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A Few Questions


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Hi everyone :)

The last year I have had some very bad experiences with hosting companies and am now searching for a new one. First of all I must say that this place looks really promising, not many hosting companies dare to put up a user-forum like this. :)


Anyway, I have a few questions before I decide to register:

  1. How fast is the server-side scripting working (e.g PHP)? Do you have a limit on how many users you have on the same server?
  2. Is there some way to change the hosting plans to fit my needs? I don't need 1000 MB of disk-space, but I could need more bandwidth than 18GB/month.
  3. I already have a domain name, can I "move" this domain to this new host without having to contact my old host? They really screw up and I don't want to go through all mess again to make them transfer my domain.

I think this is all (for now :))


Any response will be greatly appreciated


Thanks in advance

- Mattis

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Hi Mattis!


To answer your questions:

1. The scripting is working very fast because TCH does limit the number of clients on a server. It is generally based on the impact to performance and if a server starts to get a little "busy" then they'll move folks off to a new server. When I started less than a year ago I was on server 30. They have almost 70 now. This is largely due to Head Guru's way of doing business - he won't put clients on slow servers.


2. There are add on's for extra bandwidth and disk space. You could look at the pricing for getting a smaller account and adding bandwidth.


3. You can either transfer your domain or, more simply, tell your current registrar (not the host) that you want to use different name servers and after 24-72 hours people going to your domain would end up on the system here instead of your old host. Then they could do whatever they want with the account and it won't matter.


I hope this helps and maybe we'll be seeing you around as a family member soon. Best wishes!

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lol, well someone from the present time :P


The servers are very fast compared to some of the other people I have hosted with. :)


And the people on the forums have always been a great help to me.


Not to mention the customer support. Awesome, just awesome! :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

You find out who your domain registar is by going to


and you will also see if the contact e-mail is yours.


When you bought the domain name

you should have received a link to log into the domain regitars site

and can access your domain account there.

This is where you can point the domain name to the nameservers in your welcome e-mail fromTotalChoicHosting.



Any questions, just ask your family

And :dance: Welcome to the family :dance:

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They are ignoring my e-mail, seems like I can't do anything Mad!!!


Guess I have to search for a new domain registrar. Has anybody had any experience with NameCheap and GoDaddy?


Thanks for the nice welcome here guys :lol:

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I have now registered an account. :)


tell your current registrar (not the host) that you want to use different name servers

How do I know who my registrar is? I couldn't find this info anywhere.

Welcome to the family Matt!


Weezy :hug:

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