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  1. this may not be the place to post this, but I have a virus scanner that keeps finding "Generic PUP.g" and can not find any real info about it, but I am still looking, what is it..... Thanks and sorry if this is not the right place
  2. I am trying to get PHP-nuke set up, but got an error: There seems to be a problem with the MySQL server, sorry for the inconvenience. We should be back shortly. is that something I did wrong? I did this once before and can not remember how I did it... Andy help....please :wallbash:
  3. I tried to install this, but it hung at the creating DB area, everything was done right.
  4. jayson

    Paint Shop Pro

    can this get moved there?
  5. jayson

    Paint Shop Pro

    This maybe not wanted on here, but is there a possibility that a PSP forum can be started? I am just learning PSP and would be great to have a forum here like you have for Dreamweaver and flashworks. I made an snow globe of my son. And I would like to share it.
  6. I never knew what HTML/CSS/DHTML/PHP was 12 years ago. A friend and me wanted to create a web page, ( it was all the rave back in '95) so we got books from the library and we followed examples in the books, front page was not preinstalled on my computer, it was a gateway computer with windoze 95 and word 97 installed, it was I believe a 333DX66 processor with a 1200 baud modem and only 520megs of drive space ( I now have a 2.5 gig processor, windoze XP, MS office 2007, 2 drives, one is 40 gigs, the other is aa 40 gig partitioned 6 times) I have tried FP, coffeecup, Webwriter, and cutehtml, some are good, others are not what I like, I been using cutehtml for about 4 years and enjoy that. If something elso comes out that is better I will try that. as they say " to each his own" use what you feel comfortable with. Jayson
  7. I may get a private message for this question, but why do people use FP, is it that good? I have tried it and found that it was way to complex, all the stuff you need to do to create and publish a web page.
  8. I( use firefox and just went to my cpanel, I see mine just fine. try disabling all your plug in and enable one at a time to see if one may be out of date or just a bad plug in
  9. OPk that worked great. now another problem, this is what I have for the mail server $mailserver = 'mail.domain.com'; //SMTP server address $mailserver_need_authentication='yes'; //Use username & password for sending mail? 'yes' or 'no' $smtpusername = 'cpanelname'; //SMTP server username $smtppassword = 'cpanelpassword'; //SMTP server password $to = 'email@gmail.com';// Who should the emails be sent from? But it has been an hour and a half and still no email, this is the message I recieved": Zipping Directory: /home/cpanelname/public_html Estimated number of splitted files: 24 Splitting zip file: /home/cpanelname/public_html/tmp/jsabackup.zip Starting Sending Mails ... ... ... Finish Sending all mails! Check your inbox but no email...
  10. I having a little problem, I followed the instructions and did all that it told me to do, but this is what I get as an error: Zipping Directory: /home/domain.com/public_html Server failed to zip /home/domain.com/public_html! Hint: Make sure /home/domain.com/public_html/tmp directory is CHOMD 777 and /home/domain.com/public_html path exists. Quiting... the CHOMD is set to 777, not sure what I am doing wrong.
  11. when the scan begins it will slide out from the right, click the small x and that will cancel it, there is no real way to stop it once it start to scan except tho stop each picture from being added.
  12. yea, I use picasa all the time, I will give you the directions 1. open picasa 2. file - add folder to picasa 3. you have the option to: A. Scan once B. Remove from picasa C. Scan always click the folder that you want picasa to scan and click the scan always, an eye will show up next to the folder, then below that will show the watched folders. Hope this helps
  13. When I shut Outlook down, then start it back up, and send email ( I use TCH for the outgoing email) I always have to click ok on the pop-up that tells me that the certificate do not match.. Is there a way to stop that popup?
  14. I have been here 2 years, heading for a third, I plan on getting my sister, and brother's site and host it here then where it is know...I was with XXXXXXXXX.com before and they had 1/3 of the stuff for more of the price, I stumbled on this when I was looking for a new and better host. The old site's forum was hacked into 3 time in a week. Lets just say I came here and have never looked back. I plan to be here for a long time.
  15. Theres a bug in cpanel, ( at least that is what the techs told me)
  16. Ok, in the month of March I recieved 480 spam emails, in my Horde email, but since I can not check my squirrel mail, I don't know what the spam count is there, now is 480 about average a month? above average.
  17. is squirrel mail not working, or has it always been down? I get this: No input file specified. Do I need to open a trouble ticket
  18. I could go back further, amd give a count for each day for March
  19. I was averging 8 10 a day, I would say BIG inprovement
  20. Got 4 spams, 1 on 4/10 3 today will see what happens from now to Monday
  21. I on send the files when they request the files. The people know what I am sending to them
  22. Thanks bruce, worked great...what is the outbound mail size limit? I tried a 12 mb file and my server had a fit about it
  23. I agree with Mike, I been using FF for 2 years, and have never had a problem
  24. Thomas is the SMTP server mail.jaysarahandy.com?
  25. ok, I got my gmail set up, just 2 questions, 1, do I use my cpanel id and password 2. what port do I use and is ther an outlook auto config on TCH, I use outlook 2007.. Thanks
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