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  1. Suddenly when using my Netscape 7.0 version to view my website, my background pictures are not showing up. I tore my hair out for hours until I thought to check IE and Firefox. They show up fine there What started it was when my domain name lapsed (i got NO notification - but it wasnt TC) and when I discovered it I did renew it. Took a day for propagation. After 24 hours, I go and check my site and my backgrounds are gone. As I said I can see them in IE and Firefox, but WHAT coding could prevent me seeing it in Netscape?
  2. If you "password protect" a directory such as photos does it stop it from people viewing it on your webpages directly? I guess I am asking WHAT password protecting a directory really acomplishes, as it might help me with the issues I am having with one person.
  3. Whatever the record, I have to put in my two cents and say YES the TCH guys are really super and helpful I have had a few issues in the past week with someone ripping off my website and these guys have jumped in and answered AND helped me with the code to block this guy.
  4. He sent me a threat this AM telling me my "time is up" and that he is going to the Police. I sure wish i could see the police's face when this guy tells him that "DAFFI DUCK" is doing this to him.... But he is now taking my tutorials and copying them.... and putting them on his website as his work..... Yes I have that Info......I thought I had already sent a abuse request, but I do not find it in my "sent" email... I will PM you the information
  5. I did on late Friday or was it Saturday....Figure they are off for the weekend.....or being blasted by the Hurricane. I will followup with this..... He has now sent another email giving me 24 hours or he goes to the police.... I am not frightened by this......just that he needs to be stopped at his attempts to threaten
  6. I know i can file with the IFCC, but then my personal information (domain owner) will be out there and they cannot guarantee my privacy with it. IF he gets hold of that info he could do some damage... So its the last resort
  7. I just need an email address or how to go about reporting this person. He is in Germany so not sure WHERE this would apply
  8. I have received 2 email threats and where does one report them? I dont believe Totalchoice is the place but FBI or FCC? It is directly related to my actions where I blocked someone else's website from linking to mine and then I have a link on my website to some OTHER website where this person is NOW named. I have linked to this website forEVER and this guy just now appears on the page. Given that his REALNAME is not listed....just his user nickname LOL, but he has posted his real name and address and phone ALL over and in the GUEST BOOK of mine and this other site. He has left threats there also. I have recently posted on here on asking how to block access to my website and stopping someone from linking to me.
  9. Here is an update which I find rather hilarious..... The German guy who has been linking to my website and I finally got blocked has emailed me 2 threatening letters. I have many links on my opening page and ONE links to a different website called Hall of Shame where this guy is now posted and he is also threatening me for "linking" to it gee how ironic. He is in Germany which leads me to believe there is little one can do for threats
  10. TCH-Thomas, a question on Xenu If I have a redirect to BLOCK hotlinking any pictures jpgs, bmp etc would that affect how Xenu reports? I just tried it and it shows all jpgs etal as "forbidden" request Also.....whats to stop ANYONE from checking my domain the way I did....it doesnt ask for a password or anything and so anyone can see my links etc?
  11. NO, thats why i thought it odd.......it didnt go further than just showing more of the "redirect" but never asked me for my password
  12. no acctually my index.htm file got changed!!!!!! I did some changes to my .htacces file yesterday to block a www.xxxx.de user and it worked a Somehow today my index.htm file got changed. I thought something was weird when I tried using a URL checker and kept getting this redirect.......look at the code on my first post.... This guy I am blocking has been harrassing me and others This is getting weird...... How can anyone change an index file without my permission?
  13. ok whats going on something is redirecting my pages to tripod? when i click on www.daffi.org i get this...... Coming Soon . . . ARE YOU THE OWNER OF THIS SITE? When you build your Tripod site, your pages will be displayed at this address. To start building your site, click one of the links below: • Building Basics - Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3! • Site Builder - Build a site in minutes! No HTML skill required! ARE YOU VISITING THIS SITE? Tripod has everything you need to build a GREAT website! Easy to use tools. Expert advice. Free domain names. No pesky ads. Join today!
  14. thats what I have used in the past but when i try it on my domain and i get that odd code .......instead of a list of links What is that? Also it doesnt go further and will not ask for my site password........
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