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  1. Oh good! Thanks for letting me know. I know it's such a horrible job, I avoid any help desk type job, even though I have been a teacher's aide for a few years in a intro-to-computers course. It's enough to drive you batty.
  2. I'm just wondering, with help desk tickets, should/can you reply to the last one that solved the problem and thank them for their help? I get the feeling I should only reply if I have a further issue. But I feel so bad not leaving a thank you note for them! PS - you know on TCH's main site, the neat flash menu that slides in and flips on, well it repeats itself over and over again in Firefox. Just thought I'd let you know.
  3. Thanks for the input. I did manage to fix the display issues, but I guess I'll work on changing it over to xhtml.
  4. Okay, here's the problem: I'm using wordpress now, which is all coded as XHTML transitional. However the templates are mine, coded as HTML transitional. So no matter how I declare the DOCTYPE - XHTML or HTML, it won't validate. When I declare it as XHTML it's hanging up on all my code that doesn't use />, but when I declare it as HTML it's hanging up on all the WP code that USES />. So. Other than completely re-writing half my code (not a fun prospect), is there any way to declare the DOCTYPE to accept the other half? This is juse a personal site, not a business one, so it doesn't have to be perfect and I'm not overly concerned with perfect validation... however... I am currently having problems with non-IE users viewing my site and I suspect it has to do with the validation problems.
  5. Okay, I'm hoping someone here can help me. I just got a job recently and they want me to work in flash sometimes. I've never really used it before, but learning new programs is what us computer geeks do. We do comps in photoshop, I get approval for the design, and then I'm to make the final movie/banner/site in flash. Same sort of thing I do when I'm going from a photoshop template to an HTML site design; I chop up the image to use the buttons, graphics, etc, and paste them in. So far, so good. Major problem: when I imported the now-jpeg images from what I had exported from photoshop, they weren't the same size! For instance, a background for a banner I made in photoshop was, say, 700 x 100 pixels. Exactly. I save it as a jpeg. Then I go into flash and create a new file of exactly 700 x 100 pixels. I import the jpeg image into the library, drop it into my scene and - it doesn't match! So I'm totally stumped. Here I was thinking that 700 = 700, but apparently I was wrong. If anyone could explain what's going on and, more importantly, how to get sizes to MATCH, that'd be really great.
  6. Oh man, I love you guys! Thank you so much!
  7. I'm really sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I've looked over them all and I just can't find the category that would suit... feel free to move if you have better luck. I've had a problem for a while now and it's getting to the point where I can't come up with an answer myself and something needs to get done. There's a website I want to burn to disk, only every way I think of doing it would end up with the whole website being mangled with broken links, images, and code. See the problem is that all my webpages are written in PHP, so what I save HAS to be the server-processed version, not the backend version. So FTP or normal backups just won't cut it. Now the only way I know of to save the page as it is displayed at that point in time is by using the File-Save menu in the browser. But that can only be done one page at a time and I have HUNDREDS of pages that need to be saved. My only options at this point are to just save the text itself and forget about the site structure and any navigation between pages. But I had really hoped to be able to take the entire site as someone would see it visiting the URL and burn it to disk to archive. I'm sure I'm not the only person who's been stumped by this before. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. I point to your sig line and say "Yes there is, and I just asked one." *blush* I should have known that. In any case, thanks so much, now got it working. Let's hope this works!
  9. Bah, I can't get it set up for my Eudora. I can't seem to set the port number for accessing K9 and it keeps telling me the host isn't found. Grrr.
  10. Free! Thanks, Bruce! That was always my problem - I'm a poor college student. *goes to install it*
  11. In the last few days I am getting completely buried in spam. I configured my Spam Assassin to be tighter than the default, and had it down to only a few spam a day... I just downloaded 40 spam this morning! I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this flood, or did someone sign me up for spam or what... wah. (And these are all legitimately getting past Spam Assassin... they're text messages, nothing to really differentiate them from normal messages except their content) Mad!!!
  12. I too hate tipping. I do it, but I'm not happy about it. $10 for a burger? And then you expect me to give $2 to the person who carried it from the kitchen to my table? I worked at Subway for 9 months - not my favorite place to work, for sure, but it was my first job. I was esctatic if someone ever left a dollar for me - which happened rarely. But we never ever expected it. Come on, just raise the prices and pay your employees a decent wage. I should have to be expected to pay extra just to get good service - and I don't want to have to worry about having something nasty done to my food if I don't because of bad service a previous time! I've had some good and bad experiences. I'll relate two I had with airlines, since they're what stands out to me. Over christmas I was stranded in Chicago thanks to a major winter storm that cancelled the last leg of my flight. I was very upset, nearly in tears, and had NO idea what to do. I'm stranded in a strange airport. I walked up to some random counter, I don't even think it was an airline I had flied with, and asked for help. The guy who helped me was the nicest person I have ever run into. He was very sympathetic and looked up everything I asked, giving me options. I made two phone calls to myboyfriend in between and then went back. The guy gave me directions and a phone number and helped me get a place to stay for the night. So then the next morning there was an entire plane full of people who had been delayed overnight, who hadn't gotten any sleep, and who were now at the airport at 6am. And one of our flight attendants was THE rudest person I have ever encountered in the airlines. First of all, when people came up to ask if any other flights were avilable, or if they could get on this particular flight, he said, "No," and ignored them. I was sitting right there watching the entire time. Every single person I saw go up to him, he was rude to. And then we all got on the plane, tired and cranky and late, and something happened and we ALL had to get off the plane. Now comes the good part: this flight attendant got on the intercom and said his "apology" that went something like this: "Someone else was supposed to clean the cabin, and they didn't. I wasn't aware of this when we boarded the plane. I did my job, but I apologise for those who didn't." He went on like that for quite some time, to the pure open-mouthed astonishment of everyone. We could not believe how absolutely snotty and rude this guy was, and then he had the gall to point fingers at someone else?? I did mention it to one of the other flight attendants, as did many others. I hope the guy got fired.
  13. I just gotta ask... where are the TCH women?? All I see are pictures of men... I feel so out of place! *cries*
  14. Yeah, it's normally there, and that's where the dialup connection is, but the LAN connection isn't there at all anymore LOL It popped back up when I booted while connected to the LAN though.
  15. Thanks for moving it, I didn't see this forum. -.- I don't even see my ethernet connection anywhere on here... I took out the network card, and I think that connection disappears entirely when it's not hooked up. If not, I can't find it. =/
  16. Well, I'm on vacation for the weekend and that means, yes, dialup. Oh, the horrors. So I got a local provider's dialup, which uses the built-in telephone connections and dialup (took me a while to figure that out though). It connects just fine, steady at 28.8k, (not 56k, which is odd to me). But the problem, however, is that after a few minutes - could be as low as one or two minutes, could be as much as 15 or 20, something stops working. not the connection - the connection stays fine, but the computer half-freezes. Copy/paste stops working, I can't move icons, I can't start some programs, my email program opens but won't display the inbox. It's fine once I reboot, but then it happens ten minutes later again. I just freshly installed Windows 2000 on this computer a few weeks ago. It's an old computer - a 266 with 128 megs of ram - and it's a bit slow, but it works just FINE at home, with cable internet. Never had a problem. This only occurred when I got online with the dialup connection. I though the only thing that I could think of was the modem itself, so I went to download a new driver for it.... but you can only get windows 95/98 drivers for it, the offical psion website says it doesn't need drivers for win2000, they're already built in. This is a Psion Gold Card Global 56k + fax, it came with the laptop when I bought it used from Dell. I used it last year, with AOL on Win 98 and it worked fine, after I downloaded the drivers for win 98. So I'm at a total loss here. I don't know if anyone here can help me, but any help is appreciated, this is driving me NUTS. Luckily it's only for a few more days, but I hate having unresolved issues on my computers. -.-
  17. I think the LAST thing that commercial makes me want to do is eat. It wasn't even funny once, it just kinda creeped me out... and it looks like some children drew it, to boot. Just very odd. I've never eaten at Quizno's, sorry to say. But after seeing those weird hamster-things, I'm not going to either. Ugh.
  18. I can't believe I didn't think of that before. -.- Thanks for the warning, I really appreciate it!
  19. Oh! A laptop that actually works! That'd be so darn cool. My dog looks a little sheepish, doesn't she? My workspace is a bit different from everyone elses... I like everything neat and in order. Not like it always is, but I LIKE it that way. Also in the back is my poor old 266 laptop that... functions. Hehehehe.
  20. Well, I found a script on the web that did what I needed it to do (create an array tree structure based on the XML), and from there I'm fine. It was a pain to find a script, apparently people on the web don't really know how to include instructions (and contrary to popular belief, it's not easy to figure out when you have a class with five different functions and nothing takes what you think it should - and I'm a programmer!). Hopefully someday, maybe this summer, I'll be able to sit down and write my own script to parse it, but right now I just don't have the time. (Speaking of time, I really need to go study on my midterm... eek.)
  21. I think it's just an XML file, not an RSS feed. Okay, so if I have this correctly... to display the information you can either use CSS (which would require I display the whole page, right? Which I don't want to do... I want to pull certain bits out of it), or I can use PHP functions to parse it. I'll go look up the PHP functions right now, maybe I can get this working without too much trouble. =D
  22. Hi everyone, I recently encountered something online that provides XML feeds for people to parse so as to display the information on their site. Which is really exciting for me, because previously I'd never encountered an actual implimentation of XML. I know it's very popular nowadays, but unfortunately never done anything with it. So my question is, do my domains support XML? I'm sure they do, but thought I'd ask anyways. I think you need to save the appropriate page as .xml, correct? Which is somewhat of a problem, since all my pages are .php as I use PHP prolifically. Any way to combine the two or are they completely mutually exclusive? I know how I can make that work, at least (include() the XML file into my other pages that I want to display it on). Also, does anyone know of any good beginners tutorials for XML? If not I'll just do a search myself, no biggie. =) Thanks for any help you can offer.
  23. Too bad I'm in school full-time right now, since I don't have "formal" experience I'd charge less for design work than other companies. I'd be interested to see what you'd come up with... I like the site, but I think it could be made a little more slick.
  24. With regards to lingerie, be careful... some women feel affronted, thinking you got her a present for YOU, that you expect... certain things... afterwards. Depends on the girl, really. As for gift ideas, I think girls are fabulously easy. anything that makes her feel special, girlie, pretty... I can think of tons of stuff I'd love to get from my man... chocolate, flowers, nuts (he knows I have a thing for cashews), any of the little sweets I love... I like little gifts, like a pretty ring or necklace (but I would seriously be mad if he spent more than $30 on something, unless it's an engagement ring!). Those cute teddy bears with hearts would totally make me squeal like a little girl. =D My relationship is long-distance at the moment, so I have no idea what he's thinking or if he's going to do anything at all, he knows I don't really like flowers because they die, so I'm nervous. *lol* Also, our anniversary is ON valentines day, and it was definitely not intentional - I never would have planned it that way!
  25. Okay, thanks, I think that's what I'm going to do. =)
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