestions that have worked for them. Just a thought. Cheers, Gail
  5. Hi MM, I looked in the Help files for blogger and didn't see anything. However, you can 'Edit' the date of the posts, and then the posts will show accordingly. Just go to the 'Edit' tab in your post and you will see you can change the date at the bottom and then publish the post again. If you would like a post titled 'About Me' to show first in order - make sure there are no posts dated prior to that date. Posts will show as per the date of the post from what I can tell. I just moved the last post I did by changing the date (I have since moved it back) and this does work. Some one else may have a better idea. Gail
  6. Hi MM, Yippee - you did it! Way to go - now doesn't that make you feel good. I kept checking your blog the last few days to see if you got it moved okay. I didn't realize you had not purchased a hosting plan. No wonder my directions wouldn't work for you. After you get working on your blog for awhile, we will get you working on some other web pages. Cheers, Gail
  7. Hi MM, Did you get signed up with TCH for a hosting plan yet? As the others say, don't worry about feeling confused. I have had a web site for close to 2 years now and I still have to stop and think about the various terms and their meaning. You are learning each day - remember - one step at a time. Every one of us here had to start at the beginning at some point. Let us know how you are making out. Gail
  8. Hi Anya, Your 'home page' of your web site (the page that visitors first see when they go to your site) is to be named index.html - so yes, you should rename the page. Gail
  9. I didn't have a big problem with my previous hosting company but I wasn't totally satisfied either. Their support Forum was almost non-existent. I knew my 'renewal time' was nearing in a couple of months so I went to 'findmyhosting.com' and I found TCH. I think what really sold me on TCH was: 1) the Family Forum - I couldn't believe how active and helpful the Forum was (and still is) 2) the style of Bill and the rest of the team - I like a management style where people are open and honest and aren't afraid to say what has to be said when the need arises. I am definitely glad I found TCH. Gail
  10. Hi Weezy, Yes, Gallery can be a real pain to install and configure compared to Coppermine. You almost need someone guiding you every step of the way if you are configuring Gallery - especially if you haven't done it much before. I just installed the new version - the first page had 7 warnings (1 serious) if I remember correctly. I did get rid of the warnings that needed to be dealt with after getting some help from TCH David and Tom. I just finished revamping some guidelines for installing Gallery and I have 14 screen shots to help the old memory. Anyway, that doesn't answer your question. I would agree with Thomas. If you wish to keep those photos in Gallery, then upgrade to version 1.5 which was recently released. It supposedly fixes some bugs and this may address your problem. It is also my understanding that this is a policy of TCH (that we keep our scripts current) so maybe now is the time to upgrade when you are having problems. Or, you may want to put those photos in Coppermine Photo Gallery. If you decide to keep Gallery and upgrade, click here for instructions. Keep us posted. Gail
  11. Hi Weezy, Click here and have a look at C.2. in the FAQ's and see if this helps. Gail
  12. Hi David and Tom, Thank you both for your replies. Your addition to the .htaccess file worked like a charm, David. I shall make note of that for future reference. I did get Gallery set up and put 2 albums in it. Tom, I gave up on the jhead file and the jpegtran file. I downloaded a couple of jhead files and put them in the Gallery directory - each time I put the path in but the script still did not recognize the file. I finally gave up as far as reading the EXIF data. I may look at it some other time. Of course the error on the config.php page does not tell you which version to download when it gives you the link to the home page. And jpegtran - I couldn't even make head nor tail out of that page! This is the second time I have installed a Gallery script and I still hate it! What a difference between installing Gallery and Coppermine. Gail
  13. Hi All, I am trying to install Gallery 1.5 for a project that I have been working on. I actually much prefer Coppermine and it is so much easier to install! Anyway, I got as far as running the config.php file - I didn't get past the first page. I have one serious warning which states: "The PHP option 'register_globals' is enabled on your server. Gallery highly recommends that you disable 'register_globals' unless it is required by software on your site. Gallery does not officially support 'register_globals' being enabled, and will attempt to disable it internally." When you get to the bottom of page 1, it mentions the serious warning and says to proceed at your own risk. I really have no understanding of what this warning means. There are a few other warnings but only 2 that I am concerned with. "I can't find jhead" and "I can't find jpegtran". If I am reading the description of jhead correctly, I am assuming that it reads the EXIF data. I would like this option available if possible. I don't know if jpegtran is all that important or not? I looked through the posts on Gallery to see if I could find this info - my apologies if there is something and I missed it. I was using the TCH Installation Guidelines. Thanks a bunch for any help. Gail
  14. Hi Weezy, That is the theme that appeals to me the most, I think. I was using it until I started working on editing another one. As you know, the name of the theme is "hardwood" - I have always loved wood and, in fact, one of my hobbies over the years has been woodworking. I also like the fact that the fonts are easy to read in this theme. Gail
  15. Hi, Weezy - thank you from Gail. Don - This is Angel. Do you really think I am adorable? Oh my!
  16. Hi Weezy, I didn't do anything spectacular - just changed some font colours so the words can be read a lot easier. For the time being, I have changed some of the "white" and that awful "orange-like" colour to black. I looked at the style guide but still had difficulty figuring out "what was what" in the style.css file. I think for this theme, the file is 18 pages! I may change some of the black to a different colour now that I know what I am doing - I hope. I also want to change the font colour for the description under an image. It is a white font on a light silver background and very difficult to read (or I could change the background colour). The problem is I can't find where to change it in the style.css sheet for the Oceandreams theme. I shall keep looking. Click here for the demo oceandreams theme. Click here to view my album with the few changes thus far. Did you see there is a new release out today to fix security issues? Thomas posted the info. Gail
  17. Hi Emm, Very nicely done. Good job. Like Weezy, it took me a few minutes to figure out where the link to "Coppermine" was - then I saw the word "Photos". I am working on editing a coppermine skin (Ocean Dreams) for a friend - lots of fun! Gail
  18. Hi All, Done (with great pleasure), and validated. Gail
  19. Hi, Glad this topic was brought up. I had a few tickets to the help desk when I first joined TCH. I did wonder about saying thank you, but, like one of the previous posters - I knew the help desk gets a large number of tickets each day and I didn't want to waste their time and "clog up their system" so to speak. Thank you for all the time you spend helping each of us - regardless of the urgency of the problem. It is very much appreciated. In future, I will know it is okay to reply to the ticket with a "thanks" and not feel I am wasting your time. Gail
  20. Hi, I am trying out RoboForm - it came highly recommended by a friend. You can find RoboForm here. From another one over 55 and stressed out. Gail
  21. Hello, Would you add my site to The Family please. 1. URL: http://www.homegail.com 2. Name: Gail's Cornucopia 3. Description: Various topics: Old Time Radio - some background and samples; Computer - links to useful sites and programs; Photo Albums - Bichon Frisé dog, Flower Gardens, Scenery, others; Recipes; Misc. Links. 4. Personal 5. The link back to TCH is on the home page towards the bottom of the page. Thanks kindly. Gail
  22. Hi Bruce, Don, and Rob, Thank you for your welcome posts. When I decided to change to another hosting company a few weeks ago, I found TCH through findmyhosting.com. I was very impressed with what I saw on your web pages. Everything is so different compared to my previous hosting company. As I mentioned in my first post here, I think your help site and tutorials are great and I am pleased that the Forum is so active and that staff are involved as well. I am also amazed at how quickly my tickets to the help desk have been answered and they were deemed low priority! Anyway, I am glad I found TCH and hats off to Bill and all of his staff. Don - that cutie in my avatar is Angel - she is a Bichon Frisé and turned 1 year old on New Years Day. She has been a very, very active puppy - I am so glad I made it through the first year!! Gail
  23. Hi Thomas, Thank you for your quick reply. I shall do as you suggest. This will be my second or third ticket to the help desk - I will be getting booted out of TCH! Gail
  24. Hi Folks, I just joined your Family a few days ago. I have done a lot of reading and I am slowly getting familiar with the web site. Your help site and tutorials are great - this was sadly lacking with my previous hosting company. Keep up the good work. Two questions please: 1. I do not see the Server Number in my CPanel where I understand it should be (where it says Welcome ........ Please update your contact information here, etc). Is there another place I can look to find this information? 2. Do I need a separate password for the "TCH Family Forum". If "yes", the next obvious question - how do I get a password? Thanks very much for your help. I'll try not to bug you too often! Gail
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