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Subdomain Policies


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I was wondering what you're policies on subdomains are?


In your acceptable use policy ( http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-aup.html ) it says:

You may not conduct hostee or offer free web hosting to people based on your subdomains.
It also says this in your subdomain faq area ( http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id49.htm ). However, it says in your announcements ( http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/help/id1...tm#june_21_2003 ) that...


Effective Sunday June 21, 2003 , TCH will be loosening the knot on allowable sub-domain use. The following AUP changes will take effect.


"You may not conduct hostee or offer free web hosting to people based on your subdomains."


will become


"Your subdomains are allowed to be used for any legal purpose. You may not sell the subdomain space to others, nor may you point other domain names to your subfolders."



I have just recently started renting some webspace and run a rather low size/bandwidth web page, and have a friend who would like to put up some web comics for a few of our friends. Remembering the announcement, I told him he could use some of the space on my server. When I double checked the AUP I was surprised to find it wasn't allowed. To make a long story short(er), I'm just wondering which applied.


Thank you,

~ HappyG (Kevin)


PS. I'm very, very happy with your service so far (even if my friend can't host his site on my server ;) ). I know of no other company that offers this quality of service, expecially at these prices.

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Hi Jimuni

Can you please explain me what that's mean?:

"point domains to sub domains"


Is that mean that the subdomain can't be posted like a site in the Search Engines, directories, etc.?

If so, I have a domain say: TOURS.COM and I use a subdomain Peru.tours.com or Chile.tours.com or Ecuador.tours.com... I can't point the main domain TOURS.com to my subdomains to serve the interest of different visitors?

Sorry if my question is a dummy one but all this is a more than little confusing for me. :(


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Dear LunarMagic & Cerealkeeler,

Thank you for the explanations.

I wish that in the future, TCH will develop the possibility to add 2 or 3 related domains in the same account and not only subdomains.

This can be very helpfull since in one of our sites we have two different domains inter-related inside the same bussines enterprise: one for local people (Peru for Peruvians) and one for the rest of the world (Peru for All)... the two belong to the same enterprise which is the one registered as the owner of the site.

thanks any way,

g. :blink:

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We will take it into consideration. The best way to manage multiple domains though would still be to purchase a reseller account. You'd have much more control over the domains than if we were to allow 2 or 3 diffrent domain names to be hosted on one plan. Might be something worth looking more into if you are planning on having more than one domain.


Of course, we can always park domains on top of one another, but that is only if the domains are leading to the same page on the same site. To get this done, all you need to do is drop a ticket by the help desk.

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If I was reselling maybe i will cinsidered this option but I'm not reselling. I'm just a guy enthusiast or grouppy of TCH that recommend to all my freinds to change they actual hosting services to the TCH not becouse of the technology (I do not understand many of it) but for the human factor... what I call (as I feel it personally) the TotalChoice Hosting with the TotalSupportService...


Regarding small bussines with interrelated domain names that doesn't want to point to the same page/site but to different sites under the same plan:

as: www.peru4peruvian.com and www.peru4all.com and perutours.com as all belonging to one plan say www.peru.com - I don''t see why it can be allowed (at relative convenient price [4 the 2 parts] of course).

in the meantime... Keep the VERY GOOD work you all are doing! CHEERS!!!

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Lunar is doing it the way I would. If I ever decide to host my other site, reservoirblogs.com I would get a resellers package. Ease of management alone would be worth it to me. Dont let the plan title misleaad you, there are a number of people with multiple domains doing it this way.

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I'm not doing it quite yet... I have to scrape together the money first. LOL (I'm trying to get a few friends to host their sites through me to help me pay for it, bwahah).


But yeah, the name got me for a while until someone suggested I do that... then the lightbulb went on. *G*

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