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  1. I didn't create the database yet. I just uploaded the Wordpress data folder via ftp and this is it. Anyway, I just submitted a request at that link you mentioned. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I am at the very beginning of installing Wordpress on the server, and the first step needed is to create .wp-config.php Details I gave are: Database name - wordpress User - my TCH login user PSWD - my TCH login pswd Host - localhost Prefix - wp_ After all these, I am receiving a connection error response. What am I doing wrong? Tnx! Asher
  3. Hi, I have my website storred here fir a few years now, and I am planning on getting it upgraded soon, based on a Wordpress theme. 1) Is there a tutorial for the procedure of uploading a Wordpress database? 2) Can I work on it while my old website is still online? Thanks, Asher123
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