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  1. Hi, We have completed restoration of accounts with missing data. If you see any issues with any website, please open a helpdesk ticket and we will help you. Once again thanks for your co-operation and patience.
  2. We had a failure with raid array on this server which caused some data loss but we are restoring the lost data from our backup and this is going to take some time. We will post updates as restore goes. Thanks for your patience.
  3. Hi, Spam assassin works on set of rules which do learn automatically and adjusts itself according to incoming emails. But since you are having this specific situation we will need to investigate it. Can you either post here details of your account or header of an incoming emails or officially post a ticket for us to investigate this further. Ticket can be opened from https://support.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?/Tickets/Submit
  4. Hi, Also Chrome might force to secure url https://hydroxystudy.info/ but since you do not have an SSL certificate installed this should be also a reason. Noe that you can enable free SSL certificate we are providing. Free SSL provided by Let's Encrypt which you can install for your account by logging into cPanel and traversing to Security - Let's Encrypt. But note that forcing secure page on your website is dependent on website design and once you have enabled free SSL certificate you will have to contact your web developer for configuring your website to use and force SSL on it. Your website is a Wordpress installation so you can take advantage of any Wordpress predefined plugins specific for this purpose like WP Force SSL or Really Simple SSL.
  5. Hi, I had tried to recreate the error by browsing http://hydroxystudy.info/ in chrome browser and website just loads fine for me. You can check the attached screen shot to verify. So this might be just a local browser cache issue on your end. Try clearing complete browser cache in Google chrome and re-try again. You can refer below given documentation for help in clearing browser cache in Google chrome and make sure you only clear cache and not cookies. https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/32050?hl=en&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop
  6. Hi, Glad to know that you sorted out the issue on your own and thanks for understanding and we will look forward to help you in live chat support.
  7. Hi, The issue reported with your TTrss http://roadq.com/rss/ is fixed now but note that you are using a very old versions of TTrss which needs to be upgraded as early as possible.
  8. Hi Rosanne, Just open an helpdesk ticket and we will fix it for you. This is happening as cPanel password is out of sync.
  9. Hi Rossane, Note that you won't be able to access phpMyadmin using the databseuser and password you created within cPanel. . You will need to login to phpMyadmin as main cPanel user and then access databases. Follow the steps explained below. Database user and password is to use it within your scripts to access a particular database 1: Login to cPanel 2: Then access phpMyadmin 3: On left hand column, it will display databases you have created. Clicking on the respective database, you should be able to access it.
  10. Maintenance has been finished. Thank you for your understanding and patience
  11. We are replacing a public switch on our NOC and this will create downtime and network outage. We do not expect any issue to arise from this replace. However you can expect brief outages and network slow downs. We will update this notice once we have started and will get posted with updates Thank you for you understanding and support.
  12. Hi, Thanks for re-opening the ticket and we will get back to you soon on this via ticket.
  13. I can understand your concern but what Google is providing is generic error messages from which we can not finalize if the issue is on our end or your ISP. If you remember we had worked on this issue via ticket opened and a test to my gmail account just worked without any issues and this is why we suggested you to check directly with google support. We are ready to help you more on this and do more tests, just reopen the ticket or open a new one and we will help you for sure.
  14. PHP 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6 are currently supported on all of our shared servers while cPanel announced that they will be removing 5.4 and 5.5 from EasyApache 4 on June 18th, today but that's only for servers using default cPanel provided EasyApache 4 profile and when they are re-provisioned. All of our shared servers are using custom profile due to which this change won't affect our servers but one thing you need to note is PHP 5.4 and 5.5 has already met its end of life which means they are no longer receiving updates of any kind, including security updates, from the providers of PHP. So its always better to update your scripts to newer PHP releases like PHP 7.
  15. Hi, If its "Error establishing a database connection" error then you might have wrong database connection configuration in wp-config.php or wordpress database user might not be granted correct access privileges via cPanel. Can you open an helpdesk ticket to further investigate or simply update this post with url to wordpress installation and we will help you. Note that what we recommend is an helpdesk ticket with cPanel login details of your hosting account.
  16. Hi, "Server not found" or "This site cannot be reached" errors means, you are having connection issues to server from your local machine and this can happen due to many reasons including firewall block on server, local DNS issues on your end, network issues, etc. This needs to be debugged live to see exact reason. If you see this happen again, can you contact support department once again. You can either open an helpdesk ticket or contact us on live chat. Link to live chat can be found on below given url. http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/contactus.html
  17. Network issue with switch has been fixed and all affected servers are up and running. We have verified that all services are working. Thanks for your patience and co-operation. If you notice any issues, don't hesitate to update us back. Once again, thanks everyone for your co-operation.
  18. We are having network a switch down and as results some of our servers went down. Our data center team is on the route to fix this issue at the data center facility. We will continue to provide updates. We thank you for your patience and apologize for any inconvenience. Following servers are effected :: bankson.tchmachines.com beadle.snhdns.com burt.tchmachines.com cass.tchmachines.com elk.snhdns.com herendeene.snhdns.com hugaboom.snhdns.com osterhout.tchmachines.com zukey.snhdns.com
  19. Hi Rowan, We had already discussed this via our ticket system but let me confirm once again. SetEnvIfExpr can be used to match a url, a pattern matching a portion of url and but the this rule you have defined is unnecessary with your requirement as you are just trying to redirect all the incoming requests to subdirectory without any specific condition. Second Rewrite rule which is confusing. As we already discussed you are trying to redirect a url or a directory to a particular directory which is on publicly unavailable location via your main url or sub url. Also there is a syntax error in your redirect rule but that can be fixed but again problem is redirecting url to a path which is publicly unavailable.
  20. Hi Rowan, Glad to know that everything is working but note that you have actually posted on our forums about this issue and next time it will be better you use our helpdesk to open a ticket for more privacy. Our helpdesk url is https://support.totalchoicehosting.com. Alternatively you can send an email to support@totalchoicehosting.com to open an helpdesk ticket.
  21. Hi Priti, Https or secure url on Wordpress is a tricky thing especially when you have additional redirects on htaccess because Wordpress urls are mostly hard coded in databases with specific redirect requests in htaccess. Secure url for Wordpress can be best achieved by using additional plugins they offer purposely for this. There are many documentation and tutorials available in Worpdress support forums which you can refer about this. I would suggest you try any of those plugins or else if you wish we specifically take a look into this, open a helpdesk request with all details of your hosting account and we will advise you.
  22. PHP upgrades for arcadia will begin at 9:00 pm EST, Friday, Feb 17 2017
  23. PHP upgrades for Alcona will begin at 9:00 PM EST, Friday, February 10, 2017.
  24. Hi Rowan, You have your last topic in wrong place. It should be on any of threads under Scripting Central on https://forums.totalchoicehosting.com/index.php?showforum=293
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