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  1. If you need secure urls used then you will need to have a valid SSL cert installed on the domain, otherwise you can use shared secure urls of your server. The syntax for shared secure urls will be https://servername/~cpanelusername. If you can open a helpdesk ticket with primary domain name of your hosting account, we can provide you with exact shared secure url and discuss further on this.
  2. We are extremely sorry for inconvenience happened to you but all our updates are announced through forums especially on the related page for your server. We can look into your issue in detail but can you open a helpdesk ticket with details of this issue to check this.
  3. We are taking down the server for chasis swap. More updates will follow.
  4. We are extremely sorry for the recent issues with beadle.snhdns.com and we have been working on this all day long. Now we have decided to do a chassis swap of this server shortly. Hopefully this should fix the recent performance issues you were experiencing. Please follow the forum thread for more updates on this. Once again thanks for your patience and co-operation.
  5. Hi, Please accept our apologies for the issues you were experiencing. We had a network issue due to which you were experiencing connection and latency issues but this is fixed now. Everything should be working back as normal. Please re-check your websites and if you still find any issues, update us back on our helpdesk or live chat system and we will help you.
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