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  1. Wondering if TCH can offer an idea of how long php 5.6 will be offered/allowed on shared servers? What about 5.5 and 5.4? Thank you!
  2. sirius


    I have several clients who are asking for free Letsencrypt.org certs. Can anyone tell us if we will be billed for installation, and billed again every three months, if we try using Letsencrypt.org? Details please. Thank you!
  3. sirius

    Head To Tail

    Little... did I notice this thread is years old when I added my word.
  4. sirius


    From: https://totalchoicehosting.com/shared.html Dedicated SSL $32 / Install - $115 / Yearly Shared SSL--Free Dedicated IP Static $1.00 / Monthly To purchase an add on for your site, please contact the sales department!
  5. sirius


    Sounds good but the certs are only good for 90 days. Wouldn't that incur an install procedure and fee 4 times per year?
  6. sirius

    Beadle Php Upgrade

    I see that php 5.6 is going to have security updates until 31 Dec 2018. Any idea when we will no longer be able to use it on TCH? I have a couple of websites that appear to not function using php 7.0 and would like to be able to give my clients a time frame for when they will be forced into a redesign. Thank you.
  7. sirius

    Totalchoice Uptime

    Thank you. Had not bothered to look farther down the list than the first group of B, and did not see beadle on the real time page: https://status.totalchoicehosting.com/status-realtime.php
  8. sirius

    Totalchoice Uptime

    Thank you for providing this. One question, is it not complete yet? I do not see beadle server in the list.
  9. sirius

    Beadle Server Issues

    Same problem here on Beadle. 24 hours and not fixed. Was wondering if others were experiencing this. WordPress and concrete5 sites not working properly. Most websites are working better now but still intermittent slow loads. cpanel loads slow. email does not work at all. No FTP access. Clients are not happy. One thing I found for the sites that do not work at all, such as WordPress, is to use php select in cpanel and pick 5.5, that made my sites display something other than a blank page.
  10. sirius

    Spam Assassin

    Spam Assign does not do it for me. Some days it works ok, only 10-20 spam get through, most other days it misses hundreds of spams. I have it set for 3 plus I have hundreds of account level filters set up. Setting SA lower than 3 catches too many valid mails for me. I gave up on SA working well and now forward mail to a gmail account. Gmail does a very good job of filtering spam. If you want, you can have gmail forward mail back to an address at TCH and check your mail there.
  11. I am looking for a merchant account provider for a couple of osCommerce shopping carts for U.S. based businesses. I currently have a processor but am not happy with the increasing fees ~$30/month plus discounts when I am processing less than $200 most months. Most of my sales are only two months out of the year. We would like to use Authorize.net. One cart is rather low sales, under $200 most months. The other is a new cart built for a nonprofit that they are hoping will make at least $2000+ per month. Who do you use? What do they charge? Contracts? Monthly fees? Other things I should know? Thank you for taking the time to read/answer! Chuck
  12. Thanks for the reply. I put in a help ticket, turns out Thamas and Bruce are right (thank you!). My IP was blocked by the server. Not sure why I could get access when the router was out of the circuit. Hopefully when I get home tonight all will be well.
  13. No, I do not think it is TCH problem. I can access the IP if I connect my computer directly to the modem. It is only blocked when I use a router for some reason. I am just hoping to find someone here with any kind of idea as to why this might happen.
  14. Just checked at the neighbor's house, same ISP and brand of modem, different brand of computer and router. Worked fine..
  15. I can not find the answer - any ideas would be welcome! Problem: I can not access one single TCH IP address, or any of the domains on that address, when I am connected through a router. Of course that is the address where most of my websites are located.. IP address in question and one domain on that address: ichs.net I get no access to the address via http, ping, ftp, email, nothing at all. I can access the IP and domains address if I work through a proxy. I can access the IP and domains when the computer is connected directly to the cable modem. I replaced the router with one from a different company, same problem. I have no access using a second computer on the same network, same problem. I can access the domains and IP address when using my work computer, different location, different ISP. I can access and (I assume TCH owns these addresses). I am using windows XP, have tried ipconfig /flushdns I have no access using a palm PDA through the router so probably is not windows problem. Help? Thank you!