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  1. Thanks Bruce I Like the MANIAC mode youneverknow
  2. Ran across this in the Register. I didn't know by using the free anti-virus software(especially the malware scanner) that I was part of this problem. Here is a partial quote from the article...."Daniel Brandt, who runs Wikipedia Watch, estimates that LinkScanner traffic to the site has outstripped legitimate clicks by nearly ten times. In this graph, the pink line represents suspected LinkScanner scans, the blue line legitimate clicks" and this..."Because the scanner attempts to disguise itself as a real live human click, webmasters who rely on log files for their traffic numbers may be unaware their stats are skewed. And others complain that LinkScanner has added extra dollars to their bandwidth bill." the full article is here. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/06/26/av...traffic_as_ie6/ youneverknow
  3. I have been here 4 or 5 years if you are looking for how fast a TCH site comes up check my site www.youneverknow.com
  4. It was just released. I have been using AVG for my Windows computers for years. Their new version 8 (FREE) can be found here http://free.grisoft.com/ww.download?prd=afe AVG Anti-Virus Free Edition is only available for single computer use for home and non commercial use. youneverknow
  5. http://www.worldometers.info/ Something to think about when you feel alone..... youneverknow
  6. Madmanmcp...if you find the ordering link could you pass it on here? I have search MS and don't see anything yet. Thanks, youneverknow Just re-read this post and see that it will not be available until the 29th
  7. When SP2 was released MS would send a free disk if you ordered it from them. I think there was a small S&H charge. I sure hope they will offer SP3 on that same type of deal. youneverknow
  8. Or get into C-Panel and change your preference there. youneverknow
  9. Got a laugh out of the photos here http://www.darkroastedblend.com/2008/03/di...ing-part-3.html Can you imagine trying to trace and outage...I know I think I had that host before TCH youneverknow
  10. I've been running FF 3.04beta and is it faster?...yes, on my old machine sites are comming up faster. The only drawback to 3 is most extentions don't work....yet.... youneverknow
  11. I found that if you click the view new posts link more than once will get you that message. The more you click it the worse it gets. My solution is to come back to that link a minute or so later. Its easy to be frustrated and click it again but that just makes it worse. youneverknow
  12. Well I started with TCH back when they had 38 servers and 2 or 3 data centers they contracted. Just look how much TCH has grown. They use top notch equipment and don't oversell like most value web hosts do. The forum is moderated but rarely censored and a great help to anyone with questions about how this all works. I have only contacted support on two occasions and both times the problems were fixed within minutes. Yes TCH does ROCK
  13. You might want to make sure your broadband provider allows this...most don't...youneverknow
  14. If you want to make an object heavy...be sure to 'fill" the object with squiggles and it's heavier... youneverknow
  15. What's the shortest distance you have gotten? I got 125 m
  16. Use your imagination...can you build a see saw? check it out at http://www.enigmasand.com/games/nphys/ youneverknow
  17. Hi all, I thought the contest winners were to be posted in the forums 1/1/08 but have not seen any such annoucement...what gives? youneverknow
  18. Kaspersky is a well known anti virus program and gets high marks for protection and low on resources. But in my opinion, the free version of AVG for home use is great.
  19. Well I've got to say I have never heard of that one...check out AVG http://www.download.com/3000-2239_4-10761481.html auto updates daily, and very low on CPU and memory... youneverknow
  20. Wow I got to get one of those...do they come in different colors? Is Samsing a reliable company, I would hate to be taking my temperature and have it go into inflation or iron mode Good one Bruce!!
  21. Rather than wait for an update, why not dump your current virus checker and install AVG (free) and use that? youneverknow
  22. I think the site is down I was too good to last youneverknow
  23. Get a free ball...I see EU countries OK too... webfootie.com/free-football.php while supplies last youneverknow
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