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  1. Congrats to the winners! Now I get to followup with Bill & Mike soon. All I've got to do is get my mother to drive us up there, since they don't have an extra vehicle that Laura and I could borrow.
  2. I had to completely uninstall 1.0 (Profiles too) then "try" to uninstall 0.8. Reinstallation of 1.0 fixed the problem, and all I really lost were saved passwords and history. Bookmarks are good. So all is well.
  3. Glad to hear things got worked out. Welcome to the family!
  4. If anybody has any information about why FF would start crashing all of the time, let me know. I'm having problems with both my desktop and laptop showing 0.8 and 1.0 being installed, when I only have 1.0 installed. I also have Flash & Shockwave installed for FF on both, but some things don't recognize that it's installed. Not only that, but on my desktop, some of my extensions are screwed up and won't operate properly. When I uninstall them, they're "still there," like my tab preferences extension...
  5. Wow, now I really wish I was able to make the full-blown meeting! Oh well.
  6. Well, I've officially switched to FF. Installed all the extensions I want. Good stuff!
  7. Hey Bill & Mike, looks like there's a good chance Laura and I will be able to join you for dinner sometime. My mother doesn't seem to mind, I just have to pass it by Laura now.
  8. Oooh, hey... Awesome. I'm sure my mother won't mind if my fiancee and myself grab dinner with you while we're up there (We're visiting family).
  9. I'll be in the Montrose/Clio area, about 15 minutes from Flint... Not entirely sure what direction of Flint...
  10. Raul, Yes, I just noticed the valign thing. But that isn't it, as I have another website using this came CSS styling that doesn't include the vertical-align in CSS, but has the same border problems. There's very little of the XHTML standard that I don't code to. Forms are one thing I don't, because you're not supposed to code a form tag inside the table and tr tags, but I do it to avoid the default margins and padding that a form tag gives... Then again, I could easily work around this (CSS the form to 0px), but I have so many pages with forms defined this way that I don't feel like backtracking to fix it. Can't think of anything else on the XHTML standard I don't code to, really...
  11. Blast! I'll be visiting MI on the 28th! Too late!
  12. All browsers on a Mac I've had that problem. Example: h**p://www.darqness.net/chooser.php Here is the coding example: ><table width="100%"> <form action="<? echo $_SERVER["PHP_SELF"]; ?>" method="post" name="Chooser" onSubmit="return choose(true);" target="_top"> <tr> <td align="left" valign="middle" class="left"><a href="http://www.darqness.net/network.php" title="Darqness.Network" onMouseOver="window.status='Darqness.Network'; return(true);" onMouseOut="window.status=''; return(true);" target="_top"><img src="/images/chooser/title.gif" width="200" height="25" alt="Darqness.Network" /></a></td> <td align="right" valign="middle" class="right"> ... And here's the CSS that works on everything but Macs: >table { border: 0px; border-collapse: collapse; } td { padding: 0px; vertical-align: middle; background: url("/images/chooser/background.gif") top left repeat-x; } td.left { padding-left: 10px; }
  13. Bill, I've tried that before, and it works temporarily for me. Immediately after clearing the cache I am able to view sources, but not for long... And I've allowed IE a good amount of space for the cache. As far as the sentiments expressed here... Through my travels I have noticed things here and there, but here's one thing I do know: Don't immediately assume that it's the browser's fault. You need to look at problems from every point of view. Check the coding to make sure it's valid, see what browsers it works in, etc. Once I got FireFox, I was able to identify a few IE-specific problems I had in my site coding. I got them fixed, and now my websites display perfectly fine in both IE and FF on a PC. Now here's the kicker. Macintosh machines have major problems allowing CSS to control the output of tables. Actually, they just have CSS problems at all, because I have a couple websites written where I simply use a {table} tag with no attributes, and the CSS defines its width, padding, spacing, etc. This works fine for PCs, but Macs still auto-display some padding and such. Also has problems with CSS' img{border: 0px;} attribute, still giving a linked image a border. In any case, I've discovered that sometimes that the page really has the problem because it wasn't properly tested in multiple browsers when it was designed. IE-specific coding must be avoided at all costs these days if you want to reach the largest audience possible, because FF is making a major push. Hell, 7.6% of users that visit my main site use FF, so I have to make sure it works in FF. Oh, by the way, here's a quirk I found about IE. If you have a table cell that only contains an image, and the cell is exactly the same size as the image with no padding, here's how the line needs to look: {TD}{IMG}{/TD} It cannot look like: {TD} {IMG} {/TD} The second option there, in IE (Not FF!), will put a few pixels of blank space underneath the image because IE is dumb and doesn't ignore the whitespace like it should. Just food for thought.
  14. I'm slowly starting to change my camp from MT to WP.
  15. Nice stuff, I just have to get used to it now...
  16. Ok. I might actually switch from using IE as my primary browser to FireFox. IE has problems every now and then, and the latest one I have is that its cache doesn't work correclty, so I can't view page sources sometimes. Arrgh. Maybe an FF switch is in the works for me finally, I DO have it installed...
  17. Well, what you really need to do is project how much space you'll need on a server, as well as how much bandwidth you're going to consume. If you think that you're going to need more than the highest reseller for either of those two things, I'd suggest going with a dedicated server. Actually, I'd suggest going with a dedicated server if you'll approach about 85-90% of those numbers, because your expansion could quickly cause problems. Don't forget about system resources either. Even if you'll be fine with space and bandwidth, if you're going to be utilizing a lot of system resources (Unlikely, but not impossible), then I'd consider a dedicated for that as well. Congratulations!
  18. Hmm, nice! Too bad he didn't give the web address/
  19. Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the family!
  20. Simply awesome. I love dogs, and have a special place in my heart for them. As for the people who are cruel to dogs, sometimes I wish that they could feel what they put dogs through... But I'm not mean enough to really want that.
  21. All of the archives of OMGN don't work. Images don't load, but the general layout is there. It's strange... Probably has to do with my site structure. It also doesn't load the stylesheet correctly.
  22. :-D Ahh, cat stories... It seems the cats are the ones adopting on the by and large, lol...
  23. Alright, so about nine months ago, my family was "adopted" by this cat in the neighborhood... It came up to our garage one night when the door was open, and we pet it a little bit. Throughout the next couple weeks it got braver and braver, and we eventually ended up feeding it. It moved to our porch to hang out soon after. Well, from thereon out this cat resided on our porch. We made a bed for it and started to feed and water it regularly (Grew like a tree! ). Basically, it had become our outside cat. We would have brought Gracie (Her name) in, except that we already had an inside cat, Ivy, that my stepmother perceived would tear the other cat to pieces if we brought it inside. So finally yesterday they decide to introduce Gracie to the house and to keep her inside. Without asking me (Although it is fine by me anyway), they decided my room would be the launching point for this whole thing... She's gotten to know my room, and last night, her first night in the house, she slept at the foot of my bed all night. It was cool. She's still a little skiddish though. We think she may have been somewhat abused before she came walking around, because she's extremely cautious (Even now, inside my room), but she's been getting better since she's come by. So I have a new resident cat in my room.
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