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  1. Thanks, Bruce. It's fascinating and frightening.
  2. Just to close this conversation out: I may very well have been at fault in the problem I had. I can't offer clear evidence either way. In any case, I'm much more aware now of my own responsibility to keep my billing information current. In all my conversations about this matter the TCH people have been professional, helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I continue to admire the way business is done here and the commitment Bill and all the family have to their customers. I offer my apologies if I was rude to anyone in my disgruntlement. I would heartily recommend TotalChoice to anyone. In a previous post I complained that (I thought) someone had changed the subject of this thread. If it were in my power to re-title it myself I would do so now: Problem Solved, Opportunities Gained. TCH Rocks. Thanks, Bill. Thanks, everyone. Still a Happy Customer.
  3. I will continue to recommend TCH. No better hosting anywhere. However I'm not happy that you saw fit to edit the subject of this thread. The email associated with my account receives message from TCH regularly, and to the best of my knowledge none have been marked as spam. No message about a problem with my billing showed up. I continue unimpressed with that aspect of things. By editing the subject of this thread you misrepresent me. If you don't want anyone to see a less than perfect opinion on the board, just delete it. I've always been and continue to be impressed by you, Bill. This is not up to your usual standard.
  4. He did, and I see the checkbox. Thanks as ever for your help.
  5. I just tried to send you a message - twice. My Sent Items shows no messages sent. Would you send me a message and I'll reply? Thanks.
  6. Same one I've been using all along. The Help Desk communicated with me fine all day.
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