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  1. ok, I've calmed down enough to respond. Yes, TCH has hidden things on occasion. Not on purpose, but over the years as the company has grown and expanded and become what it is today, many of the pages and URLs have changed also. That's why those of us that have been here for some time now have difficulty in finding the areas that we used to access. Part of the reason is a good thing .... because we have very few difficulties with TCH, we don't have a need to be constantly checking on the status of our hosting and domains. For those TCH clients that spend alot of time here in the forums, they are up-to-date on the changes, but there are some of us that can't be here all the time, so when we need to do something, we come in and get lost because things have changed and moved and updated and improved. I don't like being made to feel like I'm inconsequential just because I'm not part of the *techy* crowd that lives here. I'm a paying customer just like all the others.
  2. I was trying to find a page to do this myself so I wouldn't have to bother the people at the help desk. Please forgive me.
  3. I need to log into the area where there is a listing of all my domains and shows the hosting status of each domain. Although Michelle has been great and sent me lots of info. What I want to do is make sure none of those hosting plans are set for auto-renewal. I'm going to shut down and park all but one of my domains.
  4. I need an URL. For my main account. The account that encompasses all the domains I have with TCH. There used to be a link to this on the main page but it's gone and I can't even find a link from the site map. Help please? Yes, I'm exchanging email with the Help Desk, and no, they haven't sent me the URL I need. They keep sending all kinds of other info.
  5. Kris helped me get into my accounts with new passwords and I went in and got things changed back to the way they were. Thank you Kris!!!! Andy had to deal with me last time and but I'm sure he's grown back all the hair he pulled out that night. Thank you Andy! I'd still love to figure out the mystery of why this happens every few months to just some of my domains and not all. I also noticed a new look to the CPanel in one of my domains. Pretty Blue design, looks great! Will all CPanels be changed eventually?
  6. I haven't had to do any CPanel updates since I first opened my account and moved all my domains in. The last thing I updated was the Locking Down of my domains (Dec 2-04), but that wasn't through the CPanel. I go into all 5 CPanels every few months just to look and see if it's all ok. If you guys weren't so good at running my domains, I'd have to be in there every week. LOL I don't use email addy's associated with my domains, I run no programs, no Java, no CGI, no nothin'. They are simply store fronts with a few basic pages and images. Which leaves me at a loss to explain why all of a sudden 2 or 3 of them decide my password and email address are wrong, yet the others will take the same info like usual.
  7. It's not the *password changing process* that upsets me. It's the fact that my password keeps being lost every couple of months. That and having to change my email address. I use one password and one email address for all accounts, and they are both being *lost in the shuffle* somewhere. But not for all my accounts, they just lose them for a few of my accounts, and it's a random pick each time. So every couple of months I have to go through the process of fixing my accounts back the way they're supposed to be with the SAME password and SAME email address. It's like setting up new accounts every time. It's a pain in the neck.
  8. Hi guys! I haven't been around much lately, been busy working, but I'm back! And not happy! LOL TCH runs so well that I rarely have to login to my Cpanels to do anything. I FTP in and out frequently, but that's about it. For that you get a pat on the back. but .... Every 4 or 5 months I DO have to login to my Cpanels (for all 5 domains) and I encounter the same problem every time. My passwords are being lost on the TCH side of this equation. I used to blame myself so I became very careful about saving and printing out all emails and info. I keep mulitple copies of every exchange between myself and TCH. Yet, today, I'm encountering the same problem. I can access the CPanel for 3 of my accounts just fine, but can't get into the other 2. I opened a help ticket and was sent an URL for a support page. Not what I needed. Then I received another response telling me the process to go through for changing my password. Why do I have to go through this every time I want to access my CPanels?
  9. Opera makes hash out of Cafe Press pages so I quit testing with it. Anybody know how to get Firefox to work with Java intensive pages? I keep getting messages telling me to *click here to get the plugin*, but when I click nothing ever happens. Hi Sheila! Is that Teddy or Kate?
  10. I have a little over 7000 fonts installed in my Windows XP fonts folder. ME and 2000 would never have let me get away with that. The only difficulty I have is that it takes my email clients and paint programs a little bit longer to open, but that means OE takes 45 seconds instead of 5, so I live with it to have free access to all my fonts. Yes, Rob, I DO need them all, I use them by the hundreds daily. LOL
  11. ONE all-purpose password please
  12. Congratulations Rob and Mike!!!! TCH just keeps improving daily! ... and Rob has to behave?
  13. A tough decision to make but a good one. Way to go guys! We're proud of you and proud to be members of TCH!!!!
  14. Whoever created this game would be excellent at *20 Questions*! LOLOL
  15. This explains the sirens I've been hearing out on Bell Rd, doesn't it Rob?
  16. LOLOL! Rob hasn't been here, he's afraid of me.
  17. Problem solved! Gateway gave me a choice between 3 different video drivers, but I couldn't choose. Sorta like when I go shopping for shoes or earrings. So I did what I do at the mall. I just got all 3! LOLOL Whatver I did, it worked. woooot
  18. I reformatted for a 3rd time last night and after the 3rd time there is now a whole bunch of new options for IE (version 6.0.2600). Something just isn't working right here and maye it's the CDs that came with the computer. I put in the Driver disk after the first reformat and as soon as the tray slid closed my monitor turned plaid and start spinning colors. That's what caused the 2nd reformat. I tested IE after the 3rd reformat before putting it back online and the scrolling is still jerky, so I don't think it's being caused by a virus. There's a little green icon missing from the system tray that has always been there before. Looked like a little green hardware card. I have a feeling it's the video upgrade but now I'm afraid to put that Driver CD back in.
  19. I just reformatted last night and there's nothing in here except the IE and OE that come on the Windows XP disk. I went to the Gateway site to look for video driver upgrades and they want me to go messing around in the BIOS to see what's compatible. I just have this feeling that sending me in to play in the BIOS isn't a good idea. LOLOL
  20. Thanks Russell. I'll give that a try tomorrow since I'm down to my last raw nerve and about to toss this thing out the window tonight. LOL I even found a webpage that had images showing where *smooth scrolling* is located for Internet Explorer and it just isn't there on mine, so I may have to reinstall that too. I hate computers! woooot
  21. I had to reformat again and now both IE and Firefox are causing me problems. When I'm scrolling down the pages, the screen moves in a jerky fashion. I can't find anything in options about smooth scrolling or whatever for IE. I found that option for Firefox but clicking it on and off and rebooting doesn't change anything. Anybody know what is causing this?
  22. Are you worth the $80 service fee? :: snicker ::
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