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  1. I don't think I did very good and I have no idea what the score relates to - 9547 but it was easy and I like easy games. LOL
  2. I don't have any spam filters. All email to me comes straight into OE and I just pick out the porno stuff and hit delete. Of course I quite frequently have problems with Cox just not sending all email through so I may get the TCH email in a few weeks. LOL Thanks Andy
  3. There is no help desk for sleeplessness ... otherwise I wouldn't be here now. LOL Question ... did my problem get solved because of the ticket I submitted, or was it solved as part of something else? I only ask because I never received any kind of email response to the ticket. I didn't want to bother the Help Desk people when I knew they were busy with other things.
  4. Thank you Thomas and Andy!!!! And TCH! And whoever fixed it! Now I can sleep.
  5. Technically working on the TCH site shouldn't cause problems with other stuff but .... stuff happens when you're upgrading and tweaking and working with servers. It could happen. With the way my luck has run today this would fit in perfectly.
  6. You're right, I've got my accounts mixed up. Now I can't get into any of my CPanels at all, so I'll just wait until the Help Desk tells me I'm deranged and we'll wing it from there. oooops
  7. They're all there except Pixel Treasures and that's my business site. I've got new designs coming online and I need them to show. LOLOL Ticket is submitted so I'm sure it will be corrected as soon as they can. It may have something to do with the upgrading process so it might not be a quick fix, but it will be as quick as they can, I have no doubt. Thank you bunches Andy!
  8. On my way! I'll tell them Andy sent me! LOLOL
  9. Thanks guys I know that the new TCH site is being worked on tonight so I'll wait until tomorrow to submit a helpt ticket. I just wish they hadn't taken down the one site where I earn my money. LOLOL
  10. Not that finding the right section will do you any good, because you can't post a question there. I just love late night chats, don't you! Yes I do! Who killed server 63? One of my sites is completely gone! The important one! Couldn't you kill one of the other totally useless ones? woooot
  11. Yes there is Jana, and if you'll just open your eyes you'll find it just a couple of links down from what you clicked on.
  12. Didn't there used to be a special section for inquiring about the health of specific servers?
  13. paranoia (yes, I hate phones! LOL )
  14. blue Not with the clouds we've got tonight! LOL
  15. habit (Rob the flash was so long ago it ain't even a flicker anymore) woooot
  16. omnipotent Happy Birthday Rob! When is it? LOL
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