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  1. Thank you for the reply. I do not think it is so that I " will find that it does so on any host choosing to run most core rules" as I have made an exact copy of this install of Concrete and moved it to a shared hosting account at TCH, it worked fine. Also, it is not just Concrete having this issue, as I said in my help ticket, CMS Made Simple (fresh install) has the issue as does osCommerce. An install of osCommerce on shared hosting works fine, but on my Reseller account the osCommerce that has been there for quite a time suddenly can not be edited.
  2. Wondering if there is anyone else at TCH using concreteCMS? I have used concrete for years, though I am far from an expert. Suddenly an issue has come up where ModSecurity is blocking some page edits. I can not edit a block using an inline CSS style. When I try to save, a "403 Forbidden" error is returned. TCH and my testing show that ModSecurity is the issue. I have been advised to ask TCH to modify ModSecurity rules to allow but TCH says they can not do such a thing due to security issues. I can turn ModSecurity off and the edits will work, but that does not seem like the proper thing to do. This issue exists with a fresh install of the newest version, 9.1.1 installed today via softaculous, an install that used 8.5.6, the same 8.5.6 upgraded to 9.1.1, and a version, every install I have at TCH (all on the same shared server). I don't have access to another host company at the moment so can not test off of TCH servers. Does anyone else have this issue? It appears to me that this issue makes concreteCMS useless on a TCH server. Thank you for any replies.
  3. TCH-Marshal is right. You do not need to use your database credentials, just log into cPanel. I don't think you should even see a screen asking for a password. However, if you still can not log in directly from cPanel, open a help ticket. I have had it happen where I can not get into phpMyAdmin from cPanel. TCH fixes the issue quite fast.
  4. Not dumb when you ask questions! Sounds like you are using Softaculous to install ZenPhoto. I just did a test install. Attached is a screen capture of my installation. Don't bother to look for it, files and database have been deleted. I don't know if I'm supposed to put it in a directory and if so, is this a directory that I've created This is the name of the directory where you want ZenPhoto to be installed. This will be created for you. It has a line for administrator email. Do I change what's there to an email I use? Right now it's showing admin@mydomain. I've never used that. You can change the admin@... to whatever emailadress you want. - Use your current email address. Under the advanced tab, it shows a database name. Do I use what's there and if so, do I have to have to give it a password? There's no line for password so would I have to create one some place else? Database is created for you. You can ignore this part but should probably record what is there.
  5. Pretty easy. Go to cPanel, under Domains find Redirects. Choose if Permanent or Temporary, most likely you want Permanent Choose All Public Domains or select a specific domain if you have more than one. Enter your page URL without domain in the box next to the / Like this: / yourpage.html In the Redirects To box, fill in the full URL including domain. Redirect with or without www. Click add. Done. Test.
  6. Open a help ticket, they will get it fixed for you.
  7. Found on the Google and copied from a couple of websites. Not sure if this is valid, will help, or not... https://medium.com/@muralimmm.blog/the-definitive-guide-to-meta-tags-16788622fae2 Rating This meta tag is often use to let the younger web-surfers know the content is appropriate. If you use this tag the wrong way (call an adult website safe for kids is bad!) you will get banned for live. You can use on of the following values: general mature restricted 14 years safe for kids <meta name="rating" content="General"> --------------- https://www.sitepoint.com/community/t/which-is-useful-of-meta-for-best-seo-what-is-meta-verify-v1/85192/3 <meta name="document-type" content="Public" > Indicates that the page is meant for public viewing. <meta name="document-rating" content="General" > Kind of like a film rating. General means it’s safe for kids etc. <meta name="classification" content="Consumer"> Suggests a category for the content of your site.
  8. I feel the same, TCH hosting and support is the best. I also moved a website from TCH to someone that specializes in WordPress. Site was much slower than when the exact same site was on TCH reseller hosting. Support from the other host insisted the WP instal was the problem. Perhaps that had some truth to it but the website is much faster on TCH than the other host, and support is multiple times better.
  9. Missing from the one account I just checked. Too bad, I prefered Squirrel Mail over the other options.
  10. Not sure what version of Dreamweaver you are talking about. I still use MX from 2004 on simple static websites with little problem. It does have problems with some modern navigation systems and websites.
  11. I am subscribed to "Latest Hosting News." Before being moved here, my message was posted in in that forum because of the spam and possibly scams that have been posted there. Latest being from someone who had registered shortly before posting, with a user name that included the word "admin", linking to some false looking Office and McAfee websites.
  12. Perhaps something can be done by TCH to limit the spam and scam messages in this forum?
  13. Wondering if TCH can offer an idea of how long php 5.6 will be offered/allowed on shared servers? What about 5.5 and 5.4? Thank you!
  14. I have several clients who are asking for free Letsencrypt.org certs. Can anyone tell us if we will be billed for installation, and billed again every three months, if we try using Letsencrypt.org? Details please. Thank you!
  15. Little... did I notice this thread is years old when I added my word.
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