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Stupid Google Tricks

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We all know you can Google for "greatest hosting service"

Most of us know you can do "greatest +budget hosting -Windows" to refine it.


Did you know you can "35 miles in feet"?

How about "weather Key West, Fl"

Or "define:is"

Or "movie:The Highlander"


Find these and more at the Google advanced operators cheat sheet.

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Too true. I knew about all of these.


My favorite is the Google calculator. I have a google search box integrated into my Start Menu (Google Deskbar), and whenever I need to run a calculation, I just type in my numbers and hit enter. Very cool. It even does complex math like sine, cosine, etc.


And I also like to do:


35 degrees C in F so I can figure out how hot it is in cities that use the celsius system.

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My favorite is phone number lookup.

First name Last Name city or state


Or reverse lookup. You type in the phone number (with area code) and you get the name/address.

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But what's the question?


By the way, I just found out that I share the same birthday with Douglas Adams - maybe that's why I love his books so much!


Brain the size of a planet...

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