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  1. Wow, thanks for the lengthy reply. Lots of good information. Ill look into all this when I am done doing my Honey-Dos Thanks!
  2. I changed it from html to PHP with no problems. Id take it back to html to verify that it still works there.
  3. I have had the same problems. What I do is one of two things. I usualy have the problem in IE, so when I go to Firefox, I am usualy able to log in. The other thing I do is clear my cookies and stuff. Try it in firefox and let us know if you get it working.
  4. Ive noticed the same thing, and I am not sure why that happens. I wish there was a way to have the year that I selected stay open, but I don't know how. If anyone has Ideas I would love to hear them. I had used frames previously and miss that aspect of it. I do wish that the side menu would stay in a similar state as well. Id like to find a solution other than frames though.....
  5. Ok Got it working. I had gone and added the JS in the header of the files the nav was being included in. I dont know if I needed to do that as the only way for me to get it to work was to include the WHOLE html document (<header>,<body> CSS and all). It sems to work great on Firefox, IE and Opera. Check it out and let me know what you think! www.myjensen.com/photos/
  6. It looks like that is going to work great. THanks! My only question has to do with the JavaScript. All my photos have the nav as the include. I need to reference the JS file in the header. The include doesnt have a header. Does that mean that I nave to go into each of my documents and add it? I guess the easiest way is to do a search and replace type of function does that sound right?
  7. the photo section of my website is getting too larg for the current way I have the menu set up. I am looking for a way to have the menu show only the years until clicked. Once a year has been clicked I want to see only the months for that year. Is there a good way to do that. I have seen CSS nav menus, but not what I am looking for. Any ideas?
  8. The "Another Major Announcement" thread lead up to the "Major Announcement". One was comments on the pending announcement and the other was comments on the announcement after it was made. Bill just opened a new thread when he made it.
  9. Why do people take a single pixel of a color and have that be their background as opposed to just doing it via html?
  10. How important is having the colors of your page be websafe? I have always tried to stick to websafe colors, but got to thinking. "If I have photos, then I am certainly requiring the enduser to have a monitor that does more than just a limited amount of colors. Why not just code with any color I want as well?"
  11. I would take a look at something like CoreFTP. It is a free program that is used just for what you are looking.
  12. I did it! It was as simple as putting padding on top of the link for something like 15px. I had thought I had tried it and it didnt work, but it shows up working now. I also added some side signs.
  13. Ive used that on some of my site. I have even seen that type of thing taken one step further. h*tp://www.u.arizona.edu/~trw/spam/spam4.htm Even with that, I would hesitate to say unspamamable. There are a lot of very smart, naughty people out there.
  14. I did not know that. Thanks for the heads up. Sleeps during the day and is awake at night. What can you do? Things are great though. Thanks for asking.
  15. I did it two different ways that worked. (I never got the original way working though). The first is using tables, and not having the image change, only the link. example The second was using javascript to do rollover images. (The text was in the JPG, not html) example With the Original however. I am defeated. Thanks for following up with me. I also appreciate the links to the css menu pages. It is a great way to learn how menus can be done with proper coding.
  16. My buddy just called me today and asked if I could whip him up a simple webpage. It wasnt anything important, he just wanted something up right away. I went to my handy dandy fantastico, and there happend to be a template that he liked. I just took a few minutes and integrated it with websitebaker. He now has a site that he can update and change without me doing hardly any work. Im loving it, and he thinks im cool. Thanks Bill for the new toys.
  17. Ill look into your suggestion. Thanks!
  18. I am trying to do a theme for a site that has the menu as street signs (like the overhead freeway signs). I want to have the text on top of the buttons be html and not writen in the JPG. I have made a blank button, and set it as the background for my links. I can get it to look like what I want in firefox, but IE is giving me a hard time. I have the page here. I cant get the links to show up in the middle (vertically) of the button in IE. It'll show up exactly how I want in Firefox though. Does anyone have any thoughts? All the CSS is in the page so you can see what I have done.
  19. My site was using $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] for the includes. I have changed them to <?php include("/pool/top.php"); ?>, but no luck. I do get everything else working, just not the includes. I downloaded my .htaccess file and put it in the root as well. I assume that I need that to tell XAMPPLITE to parse my html as PHP. Any Ideas as to what I am missing?
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