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  1. I haven't been around for a while.. .thanks. This is what I get for hiding from life in WoW
  2. Did the new one *just* come up on server 70? I just had a terrified few moments that I'd messed something up when my Cpanel wouldn't come up! ....after I re-entered the addy, it's working, and on that new one... *still confoosled as usual*
  3. Just an fyi, I got my forum upgraded to SMF 1.2rc, and it's working great Gotta love learning new stuff!
  4. Aye aye, sir! (yeah, I'm a Navy brat ) Done and done
  5. *dances!* It worked, it worked! Thanks, guys, I honestly hadn't thought of that till now Hopefully that's the last crisis I'll have for a while
  6. *smacks her head* Duh! I compared this one to one that *did* work on another board. It was surely corrupt. I'm trying copying the create table part into the one that isn't working and crossing my fingers that it works
  7. Already tried that, Don "I have created a database qjoohwyd_smf2 and try restore the dump file. But it is throwing the following error; ERROR 1146 (42S02) at line 13: Table 'qjoohwyd_smf2.smf_attachments' doesn't exist Please review the sql dump file." I'm having an awful feeling that I messed up the save by not checking that table structure option!
  8. Ok, here's what Miss Mess-Up did this time. I did a backup, and just today realized I didn't tell it to keep table structure in the backup. and installed a clean SMF 1.1 RC2. Now for three days I've been pulling my hair out trying to restore this thing, and the guy on the Help Desk got the same result I did. I try to import with PHPMyAdmin, into the proper database, and get this error: #1062 - Duplicate entry '-1-0-poll_view' for key 1 It stops there, won't do a thing but that. I can probably pull the board data out and repost, but I'd really rather not have to put myself and my group through that. Ok, then I empty the tables, and get this: ERROR: Unclosed quote @ 7896 STR: ' SQL: and #1054 - Unknown column 'passwd' in 'field list' Any help before I'm bald?
  9. We at Blacksheep want to thank you so much for your prompt attention and prompt resolution of our problem! TCH is the best! Our Tiny Terror has declared she is making playdough statues in your honor. Trust me, this is a wonderful thing And I especially thank you both for saving me from a nervous breakdown
  10. Thanks, guys I truly thought I was losing my mind there. But then that happens at least once a week over something *grin*
  11. Ok, am I blind or what? I want to delete the Invision Power Board on my site, but I can't find where to do it on C-Panel! Honestly, I feel such a bloody idiot
  12. Bill, thank you so much! Sorry for the panic attack, it's been a long, hard day for me and my brain is totally fried right now I've deleted all the pphbb databases and should only have the two IPB's now
  13. Ok, now I'm really confused. I got a notice about Phpbb, but the two boards on my site both use IBP. I did use Phpbb at first but decided I didn't like it. Help?
  14. Raul, if it does it again, and lasts longer, I surely will I'm almost glad I couldn't get to the CPanel at that point, I might have messed up something!
  15. I was getting an error too, but my board is back. However now my C-Panel is timing out. And when I *could* get to it, it wouldn't let me go to the place to repair the sql. Full moon time?
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