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  1. Not a fan or MT but was a good read. Personally, I expect to see more reports from Wordpress considering the larger user base and it's popularity. Besides, I would rather deal with the occasional updates than use MT.
  2. /me peaks out from behind my tinfoil firewall HI
  3. Is it possible to block a certain IP for my site? I am trying to block this stupid guy from spamming my forums. Jim
  4. No cake for you unless you tell me what the announcement is
  5. Only if you are naive enough to believe it. I would suggest you actually do a little research instead of jumping on the paranoid bandwagon. /me wonders if anyone can loan me a tinfoil hat
  6. Have you considered using wamp or xampp in place of IIS?
  7. Don was always there if I needed a helping hand or needed to be kept in line Rest in peace Don.
  8. Whatever, I prepared in advance and I'm glad that it's over and without one issue for any of my sites or my customers. Now I'm off to play with the new array functions! Excellent Job
  9. omg get a clue buddy. if you dont pay the bill for yer service why do tch host you for free. typical liberal crap. when you signed up for hosting you should have used a off server email address that way when you stop paying your bills, er excuse me, loose your credit card, when tch sends email to you you will get it and it wont sit in your suspended account. i have been with tch for a long time and i know when i have a problem i call them, it appears you can find this forum to complain but you were to busy wanting to complain you didnt call someone at tch, like bill kish or hey even the billing department. i wish you fairwell and hope your new hosting company has better support than tch, cause pfft tch sucks. i got back to my account that has been online with tch since forever ago and look at the amazing uptime and smile at the four bucks a month i pay.
  10. HA! Looks to me like you got just what you asked for and didn't like it.
  11. Don't forget the ability to setup email accounts for subdomains. e.g. jim@sales.buysomething.tld
  12. Dude your nuts. Bill (head guru) didnt make any of them remarks. Some other client did. Man you flew out to left field like a Mark McGuire pop out!
  13. What could this be about? I logged into that IRC thing earlier today and did not see any news items. Wondering what totalchoice is up to now!
  14. I have been with TCH since 2003 and lurking around the forums just as long. I would post more but I don't really have much to say. Anyway, today I was browsing a post that HeadGuru made and noticed this in his signature. Bill Kish General Manager If you need help with your account or have any questions, please feel free to contact at any time! Via Skype: tchgurubill_skype Via telephone at my office number: 248-834-4575 I have NEVER seen a company with such a open policy of contact. Just for the hell of it, I decided to call. I was expecting to get some assitant or voice mail. NOPE, the man himself answered the phone. We had a nice conversation about things and I am just blown away with TCH. Just another feather in the hat for TCH.
  15. Your kidding right? This is a big joke and everyone is going to laugh out loud for like an hour? Give me a break.. We pay on average around here like 5 bucks a month. What does that work out to be, like 20 cents a day. Jesus, you can not even buy a cup of coffee for that. This makes me laugh when I see these types of posts. I sit here and think outloud, wow. For $5.00 a month my site has been up for over 3 years and each month alertra tells me it has over 99.9% uptime. I have been hosted here for over 3 years, in that time I have had some issues with email and one issue with a file I could not delete from my site. Each time I have ever asked for help, they have bent over backwards to help me. If you really stop and think about this. If I submit one ticket and a tech that makes say like ten bucks an hour takes 30 minutes to work on my ticket., well totalchoice goes broke. You can bet me that they dont like having issues anymore than anyone else does. You act as if these forums are "yours" to be controlled and run by your rules. The way I see it, totalchoice owns these forums and if they want to censor them, well they should be able to. But like bill kish told you your thread was not deleted. I read the damn thing when you posted it and its still there. I think you should take your "money making" e-commerce site and go on your own dedicated server, this way you can have it all to your self and when it breaks you will see that totalchoice doesnt suck as bad as you say. I also was on a server that was rebuilt. I got the same email you did. Big deal, they gave us a 12 hours window of down time. Personally my site was only down for 4 hours, guess you got unlucky. My point here is this. If you want better support quit your moaning about, stop moaning and move on pal. Hell, it leaves more room on the servers for my accounts. Any time I have EVER had a problem that I want to "talk" to someone. I fire up my Instant Messenger and it takes me all of TWO FRIGGIN MINUTES to talk to either a manager or bill kish direct. Go bark up someone elses tree, cause your not going to get any better than TCH. 3 Years and LOVING IT.
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