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  1. Aha! It was the Bad Behavior Plug-in (it's a plug-in that prevent spambots from harvesting e-mail addresses and links). Thought I'd pass it along for anyone having the same problem. Take care, TC
  2. Thanks. I too prefer BlogDesk, but you gotta make allowances for the rare deviant... 8-) Believe I have the latest version of the .net framework. The hunt continues...
  3. Here's an odd one. I used to write my blog entries for my multiple WordPress installs in Windows LiveWriter beta, but eventually switched to BlogDesk for its streamlined interface and speed. Now I've got a new blogger working with me. He wanted to use LiveWriter, and damned if we couldn't get Windows LiveWriter working. He couldn't configure it, and I even downloaded the new version (which used all my old files and settings just fine), and I couldn't even get that to work with the same blogs it used to post to just fine. Of course, in that six months since I ditched it, LiveWriter and Wordpress have both been upgraded, but honestly, both *should* work with each other (my blogger used the current version of LiveWriter with a Wordpress.com blog). I get a "400" Error, and I've played around with the settings enough that I don't think I'm missing anything obvious. Any ideas? Guesses? Communications from the dead? Thanks! TC
  4. Thanks for the helpful replies. The sad part is I only understand about half of it, but then, I knew nothing about WordPress before I installed my first blog. One learns by doing. I'll get into it with the totalchoice help desk to try and clarify what level of server's needed (hopefully the semi-dedicated works). TC
  5. Right now I've got a handful of WordPress blogs running on my Reseller account. I have an idea for a multi-user site containing a central "showcase" blog and a bunch of satellite blogs written by other writers. I don't expect monster traffic, but the single blog this is growing out of is running just under 16GB a month in bandwidth, and I'd expect similar traffic on a few of the other blogs (less on others). I'm doing the spreadsheets right now, and had a couple questions. 1. Is WordPress MU the kind of thing that demands a dedicated (or semi-dedicated) server? 2. I read the acceptable use policy (as recommended in an earlier MU thread), and don't see any problems -- am I missing something? Thanks, TC
  6. Yeah, but I'm maintaining quite a few blogs, and without some kind of automated upgrade, it's kindofa pain. Hope they address that soon (or Fantastico keeps up a little better).
  7. TCWriter


    I tried BlogDesk and liked it - expect every time I started it or posted with it I got asked for my MS Office installation CD. I haven't used Office in years (use Open Office) and have no idea where the disk is, so I ended up deleting it. Too bad - I liked it better than Live Writer (which I'm using now). Interestingly, when I try to upload images from LiveWriter using my WP blog's uploading function (not using ftp), I get a 406 "no allowed" error. Is there anyway around this? I'm using the ftp option now, but preferred the other way (which I could have sworn worked a couple times). TC
  8. Just a followup on this thread; I've located a couple of plug-ins that seem to do the job, though I've come to prefer the Filosofo version because it allows you to designate a static home page while still retaining the blog page as part of the site. Handy, though I've discovered that not all themes play nice with it; sometimes there are cosmetic weirdnesses. http://www.ilfilosofo.com/blog/home-page-control/ The Semilogic plugin looks easier to use (haven't tried it) but requires a bit of a workaround to retain the blog page (assuming you do). If you simply want to use WordPress as a static CMS without a blog, then try this one... http://www.semiologic.com/software/static-front/ Thanks for the help! TC
  9. Thanks. I looked on the Codex, but wasn't using the right search terms. I understood a good 20% of that, but the Filosofo plug-in looks like just what the doctor ordered! You guys have answers for everything. Even if I didn't need it I'd pay for a TCH package just to have access to this forum.. 8-)
  10. Don; Considered that, but then the "home" page isn't part of the navigation of the rest of the site (which will include a fair number of static WP pages in addition to the dynamic blog page). Unless someone comes up with a better solution, I may just go ahead and create a search-engine friendly "home" page (html) in the root, and then re-use that content in another "home" page on the blog site. Not exactly seamless, but... Thanks for the suggestion, it pushed me a little farther down that path. Still hoping somebody comes with a trick fix tho... 8-) Thanks! TC
  11. Hello! Considering using WP for my professional writing Web site, but would prefer that the "home" page of the site NOT be the blog. Is there a way for a techno-gimp to do this in WP -- have a static home page while the dynamic blog page gets included in the navigation? Thanks! Tom Chandler
  12. Thanks. Went ahead and did it. A white knuckler for the bit-challenged, but after only a moment or two of terrori, it all works. TC
  13. Is there a chance Fantastico will offer the new version soon? Would it be easier to wait for that, or should I just bite the bullet and "enjoy" my first WP upgrade? TC
  14. I'm happy I stumbled onto TCH. Over the last two weeks I've been forced to wrestle with a couple of clients' non-TCH domain/web hosts, and while I knew I had it good here, I've certainly come to appreciate the fast, friendly service even more. Plus, I recently shifted my fly fishing site to a WordPress blog (which is working out great), and that's been largely possible due to the help I've received in this forum. This place is great, and really has helped me grow the online part of my business. I'm going to upgrade to a reseller account and let 'er rip... Thanks guys! Tom Chandler
  15. That's exactly the kind of information I'm looking for, though now I'm starting to wonder if I really need to have it embedded. A separate page would probably work well and be easier to set up (and easy is good). Thanks!
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