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  1. Are you allowing commercial sites to join the new webring or is it limited to personal sites only?
  2. Thank you Rick, I set that for both my accounts.
  3. I guess sitting here hollering bad words isn't a strong enough rule so I'll go figure that one out. Thank you Rob
  4. I was surfing around my CPanel tonight, clicking on things just to peek around, and went into an area marked email. I purposely never set up email accounts with any of my domains because I don't want the extra spam. One of my domains has an email area with over 1800 emails in there. They're just garbage spam, but ... how did that happen if I never set up an email account? Should I go in and delete it all or just ignore it? Can I stop the email from collecting? I don't want to fill up a TCH server with something I never use or even check on.
  5. OK! Now that things are more clear and I found my missing domain that wasn't really missing, just hiding .. thought I'd better let you know what happened so nobody gets the wrong idea. The pages I go to for managing my domains are TCH pages. They don't mention that Wild West Domains is part of the process and a *wing-partner-division* of TCH. When the name Wild West domains came into view I didn't have any idea who they were and it confused me. okokok, truth be told, it scared me silly, because I dont' trust anybody anymore except TCH. All is straightened out and I'm a happy camper again. Thanks TCH! Rock Sign
  6. A big thank you to Aromal. I now have the info I need.
  7. Ya know, sometimes I really hate public forums. The missing domain has finally shown up on one of the *Who-Is* searches I did, but other searches showed it as *does not exist*. What I need to know is, if I have an account with Wild West Domains, whoever they are. If so, how do I access that account? I'm assuming Total Choice Hosting set up that account for me when I asked them to take control of my domains.
  8. After doing some reasearch I have found that my domains are under the control of a company called Wild West Domains. Who or what is Wild West Domains? When I asked Total Choice Hosting to take over control of my domains, I was under the impression that Total Choice Hosting would be in control of them. Is Wild West Domains part of Total Choice Hosting? One of my domains appears to be missing, what happened to it? I had to pay Total Choice Hosting renewal fees through 2005 for taking control of all these domains, and now one is missing?
  9. The domain was purchased several years ago through a company that is no longer in business. As companies were bought out by other companies, my domains kept being moved around when I wasn't looking. A few months ago I finally had all my domains moved under the control of TCH, and that is where they sit, empty and parked. So ... since they are under the control of TCH, and since TCH will be my web host ... does that mean TCH also takes care of the DNS changes?
  10. I'm re-activating one of my domains that I've had *parked* with TCH for awhile. Who changes the DNS info, TCH or me? If it's me, where do I go to do this? Thank You
  11. The Saga Continues ...... .... and when you're absolutely sure you've written down the correct information, and you're absolutely sure you remember where you stored it for safe keeping ..... attempt to log into your account, discover that you can't, panic, calm down, email TCH for help .. and have Andy tell you what the CORRECT information really is. Thanks Andy, you're a saint!
  12. The Good: It used to be .. back in the good old days when I spent way too much time fighting with other web hosts .... I would be into my account weekly to fix what they kept breaking. Now that I'm using TCH for all my domains, I don't have to do that. The Bad: Because of the way TCH runs it's servers I never have to worry about anything, which means I've had to actually write down user names, account numbers, and passwords. The Ugly: Remembering where I wrote the info down Thanks TCH! (I think)
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