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  1. I use CoreFTP (www.coreftp.com) and am quite happy with it. The basic version is free, and so far has everything I need. No time limit.
  2. Hi Nat. The problem is actually in the javascript function that is called when the selection changes. As written it is specifically telling the 'parent' window to navigate to a new 'location'. Try this: ><script type="text/javascript"> <!-- function jumpBlank(selObj) { eval("window.open('"+selObj.options[selObj.selectedIndex].value+"')"); selObj.selectedIndex=0; } // --> </script> . . . <select onchange="jumpBlank(this)"> <option value="#" selected>SELECT A STORE</option> <option value="http://music.msn.com/search/all/?ss=natalie+brown">MSN Music</option> </select> Hope that helps.
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    I am still seeing the problem, both in Firefox and IE. I don't know if it has anything to do with it, but I did notice that the third row of the outer table: has no ending tag: Maybe the browser sees the new row opener and loses its mind.
  4. As BoB says any of the processors will do what you need, but I would look for an M - specially designed for Mobile machines and it runs cooler. I have a Pentium M in my laptop and the machine definitely generates less heat than my old one.
  5. Hi Robert. A couple of thoughts; certainly not a complete answer: Do you mean folders outside www? There are no non-public folders below www. I don't know how spiders handle such things, but I have had some success by putting a PHP check at the top of any page I don't want seen by unauthorized viewers: Then of course the login page does the appropriate authentication and redirects back to the requested page. Once the user is authenticated, the pages just appear normally until the browser is closed. As I say, not a complete answer by any means, but it may shed some light, or at least occasion further discussion.
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