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  1. Alright I found a solution to my problem! I just had to clear out my cookies, then went to the page again, logged in, and everything was okay after that. Hope that helps if anybody runs into the same problem I had.
  2. I hate to rain on the good natured parade, but I seem to be having some troubles with this. I clicked the link from the first e-mail, and put in my login and e-mail address. Then when I clicked the link from the second e-mail I got the message: "Verification Error - Record Missing Password Or Key" Then if I click the log on link, it says the same message as above. Help please?
  3. TotalChoice Hosting was always one of my top picks when I was looking around for a host, and now I can say I am happy I decided to sign up here. Everything has been quick and reliable, and the customer support has been totally awesome. I'm already started on sugesting you guys to any of my friends looking for a new host, so this is a pat on the back for all you who have already made my stay here so wonderful. Everybody keep up the great work!
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