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  1. I'm sorry Thomas, sometimes I just assume everybody is as strange as me. LOL I've just always used the word *sammiches* instead of *sandwiches*.
  2. 125 - the number of little rubber frogs sitting on my desk at the moment. Along with 200 porcupines, 400 dinosaurs, and 12 monkeys. No, I'm not kidding! woooot
  3. Tomato soup and toasted cheese sammiches. Comfort food!
  4. This used to happen to me when the cache on my IE needed to be cleared. Now that I use FireFox most of the time, I don't worry about IE doing this to me, but it got me the other day when I was testing pages. LOL
  5. ALL services connected with our domains and websites will be placed under the total control of TCH, with only ONE site to navigate through, everyone gets to choose their own user-name, and will only have ONE password to run it all? Let me dream ..... LOL woooot
  6. 103 - mph - the speed at which a hamster races as you chase it around the house. woooot
  7. 94 - how many rolaids I chew on while watching an hour of political news
  8. dusting King Tut's Mother: "Junior! What happened to all my dusting rags?"
  9. You don't get out of it, just sit back and be adored. LOLOLOL
  10. That's ok Thomas, I still adore you Rob, you're being an rabble-rouser, go to bed! LOLOL
  11. 53 - Star Trek - The Original Series, Episode 53: The Ultimate Computer (1966)
  12. Thomas, that is JANDA you're discussing mortgages and body parts with. I haven't brought up body parts in weeks!
  13. 38 - The number of keys on a piano if you take a sledge hammer and remove 50 woooot
  14. 15 bottles of beer on the wall (Well you KNEW it was gonna come up at some point!) woooot
  15. crumpet ( KERCHOO! Yes Rob, I'll trade you, my nose needs a break - LOL )
  16. allergy (Not a happy desert dweller today)
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