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  1. I've been a loyal and quite happy TCH customer for almost four and a half years. For the first time I have to say I'm not impressed. The hosting, server maintenance, security, responsiveness, Help Desk, ... - all those things are and have always been stellar. The techs are great, the gurus wonderful, moderators friendly and helpful, and the Help Desk folk responsive and patient. After 4.5 years of automatic payments, with periodic upgrades of service and consequent increases in payment amounts, my CC - the same one I've been using for all this time - rolled over to a new contract period and the expiration date changed. And (my fault) I forgot that TCH would have to be informed of the change. So of course there was a problem with the automatic billing. All as it should be. <rant> Did I receive any notice of the problem? A question? An email? An opportunity to respond and rectify the problem? No. I woke to find my account Suspended. The response to my Help Desk ticket included a link to a payment page - which had only the option of payment for a quite different service than the one I have. And no warning that I would be required to log in and make more payments before my account would be re-activated. All computer generated responses with no human intelligence included. I should have known that only the computers would be paying attention in this computer age. Computers can only do what they are told to do, and certainly no programmer can prepare for all outcomes. Most of us in this community make at least some part of our income from Computers. Good thing, in general. But where are the Human Beings when it comes to customer relations? </rant>
  2. My mistake. The correct code is <meta http-equiv="expires" content="0" /> Sorry.
  3. Hi Dallara. The Meta Refresh tag will do it for you. <!-- Refresh page after 0 seconds --> <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0" /> h**p://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meta_refresh for information. Hope that helps.
  4. Short course in css centering. Horizontal: Make the containing element center-aligned and use the 'auto' feature: body { text-align:center;} #Layer1 { width: 720px; margin: 0 auto; } OR Use the calculated brute-force method: #Layer1 { width: 720px; position: absolute; left: 50%; margin-left: -360px; } Vertical The brute-force method is the only one I know: #Layer1 { height: 800px; position: absolute; top: 50%; margin-top: -400px; } The brute-force method has the possible problem that if the width or height of the div is larger than the screen, the div may disappear behind the left or top edge. In your pages it seems that you are using the brute-force method and you need to recalculate your negative margins. Hope this helps a little.
  5. That's the process, and the htaccess at the main level should affect all child folders.
  6. You can alter the upload-able file size by inserting the following into the .htaccess file in your Coppermine main folder. php_value post_max_size 12m php_value upload_max_filesize 10m Caveat: I don't use Coppermine, so I can't really say where the proper htaccess file is. However, if you find the right file the lines above should do the trick. Hope that helps.
  7. We cruise along happily, making use of, and money from, the wonderful product and service you provide, secure in the knowledge that our stuff is safe and well cared-for by Bill and the Family. Then one day we find that you've added and upgraded the products and given us things, some of which we didn't even know we needed. All this without charging us more. How do you keep doing it? Thank you! As ever:
  8. Assuming that you already know or can get the necessary code for the search form, the visual effect would be done by placing the form in a <div> with the background-image you want. HTML <div id="srch"> <form> . . . </form> </div> CSS div#srch { width: [image width]px; height [image height]px; background-image: url(image/reference/here); } Is that what you mean?
  9. Hi Colette. Sorry - I've been away from the forum for a couple of days. You can see an example of what I suggest at olifields.com/colette. View the source to see the css. There are a couple of tricks in there to get around IE bugs and such. Let me know if you have more questions. I'll keep an eye out for your posts.
  10. Hi Colette. At first glance, I'd try making each of your image/caption pieces a paragraph, giving each one the background image you want positioned properly, and give the paragraph the proper text-alignment and padding (right or left) sufficient to clear the image. That way you don't need to float them at all and they shouldn't break the content border. You might have to play with the heights a little depending on how big your captions are. But since each one has its own image, you can assign each one the proper height as well. Does that help?
  11. I recently had an issue with one of my clients and their security rating. When I asked the TCH Help Desk about it, they (probably quite rightly) replied that they can't do the kind of change required on a shared machine. So my only alternative would be to go to a Dedicated machine, but my current client base doesn't warrant that much extra cost. If VPS allowed me to have a little more control over such things, I'd be all over it. Other than that, I can't imagine how TCH could be any better. I sleep well at night because TCH handles everything brilliantly, and any issues I've ever had have been dealt with quickly and completely. Thank you Bill. Thank you TCH. I look forward to seeing how the voting comes out.
  12. Hi there, Ivan. It's a simple enough thing to center your site. Caveat: to fit on an 800x600 screen the content cannot be wider than 770 pixels. That leaves room for the Browser edges and the inevitable scrollbars. First, define the body of the site as center aligned. Next put a wrapper layer around everything, exactly the width of the site content. Finally, define the wrapper as centered with respect to its parent. Here is the relevant CSS: body { text-align: center; } div#wrapper { width: 770px; margin: 0 auto; } and the HTML it affects: <html> . . . <body> <div id="wrapper"> [Your Content here] </div> </body> </html> Hope that helps.
  13. Oh please say it isn't so! There's a lot in the article that looks like Spoof. I do so hope it is.
  14. WindowsXP on my work machine, because it's what I'm used to. But. I'm writing this on my personal Linux machine. I do hope to 86 Windows eventually, once I really learn how to control this one.
  15. Both DADA and PHPList have configuration settings that will cause them to send messages slowly enough to stay within the limits. I have a list of >800 adresses and it works fine. Just get the limits from the staff, and then tweak whichever program you use until it does what you need. I originally used DADA, but now I use PHPList as I find it has more options. Hope this helps a bit.
  16. Hi Guys. Thanks for your interest. Bruce - the first thing we tried was .../cpanel. It's the easy thing to start with, and it's where we originally saw the problem. As for a proxy server - I'm afraid I don't know how to do that. We are on broadband at home, and she's on DSL at work. Jim - Indeed, both of my other computers work fine on the same home network as hers. And other computers on her work network can get in. Clearly seems to be the machine itself. I'm wondering if cPanel does some kind of query back on another port that her McAfee may have blocked. I remember a while ago there was a delay logging on to FTP (at TCH) from any computer that had a certain port blocked; some kind of broadcast query from the FTP server. Of course disabling McAfee should have fixed that. Curiouser and curiouser. She'll be at work all day, so I won't be able to experiment again until tonight (~7pm EDT). We'll try anything you can think of when she gets home. Fortunately the secure port works, so she can do whatever may be required during the day. Thanks again.
  17. Moderators please move this to a more appropriate forum if I've gotten it wrong. A weird one: my wife's computer can't seem to get on to our cPanel, though my two machines, and others at her workplace, are fine. Here's what happens: - Going to MyDomain.tld/cpanel (or :2082) she gets to the Authorization dialog and enters the correct user/pass. - The logon is accepted (as far as I can tell - subsequent attempts don't stop there) and the page begins to load. - The progress meter shows the page loading to the halfway point, then stops. - Blank page - nothing showing. - The status bar continually says "Waiting for MyDomain.tld". - The little network monitor icon shows no activity. - This situation continues for ~10 minutes, during which time the browser does not time out. - After the 10 minutes, the browser announces 'Done', and the address bar changes to 'MyDomain.tld:2082' - Blank page. This happens on her machine from any location (home or work). We are resellers, and her machine fails to get on to any of our cPanels. Oddly enough, she can get to WHM and Mail Management (:2095) with no problem. In fact the problem seems to be restricted to port 2082: she can get on to the secure cPanel at port 2083. ? ? ? She's running Windows XP, and has McAfee Security Center installed. We have tried disabling all the McAfee protections to no avail. Has anybody encountered this problem before? Any lore out there? Thanks in advance for . . . well anything you can think of.
  18. I switched from DADA to PHPList a couple of months ago and I'm glad I did. It's more robust, with more options for tracking and such things. It manages what lists people are on and only sends them one copy of a message even if they are on multiple lists - things like that. The one annoying thing about it so far is that when you actually send a message (process the queue) you have to keep the browser window open until the queue is all sent. In the case of a long list that can be several hours. Nonetheless, I'm much happier with PHPList. Hope that helps.
  19. I realize I'm a bit late to this discussion, however . . . I use FreeByte's fbbackup (h**p://www.freebyte.com/fbbackup/) and it works wonderfully. Simple, and FREE. Of course I do less than a complete HD dump, but I see no reason why you couldn't do such a thing.
  20. Absolutely. 'See a Penny, pick it up, All day long you'll have good luck'
  21. It was a little high on the house we sold last year, but not much. Could be the valuation has climbed since then. Interesting to see its estimates of the other houses in the neighborhood. Who'd a thunk that little cottage across the street was worth that much?
  22. Well, the new script seems much cleaner, and I really appreciate not having to make copies of all the images and such. Thanks for the work that went into it. I must be doing something wrong, though. I use the script exactly as you quote it above, and after signing in I get a blank page. Viewing Source for the resulting blank page indicates that the page as a whole is a Frameset, and each frame in the set is the exact same Frameset. So I seem to have multiple nested framesets with no actual frame data. ? ? ? You can see the result at: www.griffentheatre.com/stats/ username: griffen password: phoenix Is there some edit I should be making to the script that I don't know about? Thanks in advance for any enlightenment.
  23. It sounds as if the bottom border you're seeing is the standard link underline. Try adding to your css something like a { text-decoration:none; } If that's not it, can you post a code snippet or a link to the code?
  24. On the TCH Domain Manager site, right under the sun, hover over My Domains. At the bottom of the drop-down list it says 'Forwarding and Masking'. Click on that and all will be revealed.
  25. Indeed, TCH Rocks! As you say, the Help Desk people are patient, competent and speedy. I can't praise or recommend this whole enterprise highly enough.
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