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A Question For Our Family Members Overseas


Would you be more inclined to order hosting from a provider that has servers overseas?  

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  1. 1. Would you be more inclined to order hosting from a provider that has servers overseas?

    • Yes, I would prefer my site hosted on a server overseas
    • No, Location doesnt matter as long as response times are fast

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Would people be interested in having thier hosting accounts hosted on servers overseas? Would you be more inclined to sign up with a web host that provides servers in the UK for example, rather than just servers in the states?


For example if you lived in the UK and we offered you a choice. You could have your account hosted on a box in the USA or in London. Would this be something that would help you make a faster sales choice.


We are trying to offer the best to all our customers, even those across the big waters.



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I dont know much about hosting since TCH was my first paid hosting, but for me it would not matter if the box is in New York, London, Stockholm or Kuala Lumpur as long any problems etc are 24/7 no matter what timezone.


Edit: Didnt see the poll so I edited the part in bold.

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Well, since some ISPs here in Portugal impose some traffic limits, I guess it would interest me if TCH could place my account in a server located in Portugal. For instance, my previous ISP (Netcabo, the biggest in portugal) only allows their clients 20 gigs of national traffic and 1 gig of international traffic - of course I could use more but I had to pay the excess.


This would be interesting for resellers, at least here in Portugal, since having the servers located here would translate into national traffic for their clients.

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Ah well. We as current users know that response time is no big issue by experience.

But quite a few pple won't 'gamble' on a server overseas because the're affraid that it might cause delay.

When I look at postings in forums and newsgroups it's often said that hosting in the Netherlands (in my case) is better because you have less change of response delay.

It's also obvious that how longer the road is you must travel, the bigger the chance of traffic jams.


I did inquire in this forum abt delay when form overseas. The responses were reason enough to me to decide to take the chance.


However. The question is would I be more inclined to sign up?

Well I wouldn't be MORE inclined any more because of experience. But I do think most pple will.

Concluding: If you provide servers overseas at comparitable (?) prices and include that with the perfect service you give, I do think you will get a lot more customers. I'll help you promote in the Netherlands :)

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I'd have to agree with Woesap too. Backbones are geographical. I know for a fact that if you had servers in the Docklands in London, with the deals you offer, MT blog friendliness and such support, you'd have Brits joining in the hordes.



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Many of the Hosting entities don't make it obvious where servers are geographically located, and I suspect many who sign up don't care either. I also believe as others have stated that customer support is the main thing, and TCH has the right formula there.


When I tell people around me in Japan about the deal and service I am getting with TCH, they are envious, but I haven't found one that wants to switchover yet. Why? They need at minimum cPanel (or similar entity) in Japanese, and a support ticket system in Japanese is going to be a need for most.


Although many people the world over speak English to a point, I suspect all would like "native language" support, and this is probably especially true in Japan, China, and Korea, which is a HUGE market.


Now if TCH would like me to be president of their Asia Pacific branch.... I would LOVE it! :lol: Did I hear a call for resumes?

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To be honest, my first impression before I found the datacenter pages was that TCH was a British presence. I didn't care because it was fast, cheap and good, unlike the sign I saw on a programmer's desk that read "Good, cheap, fast - pick any two." :)


I'm in the States so I didn't vote but with the number of countries with bad telephone infrastructure it may be a blessing that we are hosted here... but I don't know so don't mind me. :P

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For instance, my previous ISP (Netcabo, the biggest in portugal)...



Netcabo is not the biggest ISP in Portugal. Sapo ADSL is.

Regarding the question, i'm not too concern on having my account in another country, since the access speed and services are worth the price. In Portugal we find hosting servers but with a big lack of services offered and bandwith.



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Hugo, given the... confidence you demonstrated in your message, I'll take it that you know that from a better source than I do. Thanks for the correction (not that it was that important but... :P)

Edited by TCH-Raul
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