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  1. ok what i did it i took the center framing images with the green border and made the outside bg gone and saved as transparent but when i went to go readd them it really screwed them up even though i adjusted the sides and such so what am i missing hehehe im starting to figure out alot just from all uve said which i do thank you alot for i even went to remove the bg color from the header and if u go see it messed it so am going to refix it bk the old way till i figure this all out im getting a wordpress for dummies book tomorrow to help me as well
  2. thanks im just trying to figure out why my center framing has a 2 in bg around it , it over comes the main bg .....but other then that so far everything is ok ....but if u got insights as to how i can rid of the outside center section bg so its all evens out with my main bg ill be happy lol thank you
  3. I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to bob crab for taking his precious time to help me fix all or most errors in my theme, i am glad he helped me and thank him for this .....If u need anything in return from me bob crab please dont hesitate to ask me ok. thank you i sent u one more pm . thank you so much to all who did help me or atleast try to.
  4. ok i dont use firefox what is that? and thank you, im pretty good about fixing this if u can help me find where the errors are if u need to see the coding from php files let me know sweety....
  5. can u help me fix this issue sweety. and thank you
  6. thank you so much i will send u a pm hun.
  7. ok i got the error fixed , but the bottom half of my site the wrap around section shows it sideways ....i can pm u the site
  8. i have an error, please help me with how do i fix this.... Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home2/idznvbv/public_html/wordpress/wp-content/themes/Sweet Daisy/footer.php on line 5
  9. ok, i finally got what i was wanting done to work now , my question is i wanna add a marquee scroller in that section , can i do that because the code says add some above <head> and then the rest at the body section , can something like this be done in php?
  10. ok i have found a theme i am working on as a blank template starter but it came with a left side section for ads and i wanna remove the section and add something diff there how do i do that?
  11. because i dont have alot of money to blow so im seeking ways to do one my self yes i understand needing one to work from , but money is a factor
  12. i have tried all day long to get a similar layout like on the above link in my first topic i really do wish someone would come along and help me ....all the tutorials ive found only shows how to set up a basic css file and nothing more.... ok something more in lines of this will be good for me to start with and no i cant ask them for help as they are a buisness selling these templates ...... please anyone help me i really do wanna learn this http://www.cdhostndesign.com/im/cdhnd-templ-3col-v1-samp.jpg
  13. i figured that section out and now i gotta another question hehehe im learning i added a main bg to the theme im using for now but it took 1 inch off the top can i pm u my site blog and see how to fix what im talking about and ill also send u the origianl theme i downloaded.
  14. i do have a question for wp users who can help me i found THEME im going to use for now and it has a thing on the left die panel called author how do i add text under it?
  15. thank you so much yes this will help me alot and i will see how well i do...im a fast learner so prob wont take long
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