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  1. Starting 2022.01.26, simple email with a PDF attachment that normally got the score of -0.0 points all of sudden started to receive 6.0 points with the following and got tagged as spam: 5.0 BAYES_99 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99 to 100% [score: 1.0000] 1.0 BAYES_999 BODY: Bayes spam probability is 99.9 to 100% [score: 1.0000] After digging further, the this is not limited to emails received from mail-XX varies XX.outbound.protection.outlook.com, but also Gmail.com and various mail servers. Even a simple hello email from Outlook.com and Gmail.com got the above 6.0 points. This is throwing off my Spam Threshold Scores limit. To live with this new change, do i just have to reconfigure the Calculated Spam Score Settings for BAYES_99? What made this change all of a sudden, how does SpamAssassin learn? Will it change back or make adjustment to the scores automatically?
  2. I use the absolutely basic plan. TCH is great, everyone have the same cool features. No one is left out. You'll just have to work on the OsCommerce. Be good at HTML so your items in OsCommerce aren't plain. Learn some PHP may help you navigate the OsCommerce source code. Read up on http://www.oscommerce.info and http://wiki.oscommerce.com/docs
  3. Sleepy (after a full supper)
  4. Hmm.. like a cup half full or a cup half empty Able to be participating at the Olympic is exciting enough. Doing one's best is nothing to be ashame of! It's sad to go through life regreting losing that gold.
  5. You guys are good! It works now! Rock Sign Originally, the customer likes to order this: http://www.price1.com/product_info.php?cPa...&products_id=55 But after add cart and clicking on checkout, the page secured page doesn't show.
  6. Hello, A second customer described that he can't checkout on my OsCommerce store. So I try to order something and found that is true. No code have been changed but these past few days following HTTPS link doesn't work: https://server51.totalchoicehosting.com/~mydir/file The result is: I check the similiar style link for another site at server 43 and it works. So, Shared SSL on server 51 must be off line! Not good for business.
  7. Hello, This works only if you use the built-in credit card module: Login to your cPanel Click "phpMyAdmin" under Database From the new windows, find the table called the "orders" on the left pan (Select your OSCommerce database in the right pan first if you have multiple databases) Click "Browse" tab on top of the new right pan Wait a few seconds and the content of the "orders" table will show, scroll down to the bottom and move to the right, you should see the full number you are looking for under cc_number column. Hope this help. murasaki
  8. Hello all, Which payment gateway do you use or perfer? So far I found Payflow Link/Pro, Authorize.net and BluePay. Here is my experience with Payflow Link. After using OSCommerce and VeriSign PayFlow Link for a while, I begin to encouter a MAJOR problem: whatever the total amount on OSComerce is multiplied by 100 when process in PayFlow Link. This is weird since I haven't touch the code for months. Anyway, another years has gone by, it's time to move on. $219 to renew Payflow Link is too much! From the various merchant services, I found Authorize.net $10/mo and BluePay $15/mo. Authorize.net seems to be popular, and have a latest contribution available. Some have raise the Curl problem and item not registering after charge, etc. The BluePay has a 2003 contribution but now the "MBC" must be hidden to process the order. And it doesn't automatically "end day" by itself each night. Other than service like PayPal et al. Any suggestions? Thank you. murasaki
  9. Well, here is my work space
  10. Here is the order things should occur: 1. Tax Zones, Insert, type in Zone Name and Description, Insert. 2. Details, Insert, select USA and your state, Insert. 3. Tax Classes, new tax class, type in your Tax Class Title and Description, Insert 4. Tax Rates, new tax rate, select your Tax Class Title, select your Zone, enter your Tax Rate, enter your description, Insert. Here may be why you are having problem: When you edit or erase your tax related stuff multiple times, it can create multiple entry in the tax_rate table of your database. For the heck of it, I delete all the Tax Zones, Classes and Rates and re-enter everything. But I found myself trap in the same situation as you. After some time of testing, I was puzzled by the fact that the sentence Californai Sales Tax 8.25% in the order confirmation page never changed even after I delete or modified it. So I went into phpMyAdmin and found that in tax_rate table, it has multiple entries of my California tax rate. So, I wipe them all and go back to admin to re-enter the tax rate again. This time everything worked. But ... ... For your testing, the customer's primary address must be set to the state you want to test. I found that changing the zip code only will not making any difference. Wasted 1.5 hours of my life on this. Hope this work for you.
  11. All you need is to create 1 tax zone, 1 tax class and 1 tax rate with the tax class and zone you've created. Anyone falls into your specified zone will be charged tax. No need to create multiple zones or rates. Once you've created your zone, you can also apply it to your payment module. For example, if you specify a Payment Zone in Check/Money Order, than only those living in that zone will see the option of Check/Money Order when they check out. -- Imagine if you are a law abiting merchant in California, then you should theoretically setup 68 zones to cover the different tax rate of 58 counties and 10 wonderfully unknown cities. While you are at it, you should also setup usage tax rates for all possible zones of the USA. You'll accountant will love you for it.
  12. Thank you for your efforts. I read the manual and track down numerous posts on the osCommerce forums. I even emailed those who seem to have success. VeriSign Payflow Link has one feature that allow merchant to specify the Accepted URL which either id your site or a particular page on your site where the payment information is sent from. This provides an extra security. VeriSign also provide a simple integration method that puts the responsibility of collecting and protecting the customer's payment information on VeriSign. This allow you to safe a few bucks as SSL is not required if you do not require customer to log in. After switching to TCH and decided to migrate to osCommerce, a secured environment is now necessary. That's when SSL and more complicated integration comes in. After numerouse tests and researching the osCommerce forum, I found that now it is not possible to specify the Accepted URL anymore in Payflow Link, as HTTPS://.... will not match with any possible HTTP link I specify. So for those who use VeriSign's Payflow Link or considering it, the Accepted URL fields need to be left empty using the currently available contributions. And if one doesn't want to be held responsible for keeping the customer's payment information, new codes needs to be written to accomplish such task. The 2 currently available contributions do not offer this. For those who is on the same boat here, I found only the Payflow Link contribution by Joe Olson will work correctly with osCommerce 2.2 MS2. It does require extra work on your part to resolve the following issues: 1. Force the customer to click the return to your site button or silent post back successful transactions. Else, osCommerce never register the completed order. 2. Handle failed transcations so that osCommerce doesn't record the order as completed and log out the customer. The solution available on osCommerce forum can fail in certain conditions. Mine solutions are not perfect yet. The other contribution for Payflow Link requires more work than what its instruction specified. No adequate solution is availabe from the osCommerce forum.
  13. Does anyone hosting with TCH have success with using osCommerce, shared SSL and Payflow Link? After installing and setting the payflow link module, I am having problem processing test transaction with shared SSL. Because VeriSign Manager do not allowed accepted URL to have HTTPS, I have set the URL to: http://www.mysite.com/ http://www.mysite.com/checkout_confirmation.php http://server#.totalchoicehosting.com/~username http://server#.totalchoicehosting.com/~use...onfirmation.php http://ipaddress http://ipaddress/~username/checkout_confirmation.php And all gave the same error message when attempting to confirm order with osCommerce: Referring URL Error Referring URL does not match accepted URLs. I have seached the osCommerce community forum, but other than problems and solutions to the verisign module, I have not found solution resolving this. By typing http://server#.totalchoicehosting.com/~username, or using the ipaddress, I can get to my site no problem. So even if I purchase my own SSL certificate throuch TCH, wouldn't that also give me error? Any fellow merchants hosting with TCH have success with these packages? murasaki
  14. The ordering process is smooth! Much faster and less confusing than the last 2 times I signed up. Great job! Still can't chmod file with file manager in cPanel and the shared SSL doesn't seem to be up yet. Is the cPanel older version than the other servers? The computer generated username is difficult to remember, but I'll get use to it. I'd wish the username and the directory name can be changed to the company name. But Tech Support sight it offer extra security as reason. However, if the user decided to use shared SSL instead of purchasing a SSL of their own, the directory name will be shown in the address line anyway. (I know, I know, being cheap has it's draw backs). Thumbs Up
  15. Like to report that after uploading files on the new account in server51 with cPanel 8.5.3-STABLE Build 3, I found that in File Manager, the permission can not be changed. I need to change permission on configure.php files for osCommerce 2.2ms2 from 644 to 777, but I had to do it using CuteFTP insteaded of using File Manager in cPanel. No problem doing this on server43. That's all
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