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  1. Hi, I've contacted support about this but they offered no solution, so I was hoping someone more knowledgeable could give me some insight into why this might happen: Sometimes when I attempt to access a subdomain on my site, a subdomain that exists and has been accessed before many times, I'm greeted with the "Server not found" or "This site cannot be reached" error page. When I put in a support ticket about this, Support responded that they could access the subdomain just fine from their location. The subdomain is also accessible from other machines, albeit inconsistently. Wh
  2. I'm unable to send mail through SMTP if I'm connected to my VPN. I've tried ports 25, 465, 587 and 2525. Connectivity problems vanish if I disconnect, but I don't use my workstation without a VPN connection and would prefer not to have to manually disconnect and reconnect every time I want to send an email. What are my options? Thank you in advance for any help.
  3. I'm not able to access Fantastico De Luxe as of today. It just hangs on a blank window when trying to load its index.php file. Something going on? Suggestions? Every other area of the site and cPanel work okay, but I failed to access it in both Firefox and Chrome. Thanks in advance.
  4. So odd. I had never encountered spamcop before this. Thank you for the reply!
  5. Hello, Recently a lot of people who email me at my TCH hosted domain are getting bounced emails. I do business though my site, and this is very bad for me. I had spam assassin turned on, which is now off, but the errors being reported seem more like bounced messages, rather than a product of a spam filter. Here is an example message that one of my contacts received when emailing me (email edited for security, just in case): My experience with networking is not enough to make heads or tails of that. I really need reliable email. Any help is appreciated!
  6. Probably just another permissions issue. I am now LIVE! (thanks again)
  7. It seems like there is still something wrong going on here. I'm now able to access the Installation portion of the Media Wiki setup, however the SQL DB login password won't take when I try to complete the installation. No actual error message is given when this occurs. I click the "InstallMediaWIKI!" button at the bottom of the config page, and the page simply reloads reporting: "Something's not quite right yet; make sure everything below is filled out correctly." Scrolling through the configuration page, the only fields that are highlighted in error are for "DB Password".
  8. Hi, I'm attempting to install MediaWiki. I've read all the threads already present on the forums, but they were not able to help my issue. I've been running my own site for years, but have no actual experience with PHP or other scripting languages. I am hoping that someone can point me in the right direction, because I seem to have encountered a problem that was not mentioned in any prior discussions. What I've done so far: I created a subdomain on my site, "wiki.mysite.com". I created an SQL database named "siteusername_wikidb" I created an SQL username named "siteusername_wik
  9. Im just curious if I can change my username in cpanel. I was given one of those auto-generated gibberish ones, and now any SQL account I create is tied to it. I'd prefer to have something readable, if that's possible. IS this possible? Thanks! Edit: Can my cpanel login name be changed so I can remember it more easily? For security reasons this is not available. Nevermind!
  10. I just made this account to get some help, but I've been a TCH customer for... I don't even know. The timestamp on my files says 2003, but I'd not be surprised if I'd been here longer. Anyway, you guys have never done me wrong. The two or three times in those years that I actually had a problem, you've fixed it before I could even file a report, and very soon after if it ever got that far. I've never felt that you were taking advantage of my business or pulling the wool over my eyes for any reason. Thank you guys for everything.
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