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    I'm currently in grad school studying for my Ph.D in organizational behavior. I also enjoy music a lot. I write songs, and play guitar, bass and piano. And I love my cat Mojo.
  1. I used Knoppix for quite a while when I was first learning linux. The reason I chose it originally was because it was the only distro that would easily work with the old HPNA network my dad had set up. It was a fine distro, and the hard-drive install was really quite good. But I think you'll find that Kanotix is an improvement. The development on Knoppix seems to have slowed to a crawl. Also, there's less issues with package conflicts or what not with Kanotix. I'm using Ubuntu now on my desktop...but I have Kanotix on my laptop. If you have a fast internet connection get Kanotix...ot
  2. It looks like you already have it installed and just need to customize it now. You can handle that can't ya?
  3. Perhaps it's a sign that you should never set up a classifieds page.
  4. Seriously? I'm glad my tv is out of reach...that would drive me crazy. Remember on Green Acres how Arnold the pig would turn on the tv and watch it? I can't help but picture you asking your cat to turn down the tv while you have guests over.
  5. Cool...two females too, so you don't have to worry about them gettin pregnant. Alot of cats are skiddish...so it probably doesn't necessarily mean she's been abused. But it sounds like she wasn't taken care of before you took her in, so she may have to get used to humans somewhat. My cat's never been abused (although he abuses me plenty ) but he won't let anybody outside of the family near him. When he hears the doorbell he runs like somebody shot at him. Sounds like Gracie found a nice home.
  6. Maybe you should change your name to beermojo! My problem is I have champagne taste on a beer budget. VI Yeah, nobody would ever buy that I drink champagne anyways. My whole screenname just comes from my cat (color of his fur...his name). I'd like to have champagne taste...I just can't afford it. I have a beer budget and no self-control.
  7. Well, the numbers thing is probably a partially valid rationale for the lack of spyware and adware on linux. Although it would be more difficult for them to hide from linux users too admittedly. But as mentioned, linux is widely used in servers and such...so it's hardly not a tempting target to virus-writing miscreants. My theory is that the virus-writers are largely linux users and don't want to write anything that might impact themselves.
  8. Thanks Don. He's mah boy. You've got some cute kitties too I see.
  9. I've installed Gallery a few times and find it easy to work with. It will do all the things that you want to do. I'm sure coppermine is just as good though. Here is a Gallery album with some pics of my cat Mojo.
  10. I want that thing too...though I'd have to get a bigger house for it. Those are pretty big windows VI...the projection screen will look really cool. I only mentioned the used 21-inchers because I'm such a tightwad and those are cheap. But the projection tv would definitely be more eye-catching. If you don't yet have a dvd-burner, you'll find that those are very cheap nowadays. As are the dvd players of course...so at least part of the equipment is cheap. You're the best person here to decide about the glare issue I'd say. Only you know where the location is and whether there is
  11. I would think that it would depend alot on the size of the window at the front of your shop. A huge projection tv might be overkill if it's a fairly small window. It'd look cool though admittedly. The cheapest way would be to get a couple of used 21" CRT flat-screen monitors. You could get those very cheap, and then control them with one computer...it wouldn't have to be a powerful computer...just have a decent graphics card. It's a neat idea btw...I hope you take a pic of the setup after you get it done.
  12. I've always used Miranda when in windows...it's another open-source multi-protocol IM program. It's very simple out of the box, but can be made as complex as you want (up to a point). You can never make it as flashy as trillian though. I love Gaim for linux, but I haven't really used it for Windows. Mind you, I never really gave it a fair chance. The first time I installed it I had quite a few issues with gtk, and just sorta decided that I liked the simplicity of Miranda instead. There's no need to install Miranda...you can even put it on a floppy and use it...though it'd be very stri
  13. I dunno...I'm sure there's no harm in it. Are they saying it will affect the ads you see in google and such here though? It does sound kind of like this info would be available to the folks at google. And they don't tell us much about how they do the indexing and such...so it seems a little off-putting to me. I'm sure it could be useful to many people though.
  14. It's not really hotlinking if they take your image and put it on their own space. Then it's just plain stealing. I'm not sure that you'll ever be able to stop that...but the watermark idea sounds good...at least then if they steal it you get credit. Well...unless you put the watermark on a corner and they cut that part out...
  15. Raul, how noticeable is the performance increase when everything is optimized for your processor? I've always found my debian installs to be pretty fast...but now you have me wondering if I could do better.
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