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  1. I wanted to start a TCH discussion about why TCH is great. In the wise words of my little cousin's text message lingo: I <3 you!
  2. Is there a way for me to change the squirrelmail theme? I've seen some opensource options around (http://sourceforge.net/projects/squirreloutlook/) that I'm interested in trying out. Joe
  3. I'm a bit confused here. I read elsewhere on the forum that the Pear stuff was already included on the servers. Is this true? If it's not, do I install it, or should I get the support people to do it?
  4. I'm trying to make one page of mine mirror another, so www.domain.com/music.htm would always be the same as journal.domain.com/thisthat.htm. Also, there's a lot of CSS data on the journal subdomain, so I'll need to load that up, too. Do you guys have any ideas? I can't figure it out. I've ruled out parking domains and redirecting from one site to another. Thanks. Joe
  5. I can't understand the error messages that I am getting when I create a MySQL Database in the cpanel. I asked the tech support people and they just told me to ignore it, but I am still curious about what they mean mean. Error Message: Thanks for your help.
  6. Are there any plans to make a WordPress script installer? Is this possible? (I think it would be a great idea) I think that they exist on Fantastico, but I have also heard that Fantastico doesn't do the cleanest job of things. I realize that there are full tutorials, but an installer would make life even easier.
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