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  1. I think the option you are looking for, as GvilleRick said, is in FTP Manager, FTP Accounts. You are aple to set up username and passwords for FTPing to a subdomain.
  2. Perhaps I should rethink my choice....
  3. Thanks for your hard work. I am a happy camper.
  4. Yup, GoDaddy came back and said that It was unavailable and that I would be refunded soon. Go Figure.
  5. So... Tell me this. I was messing around on GoDaddy.com and found a domain that I thought was cool. AboutMe.com (my favorite subject) I wouldnt have thought that it was available, even though it showed it was, but went and purchased it anyway. I have a receipt for it, but when I go to whois, it looks like it has been registered for a long time to someone else. I havent recieved an email from godaddy explaining that there was an error, but it still doesnt show up in my list of domains. Has anyone heard of something like this? I assume that my money will be returned once they find out what they did.
  6. Sorry to hear about you loss paul.
  7. Google has come out with their Picasa Web Albums. You can get up to 6 gigs of space for $25/year. There is 250 megs for free. It looks like you can share your albums if you want, and not share if you dont want. I wonder if this might be a solution to having an off site storage for all of my photos. It'll be fun to see. (I have tried the Picasa program, but never fell in love with it. I keep uninstalling it.)
  8. ... so maybe I am a nut. help me out here someone.
  9. Some times when I speak with my friends they are supprised to hear how many domain names I have. I can understand their reaction as most people dont work with websites. I am curious however to see how many domain names the average TCH user has. How many domains do have registered to you?
  10. I found a blog that had a list of resources for finding good domain names (an increasingly difficult task). I enjoyed the read, and thought you might as well. Enjoy
  11. Here is a blog entry about an extension for fire fox that will update you browser settings between computers. Kicks and Giggles!
  12. There are things that MailMan will do that dadamail wont. Here is a thread that tells what I like about mailman. With the problems that it seems to have, I have decided to bag mailman and simply to create a forward that goes to many different email accounts. Its simple, and I havent had to submit any tickets to help desk about it since. Being a list of family members it doesnt change that often. I figure if someone would be kicked out of the family, I would be the first to go. Who cares what happens to the list after Im gone. Let them mess with it.
  13. I take it all back! I use coppermine. It didnt click that you are using Gallery. Boy, do I feel stupid. I dont know what to tell you in that case. (is there a way to delete all of these posts before someone else sees them?) Sorry. (if you have any questions about my ability to help, just check out my signature)
  14. I was able to update the thumbnails by -ADMIN TOOLS -Update thumbs and/or resized photos -Number of processed images per click
  15. Also, how are you uploading the pictures? Are you using the publish from XP utility or are you FTPing them, or selecting them one web based upload page?
  16. While this not be the answer, it may help narrow down the problem. Try rebuiling thumbnails in a smaller batch as aposed to all at once. I know i get a failure if I do them all at once. I dont remember what the magic number was, but you might try 20 or so to make sure your not bighting off more than the server can chew.
  17. Gosh... I dont want to die.
  18. Google is having another limited signup for a new service. You can check it out here. I am not sure how willing people are going to be able to let go of their current spreadsheet software. Id imagine most users are locked into a particular program due to standards at work. Its fun to see thing shifting to the free online version though
  19. Dont go getting any crazy ideas now.
  20. Its all about moderation... (unless you REALLY like the stuff. Then its OK)
  21. I dont believe it at all. I tend not to believe anything that comes with "FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!!!!!!" in the header
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