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  1. Hi!! Just to say thanks to you all folks! Hope to be here for a long time! Hugo
  2. Hello again! Finished chating at live support. Chef Sharma helped me registering a domain and everything seems fine now. Thank you for your fast replies. Keep up the good work. Hugo
  3. Is that so? Then you should be carefull with the pre-support you give to your costumers. This is the Chat conversation i had with someone from TCH in the Live Chat. How do you explain this???? Hugo
  4. Hi! I already did.. yesterday.. but noone replied yet. Hugo
  5. Hello Netcabo is not the biggest ISP in Portugal. Sapo ADSL is. Regarding the question, i'm not too concern on having my account in another country, since the access speed and services are worth the price. In Portugal we find hosting servers but with a big lack of services offered and bandwith. Hugo
  6. Hi !! I registered the Silver Hosting Plan last friday (27th Aug) with the option of registering a domain. Paid $55 and everything seemed alright. It has been 4-5 days and i'm still waitting for the domain to be registered. Is this normal to take so much time? Or did i do something wrong? Thank you! Hugo
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