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  1. I am actually reformatting. My Dell Laptop just toasted its 4th HDD is two years so I got a new drive and motherboard under warranty and am in the process of setting everything back up... that said, there is not much in my hosts file right now, but I can give examples. I am using two hosts files. One is the default, the other is called hosts2 and it has all of my local development entries so it would look like this: localhost www.somedomain.com www.someotherdomain.com My 'switch' script is as follows: @echo off rename hosts tmp rename hosts2 h
  2. Thanks Patrick for the input. I am using WindowsXP and I use the FTP functionality in Dreamweaver except when we work on sites that are load balanced across multiple servers. I am in favor of relative links but a lot of the sites I pull down to work on are not. I use the hosts file to make entries that resolve to local IP addresses. For example, in this case I might add: www.somedomain.com Now if I flush the DNS cache and wait for a couple of minutes, my browsers will resolve to locally served content when I type in www.somedomain.com. When I am ready to upload and ch
  3. I am a web developer by trade and I am looking to streamline my local developing experience in the following way. As a precursor to my question, I have Apache and MySQL running locally on my PC. Currently, if I pull down a new client's website for development (let's say www.somedomain.com); I create an Apache virtualhost for dev.somedomain.com AND a hosts file entry to resolve dev.somedomain.com to a local IP address. Frequently I find hard-coded absolute URL's which requires me to find/replace, make site changes, find replace again, then upload. What I would like to do is develop local
  4. For what it is worth, just in case someone else runs into this... You have to log in to cPanel through http://domain.abc/cPanel which will redirect you to http://domain.abc:2082/frontend/x/index.html I was logging in to cPanel through a different method which was causing my problem. A
  5. Am I the only one having trouble with phpMyAdmin? I open a database, open a table, click browse, get a list of records, pick one, click to edit, change *anything*, click GO to submit changes (with SAVE and GO BACK TO PREVIOUS PAGE AS OPTIONS)... I always get this: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/tbl_replace.php on line 155 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/tbl_replace.php:155) in /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/phpMyAdmin/librar
  6. As it were, I decided to move the site over to TCH. I did this last Saturday, 04 November 2006. I immediately changed DNS entries to TCH nameservers. Right now it is Thursday, 09 November 2006, seven full days after the DNS change. Here is where I am at: I am using Verizon DSL. When I connect to the mail server through outlook and send myself a test message, the headers resolve back to TCH. I also made a subtle change to the homepage, I can see the change. My client is in Mass using Comcast. When they connect to the mail server through Outlook and send a message to me, or anyo
  7. The script referenced above works fine. I use a modified version to dump all MySQL DB's, attach to an e-mail, and send to me daily. I also use it to do a full site backup weekly but it is too large to e-mail so I have a notification sent then I download the backup.
  8. Bruce, Thanks for the prompt reply. If their ISP was the problem, wouldn't all of their outgoing e-mail via relay on port 25 get rejected? I am able to send and receive e-mail to the very address that bounces back to them. Looking through the tech support tickets, the webhost says that 'the account is on an old server with less-than-desirable' DNS performance'. Solution: move the site to another server. I guess my question is, will something like this work? Bruce, you are right, they need their e-mail and expect it to work. That webhost's performance reflects poorly on me s
  9. TCH Friends, I have two clients that are hosted with TCH and things are great since we switched over. I have one other client (serviced on what I euphemistically consider to be a deadbeat webhost) who is having mail server issues. I am asking for insight on these forums because I switched my other two clients to TCH from this other worthless host and am about ready to do the same for this client, but they are wary of having to wait for the DNS change to take effect and are worried about downtime for e-mail. Here is the situation as I understand it. They send e-mail to customers and
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