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  1. Oh ok thanks, I just didn't wanna submit a ticket if I could find answers on the forum...will do that now though. Cheers, David
  2. Hello all, It's that time of the year, and my main email address at TCH has been hit by serious spam. I've done everything I can with the user_prefs file in the .spamassassin folder, but I would like to include custom rule sets for stock market emails with inline gifs (the bain of my life right now) as a stock.cf file in that directory, for example. Are we set up so that it should work if I do that? Or are we restricted to putting custom rules in user_prefs...I ask because the the ruleset files I need to use are large. Thanks!java script:emoticon('',%20'smid_39')
  3. ARGH! That's such a pain! I'm not even sure how to do that with the time module instead... Do you know of some way I might be able to install just the datetime module in my home directory, or something? So frustrating :-( d
  4. Hello everybody! I'm having trouble executing a tiny Python CGI script on server68. Although the following works fine: <!--#echo var="DATE_LOCAL" --> This won't: <!--#exec cgi="cgi-bin/thomastime2.cgi" --> This is the script: >#!/usr/bin/python import cgi import datetime print "Content-type: text/plain\r\n\r\n", "hello" birthday = datetime.date(1955, 4, 1) today = datetime.date.today() age = today - birthday print age.days, "days ago" The permissions are 0755 and it is definitely in cgi-bin. The error log I can see from cpanel says: >[Thu Nov 10 12:18:08 2005] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /home/thomaspl/public_html/cgi-bin/thomastime2.cgi I've gone through the usual checks for this kind of error as instructed by Google, but no joy :-( Please please help? d
  5. Andy comes to the resque! What a Star. Pesky .htaccess... ;-) d
  6. It looks like not even public_html/index.html can display images in the public_html/images folder, as <img src="images/toad.jpg"></img> in index.html won't work (meaning, the browser won't display it) Anyone have any clue why that might be happening? d
  7. Hello everybody, A while ago, I noticed that my MediaWiki instance couldn't find any of its images...I checked permissions on the /public_html/wiki/home/images directory and it was 775..I changed that to 777 but it didn't make a difference... Anyone know of a common mistake I might have made? Cheers, David
  8. dcasal


    OW! Oh no...is there any plan to install Ruby at some point? (please?) d
  9. dcasal


    Hello all! Just trying to find out whether I can use Ruby scripts within my server space (reseller account). Want to give <a href="http://www.rubyonrails.org/show/HomePage">Rails</a> a try, so thought I'd ask. Cheers, David
  10. Unfortunately, all of the information there focuses on importing MT entries after using the normal MT export feature (which I can't use, because my Berkely DB is dead). So, since I am using a Perl script to extract entry information from the .html archives, most of it does not apply. So, for example, the date correction information on the above article quotes lib/MT/ImportExport.pm to correct so it exports date formats right. No point me playing there :-( I just have no idea why the posts are being exported with a 1969 date on them. Someone out there must have had this happen to them before. Am I the only sad person to have tried to export from .html archives? *sob* d
  11. Well, I just can't figure it out. I've read every single forum post I could find, here and at WP forums. No idea why the MySQL database is got 1969 as the date for the posts. It occurs to me that that sounds like the 'birth of Unix' date, and by default the oldest date in Linux systems (but I though that was seventy-something). But still, no idea how to change the date handling here. Oh please, someone (some goddess/god perhaps) smile down on me and tell me whassup. All I want's me entries back. Blimey, can't be that hard, cannit? d
  12. Hmmmmm. I've just gone to phpmyadmin to look at the blog db, and I can see the posts. They've almost all got 1969 as the post date! I can see how that might just be a little bit of a problem for WP. Looking around to see what happened.... will post again when I know ;-) hope your classes are enjoyable :-) d
  13. Hi Lisa, No, can't see them there either. However, once the import is done, two weird things happen. I can see the user that the import was done with, and in categories, there are 52 entries listed (more or less what I expect it was trying to import). But, logging in as that user or just browsing around trying to find any other entries but the sample one gives no joy. So it gets as far as creating a user with the entries, but not as far as actually storing them somewhere sane, like the month/day/year they belong to... An excerpt from the import.txt file I'm getting from parse.pl: AUTHOR: dc TITLE: First post! DATE: 06/06/2003 00:00:00 ----- BODY: <p>That's, like, soooo slashdot</p> ----- EXTENDED BODY: -------- Maybe it's the '------' characters? Could it be it's ISO instead of UTF8, which I read WP does by default? Can't understand it. Could it be something to do with the date format? It looks like the MT export I did with the Perl script exported the dates alright, and time, but no 'am/pm' data...maybe that's a problem? Yelp! d
  14. Huh. I seem to have run into a wall ;-) After playing with the Perl script to import from .html archives into MT import format, and getting what looks for all the world like a nicely, correctly formatted 'import.txt' out of it, I tried importing. No go. Then I munged the Perl to correspond a little closer to my blog's 'date' div, etc. Now, when I invoke blog/wp-admin/import-mt.php, I can see it is trying 'blablapost imported...'. However, when it's done and it offers a link to the blog, I cannot see any of them in the archives. Only the first, sample post from the installation is there. Any ideas? So close, yet so far! d
  15. You are such a star! Thanks very much. Took a while getting the right perl modules for that script, but I think I've got it. Cheers, David
  16. Unfortunately, Perl upgrades broke something in my old server, whereby trying to db_upgrade etc. does not work. So no, I can't log in to my old MT install :-( ... because it keeps saying the users don't exist. I wonder what you mean by the old .html archives? Just the .html files in the /archives directory of the MT install within the blog? They -are- there (just looking through shell), so I guess I could... But, I can't seem to find a script to build an import file from them anywhere in the forums? Anyone? java script:emoticon('') At all? Thanks for your help! d
  17. Hiya, I installed wordpress in a couple of my subdomains, and then copied instances of Movable Type from my old server into my TCH account. I ran into a few problems, but finally I could see the mt.cgi through the browsers. However, it won't let me log in. I went to see: http://www.movabletype.org/docs/mtmanual_t...0movable%20type. after searching google and the TCH forums endlessly for movable type exporting into wordpress help. It looks like maybe TCH runs a different version of Berkeley DB, but I need access to a shell to follow the above instructions. Anyone know of an easier way to import MT blog entries into Wordpress? So confused here! Thanks, David
  18. I'd have to agree with Woesap too. Backbones are geographical. I know for a fact that if you had servers in the Docklands in London, with the deals you offer, MT blog friendliness and such support, you'd have Brits joining in the hordes. d
  19. Thanks. You guys are -fast-. Just bought Simple Reseller plan. I'll wait for instructions before I point my registrar at your nameservers. Can't wait! Thanks for all the help, David
  20. I've just gone to register for the reseller plan, but on entering my domain details for the primary domain (davidcasal.com) and checking 'paypal' as my payment method, I get "Domain davidcasal.com already exists on this system"... I did click back on my browser when I changed my mind about payment method (the system doesn't like 'switch' cards). Perhaps the session stored the domain name and won't let me proceed? Any ideas?
  21. Ah, yup I see. cpaneldemo.cpanel.com pings ok, but the app on port 2082 seems unavailable at the moment. Sorry to bug you with that. Huh. Ok then! That's fantastic, thank you! One last thing though: no problem hosting .co.uk domains, I take it? Because can see the the UK TLDs are about $10 per two years, so I'm assuming you guys have no problem hosting UK domains. Correct? Sorry to be a pain even before I join, but I needed to be sure. I love the speed on this forum! Getting onto reseller plan, I think. Cheers, David
  22. The link from the front page to the CPANEL demo, which points to: http://cpaneldemo.cpanel.net:2082/ From http://www.totalchoicehosting.com/web-hosting-cpanel.html Seems to be dead. Also, I have some questions. As I said on my previous post (sorry to flood in like that), I need to transfer some domains. Here goes: -I've read in some people's posts that there is an offer on domain transfers. Where is it advertised? I'd like to take it up... -Are the reseller programs really the only way to host multiple domains with independent accounts? I say this because I only have 3 domains, it seems overkill (not that you don't offer good value!). -Finally, if I'm hosting mydomain.co.uk and mypartnersdomain.co.uk with you, will we get independent control of our domains? I mean, if she has an MT blog, and so do I, do we get different public_html folders, different cgi-bin folders, etc.? So that when we muck about we're not stepping on each other's toes? Thanks very much for you time in answering these questions. I look forward to starting our first family domain-group with you guys! Cheers, David
  23. Hello there, I currently host a few domains in my company's server and some at a local host in the UK. I would like to transfer both those and my partner's to a Movable Type-friendly host, and you guys came up top of the pops. So, I'm wondering whether other people who host with you from the UK are happy with response times? I'm just worried that we'll experience slow refreshes, and generally slow page views when people try to hit our sites? Please let me know what the typical experience is...hosting from UK or elsewhere. Cheers, David
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