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  1. Let me reiterate: Using the newest version of Acrobat Reader fixes the problem.
  2. In an effort to figure out what programs would be best for me to use, I'm considering using Thunderbird for my email client... I need to know what exactly it offers though, and what some of the wonderful TCH community has to say about it... I only have one problem so far, however... I hear that Thunderbird cannot do Notes", Tasks, or a Calendar as MS Outlook can... Is this true? Because I actually use those features...
  3. Ahh... So that's how they spoofed eBay recently in emails... I got one of them. Looked pretty realistic, I thought, but I still reported it to eBay.
  4. Welcome to the family, glad you like it around here!
  5. Maybe I should look into this... I have one password for everything, save for my engineering account at UNLV that requires a different format...
  6. I'm trying to begin reading The Dark Tower series by Stephen King, but I barely have time to log on here lately...
  7. DarqFlare


    Alright, time for a hint. Andy is on the right track by trying to offset... It's a step in the right direction at least.
  8. DarqFlare


    Hmm, thinking about hexadecimals? Interesting... Hey Andy, just curious, what'd you come up with?
  9. DarqFlare


    Just something to pass the time...
  10. 48k at the moment for FF. I have 1GB installed RAM, so I don't worry there. Maybe I'll get that ieview extension...
  11. DarqFlare


    Nope, wrong guesses! I probably should have made it "Let There Be Darq" heh...
  12. DarqFlare


    Ok folks! Here's a code I want you to break. PM me the exact results of breaking this code. The first person to break it correctly... wins something... I don't know what yet. I'll give you one hint. It is a sentance in English. 42-6E-6C-75-76-63-71-68-70-22-68-78-21-6B-71-77-62-70-6C-76-66-22-6C-79-64-77-71-68-76-6F-23-69-74-76-2F It will appear in my signature as well.
  13. WEll, I completely uninstalled FF and made sure to remove the profiles folder and it still had problems on a complete reinstallation from scratch. I must say, I'm running it again using only 4 extensions and it seems to be working 100%, so maybe it was a bad extension. I do like FF better than IE, but if FF won't work right for me I cna't use it. Here's to hoping it stays stable for me now!
  14. Congrats Steve-o! Same name as my brother-in-law... And he's a cool guy too...
  15. Congrats, Same-Name #2! We're taking over this place I tell you...
  16. To fix the PDF problem, just install Reader 7.0.. That's how I fixed that one. That's about all I've been able to fix. My FF consistently crashes, and once it crashes for the first time on an install, my extensions get all messed up, and certain data gets lost (History, saved passwords, etc). I've uninstalled and made sure to completely remove the profile folder, and reinstalled. Same problems. I've also recently run into the problem where FF will start, but it won't load 100%, so my bookmarks toolbar never loads and I can't interface with the software. I have to shut it down and retry starting it again. You can see why I'm frustrated. This is happening on multiple computers. I've only got four extensions installed now, I thought maybe that was the problem... I haven't had a problem yet since I created a new profile and only installed four "must-have" extensions... We'll see.
  17. Sadly, I'm going to have to return to the world of using IE for all of my web browsing. I've jsut had way too many problems with FireFox. It crashes on me, won't load fully most of the time... It's rather annoying. Maybe I'll figure it out, but I'm sick of it. Urrghle.
  18. My FireFox recently crashed, and now my Bookmarks Synchronizer doesn't work. I think my profile is corrupted... How do I export what's in my profile to a new one?
  19. I think you're confusing something here... The computer doesn't get past the drive detection. Windows never starts to load... And I have tried taking the DVD drive off of the power and IDE cabling and it still has problems at the video.
  20. Ok, I could use some help on this one... I just installed a DVD+-RW dual layer in my computer. Installation was fine, but when I went to boot up my computer, it stood in the boot-up screen after displaying my processor information, before drive detection. I restarted it and then got no video output. But the computer booted fully... I think it detects the video card right after the processor in bootup. So I went out and got a dinky, smaller-end card to test my computer. Booted up. So I figured it was the old card, and proceeded to return the one I bought since I really couldn't afford it, lol... On a hunch, I decided to reinstall the old one, one last time, to see if it would boot. Well, it did... I was happy. I left it on while I returned the old one. I got home and turned off my system so I could finish up the cable management and put the case back on. Well, when I stuck the system back in and booted, it held right after the processor detection again. Well, I won't be at home for 11 days to work on the system, so any responses here won't be dealt with until then. Thanks for any help and ideas... My initial thought, as much as I don't want to think it, is that the motherboard is having problems with the AGP slot. Urgh. Thanks again.
  21. My website: MS Internet Explorer: 82.9% Firefox: 9.1% FF is up 6% on my site since last month. I prefer FF myself, but I make sure to check my sites with IE as well to make sure I get to the biggest market I can. There are certain sites I have to use IE on, so I do.
  22. Good to hear things are worked out.
  23. Can't Microsoft keep their mitts out of anything anymore?
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