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  1. wooohoooooo, I was looking for one of those fountain pumps, now I know where I can order it from
  2. I agree . .the latest viruses are taking their toll. . .the problem I have is that we've become so paranoid about a virus, that now, between my clients and I, we can't even attach a text doc let alone graphics. . .Today, I had to snail mail (fedex) an ad proof to a client because it's impossible for them to receive it in any format.
  3. With my old server, I used to be able to "print" the stats document as a pdf file, then email and, (yes it's true) snail mail a hard copy to the client . .along with the billing statement . That process doesn't work for me with tch, cause I can't seem to get a pdf from the sub-frame (only the main frame). Anyhow, if you can figure it out, it's an easy way to provide stat info to a client. . . You can also create a "stats" folder with links to the pdf files within the clients site. . . they can access the file through a link without downloading a large file through email. $.02
  4. I can't vouch for Vincent Flanders, but he's a well respected author and educator up here in the NW. . . bio: http://www.webpagesthatsuck.com/biography-...t-flanders.html I don't think it would matter anyhow, since it's just a frame link to a free service. . .who's to say . . .
  5. I've always found this site quite helpful, and you can get info on up to 5 pages per day: http://www.fixingyourwebsite.com/drhtml.html [edited by D. Scott Demmin; removed link (explained below)]
  6. Thanks, everyone for your input. It's very helpful.
  7. Advantages/Disadvantages? Suggestions?
  8. Yeah, I was trying to avoid both options, especially macromedia "support" Yuck! Thanks, RockNRollPig for your input.
  9. Can anyone help me figure out what this error is, and how I might fix it? It just started happening last night.
  10. I own the copyright on everything I create unless I waive copyright within a "work for hire" contract, license the usage for a specified term or sell publishing rights outright. Registering with U.S. Copyright Office or Library of Congress etc is an option to use at my discretion.
  11. Images are copyrighted like anything else by the originator. However, once they've been uploaded to the internet, regardless of how we try to protect them, it's free game unless they're being reproduced for commercial gain. This issue came up for me recently when I found out that some punk was passing off images from my site as his. . .I've got no problem with people copying things off of my site for enjoyment, but if they try to pass it off as their own it's a different situation.
  12. yeah, I guess I was asking if anyone has found something that works for them already. . .I can search google . . .flashkit.com is interesting, I'll have to explore when I've got time. Thanks Guys!
  13. Senior Executive Officer . .hell . .he's got his own software now?
  14. I didn't vote. . . "relevant information" wasn't an option.
  15. Ask TCH-Raul . . . I'm just playing the game, not doing the math . . woooot .
  16. That's kind of the point of Fun and Games . .no?
  17. Does anyone on this forum know if there's an automated slideshow generator for flash, or can you help me with some simple shortcuts? All I want to do is create simple fade-to-next slideshow of images & put some music behind it. . .
  18. Yeah, I know . . .there's a mathematical solution. . .but it's fun nonetheless. but then again, I do like this clock: http://www.lares.dti.ne.jp/~yugo/storage/m...3/03/index.html and "escape from Neverland cracks me up: http://www.zooass.com/games/neverland/neverland.swf
  19. OK this one's just freaking weird . . . . http://www.fetchfido.co.uk/games/phychic/phychic.htm
  20. cloudrm


    Very nice use of letterform Robert. I like the application of emboss, shadow and color.
  21. It shouldn't do that if you specify the color using the text field in the properties menu. There's a difference between the "page properties" menu (cntl+J) and the "properties" menu (ctrl+F3). I need to learn more about CSS.
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