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Hey Dreamweaver Users


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And everybody remember that not all of us are on MX. :) I'm on DW4 for instance. It's good to see a specific forum so we don't bother the others but can hope for help on issues here.

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I have the whole suite also and like you not that experinced, but I find that Fireworks is a great tool to create images, swap images and custom buttons and so on.

I created two photo albums on my site so far using FW I think they are pretty cool since I really don't know what I'm doing. I also created the left nav bar in FW


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I use dreamweaver/flash mx for my (very) basic website. . I know that flash has great possibilities, but it's so NOT user-friendly, after a couple hours I just get frustrated and move on. Perhaps someday I'll have an extra 6 months to figure out why I need to create 100 individual layers to make a simple image slideshow.


Please don't suggest that I go to the macromedia website for help. It's a joke, and I'm not paying them another cent, they've already bled a couple K out of me.


Originally, I purchased the dreamweaver/fireworks studio, which I soon found wasn't compatible with anything (unless you purchased an upgrade or new product).


For me, "fireworks" is useless . . . just a bastardized version of photoshop for manipulating images.


Overall, I believe "flash" or something similar will become a web standard. Today it's not user friendly for the public, and certainly not for a macromedia customer.


I guess the odd thing is that I don't want to quit using the program. . . . It's a comfort level working around dreamweaver to get what I hope are results that work. :rolleyes:


The problem for me is that every time I try to add anything new, especially javascript, it comes back and bites me in the %&@#. . . everytime.

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I've been using MX for a year now, a I'm very happy with it. After climbing up and over the learning mountain, I can now very quickly maintain our site (PHP/MySQL model). By the way, my advice is to just work through all their tutorials, however long it takes, before a) banging your head against the wall, or :( buying a book on it.


As for FW, I'm also reasonably happy with that, but we only use it to create nav bars and buttons. I really appreciate the ease of creating four-state roll-overs. Again, walk through the tutorials to save much time and grief. Just recently, we were able to quickly and painlessly upgrade our graphics to match other site changes without having to change a line of code. Well, many, many lines of code were changed, but MX and FW did all of it for us without a hiccup or error.



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