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  1. It is just that easy, isn't it? I skipped right over those auto-filled fields. Thanks Bruce.
  2. So I've been having trouble accessing my websites or email accounts for three days and have finally opened a Help Desk Ticket. However, the default email address associated with the hosting account that I used to open the Help Desk Ticket is also hosted here at TCH and is also unreachable. I cannot get into CPanel to change my contact address (learned my lesson there ), nor can I access my current email account to get the Help Desk Ticket Key needed to see any responses to my Help Desk Ticket. So I seem to be stuck in a vicious little circle here. Can anybody point me to a place where I c
  3. Yeah, I usually do that too. I just thought the CPanel option might be less time-intensive, unless I need to move everything by hand, that is.
  4. So I was going to use the handy PHP-Nuke installer in CPanel to set up a new domain as a PHP-Nuke site, but it looks as though I cannot use the installer to install to the root directory. Does anyone know the easiest way to make that happen? Thanks in advance.
  5. So if my existing mailing list (2-ish years) and my new mailing list (1 week or so) are still having troubles and apparently receiving or sending no emails should I simply open a help desk ticket? Thanks.
  6. Looks like its something my ISP has recently put in place. I'm not sure what the benefit of such a thing would be, but at least there's one question answered. Also, email from the troubled domain has begun flowing to my desktop again. I'm not sure what caused the problem in the first place, nor am I sure why its suddenly working again. Hopefully this won't continue for too much longer, since the "outages" are getting lengthier each day. Thanks guys.
  7. Well, I guess that's not the problem then. Thanks.
  8. Logging in to my Network Solutions Account Manager I see that all of my domains are set up with NS1.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM as Name Server 1 and NS2.TOTALCHOICEHOSTING.COM as Name Server 2. Should these be switched, or is the whois reporting erroneously? That's what I was afraid of. Is it at least weird that only one account out of seven is having this issue?
  9. I've seen a few posters having problems similar to mine, and have tried looking into their solutions with no luck. So I figured I'd post here and see if you guys could lend me a hand as well. I'm currently pulling email from 7 different domains all hosted on Server39. 1 domain is accessed through Outlook Express; 1 domain is accessed through Mozilla; 1 domain is accessed through Thunderbird; and 4 domains are accessed through Outlook. Over the past week or so one specific domain (savagegames.org, which is one of 4 accessed through Outlook) has experienced more downtime than not. I can
  10. Thanks Lisa. I'll give that a shot. UPDATE: From the Tech Support Guys: There was a problem with mysql to connect as root on the server which was giving the issues. And that fixed it. In about an hour. Not a bad turn around. Rock Sign
  11. I've done this before. Created databases and users in cPanel. Never a problem. However, I have not done this since the snazzy new cPanel showed up, but I figured it should work the same since it appears only the initial interface has changed. So I login to cPanel, select MySQL Databases, only to find that none of my previously made users or databases show up. "Okay, whatever" I think to myself, "I'm making a new database anyway". So I enter the new database name in the Db: field, press the Add Db button, and I get a screen telling me the database has been successfully created. I go b
  12. Okay. So I've had Jacob in Tech Support make the changes I've requested. And now when I go to the URL in question (http://glenburnie.owgl.net) I can see the symbolic link to "index.php" show up in the "Index of /" page, but the "index.php" doesn't actually do anything. In fact, even when I select it, or manually enter it as the URL, nothing happens. I checked permissions on the folders and files the symbolic link points to (755, 755, 755, 644 respectively) and they're all the same as when I tested this inside the public_html. Any clue what I'm doing wrong?
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