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  1. You say that Bill is reachable via Blackberry. How do I contact him? My impression that three days of repeated failure of Squirrel Mail constitutes an emergency, and is worthy of his attention.
  2. When I go to scripts library, I get a message cPAddon Scripts v0.5.7 You currently are set to receive a notice when updates for your installs are available. Click here to turn it off. Nothing more.
  3. I believe that some processing is, in fact done. SPAM Assassin sees every piece of mail and does so before forwarding. I can provide header information from forwarded email.
  4. I have Boxtrapper enabled for an email account that is forwarded. It seems that the forward action is taken before Boxtrapper can act. The net result is that junk mail is forwarded, but is not retained for the original email address. Example: anytest@anydomain.com has mail forwarded to mytest@somedomain.com . An unwelcome message is sent to anytest@anydomain.com . mytest@somedomain.com received the email but not anytest@anydomain.com . Is there a way to have Boxtrapper run before the forwarders? Thanks. Marvin
  5. A long time ago, I protected a directory. It still works, but I want to change the password. CPANEL doesn't show the directory as password protected. Thanks.
  6. Does anyone know where the whitelist and blacklist filters are kept in the website? The dialog lists the filters, so I assume they reside in a file somewhere. I have a need to have more whitelist filters than the dialog allows. Thanks in advance. Marvin
  7. Here is what I finally discovered: Using Outlook Express as my IMAP email client, I had to delete the email account, then add it again. Outlook Express then downloaded my IMAP folders including one called SPAM. No special ID required, no unusual access necessary. Marvin
  8. I have been informed by TCH management that unless I pay for a dedicated IP address, ananymous FTP will not work due to security issues.
  9. Has anyone been successful with Anonymous FTP? I can logon as anonymous (not anonymous@****), but The directory shown is empty, and I can't upload to it. I have tried several different FTP clients. Thanks.
  10. In view of the fact that you reference Spam Assasin, and in view of the fact that there has been some dialog about it in the forums, I expected that someone knew how to use it. I respect that you don't support it, but I also expected that there would be some simple instructions regarding its use. Perhaps another user who has successfully used it can help. Thanks.
  11. Live support was not helpful. Following is the transcript of the session. ** You are now speaking with Mike Hermon, Support Department. ** Mike Hermon : Hi Marvin, what can I do for you? Marvin : Still cannot access SPAM box. The reference you provided is unclear. I could not create a new mail account with /spam at the end. The dialog only allows valid domain names. Mike Hermon : I'm not sure how it is done then, It isnt something we provide support for, your best bet is to ask on the forums so that someone that has used it can help you out Marvin : Unhappy with the response. I was at the forum reference you provided. It is still unclear Mike Hermon : I'm sorry, I have already tried to provide more support for that script than i am supposed to, we dont provide support for 3rd party scrippts Mike Hermon : I have never used that feature so I dont know how to set it up Marvin : Can Ayman help? I see his name in the forum? Mike Hermon : I havent seen Ayman in months Marvin : What about Bill Kish? Mike Hermon : Bill kish is the owner, you can contact him via the forums Marvin : Thanks. I still need to know how to access and use SPAM ASSASIN.
  12. Can anyone provide a clear description on how to access mail classified by spam assasin? I have tried to follow all of the commentary, but can't seem to meet with success. Thanks.
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