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  1. Couldnt she get an external drive case? Pull the old drive out and get an external enclosure to put it in and connect it to a USB port?
  2. Just woke from too much turkey. Merry Christmas all.
  3. I cried a little tonight. Don was a good man. Peace be your journey, Don.
  4. Should be if I remember right. So the URL to your pic would be
  5. Dont feel bad MM, you and I are in the same boat.
  6. And, be sure that you post the answer here for the rest of us.
  7. Let me clarify my previous post. Time registered on these forums means nothing. Since I have been here, TCH has been nothing but professional to every member, no matter if they have been here for 3 months or 3 days. I believe they are a top notch hosting company. Sure, they don't upgrade software on a whim, but that is because they are concerned with potential damage to existing customers accounts. It may not have an effect on you but there are several thousand that it might. To pull the "Everyone else does it" line is a bunch of garbage. If you want the support and headaches of everyone else then I suggest you go to them. If you want the support you have come to know and expect then have some patience, they are looking out for everyone's best interest. As to perceiving them as being curt at times, well sometimes they have to be to get some users to listen. When the time comes, you will get your answer. You can have a good product when it is ready or you can get junk at an accelerated pace.
  8. Since when does joined date on the forums have anything to do with it? I have been here since before your joined date, does that make "me" more important?
  9. Just_Rob


    I don't use Opera but in reading their site, you might want to check the level of confidence. The higher the number the less forgiving the software is with pronunciation. They also recommend a headset with a microphone and not a stand-alone mic, this can make a difference with sound quality. Just some thoughts.
  10. You might also want to check your event logs and see if anything is shown at the time of the crash. Was he doing anything else at that time as well? Did a scheduled event take place at that time, like an anti-virus scan? Was he eating tacos on Tuesday? Wait, that last one only causes my computer problems. Has this happened before? You may never see it again. Also, pay attention to what is going on next time he uses it and see what was happening at the time of the next crash if there is one. The event log is a good place to look though.
  11. Sorry, went to the fridge. I will be poping in every so often to make sure you kids are staying out of trouble. Taking a cruise tomorrow so I will check back on Monday. Be good over the weekend.
  12. Still do. And on topic, I llike the new look and will have to spend some time playing with it. I hope my TCH family is doing well.
  13. Wow, I go get lunch and look what happens. Pretty looking, that's for sure.
  14. Glad to hear it Thomas and hang in there Piggie!
  15. Try adding yourself as an allowed host under cPanel-->MySQL. Scroll down to Access Hosts and stick your IP in there. If that does not work, let us know. Someone else might have an idea as well while you try that.
  16. I still have it Steve, I just don't use it much anymore because it can get me in to trouble. Well, I still use it on my wife but that's because my couch misses me if I am away from it too often.
  17. I have been doing pretty well. I have let a few domains slide, I wasnt doing anything with them anyway and wasnt hosting them. Been doing the work and family thing and spending way too much time on City of Heroes. Nice to see you are all still here and doing well. I will have to pop in a little more often and give you guys a hard time.
  18. Hey, I haven't been on in a while and thought I would poke my head in and say hi. So, how is everyone doing?
  19. Just_Rob

    Php V5+

    The other side of that is that newer versions of software don't always play well with older versions and often have plenty of bugs with them as well, though not all of them found yet. When it happens, it will happen.
  20. Wade, If I recall, certain ways to access the cURL function were turned off, most of the carts that require it can still access it. I have used several carts and merchants and have not had issue with them. I have not used Google Checkout before though so I cant say for 100% certainty that it will but I doubt that there are issues.
  21. While you may not be able to do it with this machine, depending on when you get the blue screen, try upgrading your NIC driver and see if that helps. Sounds like a NIC issue to me.
  22. Whats the OS version? Can you get to it via safe mode? If XP, have you tried the restore feature to just before this started happening if you can get in via safe mode?
  23. Still in the 70's here, and no, I will not give you any.
  24. 80 right now in Phoenix, just under 27C for those outside the US. I agree with Bell, I am liking this cooler weather too.
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