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  1. I've been trying to fix the top navigation, and for the most part it is fine. However, there is this UGLY blank white space between the blue and grey navigation on top. How can I eliminate it? This is the link http://www.antandsons.com/wordonthestreet.html Then view source for the code I appreciate any help .
  2. Check it out now...looks pretty cool. Just cannot seem to get the search box lined up with the input text box. BTW, i appreciate all the help you all have given me on this.
  3. Mistakenly forgot about that, but I added it in between the head tags and it still does not work. Search function is working, but no background image showing.
  4. Thanks for your suggestions. However, I tried doing it and this is what I got: http://www.antandsons.com/test/index.php (Style sheet is here http://www.antandsons.com/style.css)
  5. How would one go about including a couple of search boxes (like http://www.cnbc.com has on the top) with a picture in the background, lets say a corporate logo. What would be the simplest way to do the coding on that? I'm trying to go for this effect, it is very similar to Yahoo's search box on the top of their front page.
  6. What about smaller companies that can get the job done?
  7. Instead of developing my own site template etc. does anyone know of a company that designs website templates that would be able to help on a lower budget?
  8. Tried doing what the link suggested, but still having problems.
  9. Would anyone that has photoshop be able to transform it for me? Or is there a site or free program that automatically does it for you?
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I checked the HTML and there seemed to be no obvious errors. Hopefully someone has an idea as to what is wrong.
  11. Sure sounds great. The picture that I am trying to do that with is located at http://www.antandsons.com/pictures/thomas.jpg
  12. Does anyone know how to transform a regular photo of a person's head to a simliar form of a headshot that they have in the Wall Street Journal? TIA
  13. How can I fix the style sheet so this will not happen? I played around with some of the left and right tabs in the css, but it doesnt fix that problem
  14. For example, from ahead of the ticker to analyst scorecard...the content moves
  15. My site has a container, but sometimes it shifts over the content when going between web pages. Why does this happen and how can I fix it? http://www.antandsons.com
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