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  1. Ok this is beating a dead horse, I want to setup up my email client to recieve mail from gmail, but to send it via TCH, how do I set it up to send to one server and receive from another server. When the Beta goes good, and all the bugs aee gone, (if there are any) I plan to send and receive from TCH. thanks
  2. what year is this I just checked my spam box, I have spam from 1980 and up to 2008 congrats on the 28 years of business I also tried to upload a file and got this error: Upload failed. Please ask the administrator to ensure the uploads directory is writeable
  3. I cleared 314 on the 6th, will keep an eye on it also, I have 6378 since the 1st of the year, I really hope that goes away.
  4. I really can not wait for this, it will be a great addition
  5. how will this affect mail that I have subscribed to? I recieve my bill online, will this stop them from getting throught? What are to protocals in effect to stop span. I had spam terrier, but it told me my bills were spam, if this works great. I might use TCH as my in/out bound server, Gmail, is great, but things still fall through the gaps. Thanks Bill
  6. I have outlook 2007 and I find I have the same problem, not sure what it could be, but it might be the email scanning, in/out bound. I like outlook, because in what I do, I can sync my calendar with my wife at the U of M
  7. Just a question before I look at it, will it merge the files back together, my site is 250 megs, can I get the files and then merge all the parts back to one file?
  8. You know, I tried fireFTP and could not figure it out, maybe I will try it again
  9. I just looked at and installed coreFTP lite, got to say I like it better then Filezilla, more configurable. I just got into my site with the windows FTP by doing it this way: ftp://username:password@example.com Hope this is of help bruce, in case you want to try it
  10. Windows has an FTP program...Hmmm, that is news to me, where do I find that?
  11. I did a search, but was overwhelmed by thr returns, I want ot backup just one of my data base, my copermine pgoto gallery, how do I do a backup of just my whole photo gallery,... thabnks or just send me to the link I need
  12. I only have 1 ,and hey no surprise, it is the Microsoft website...go figure, I have IE just for them
  13. I did my whole site in PHP, all but the newsletter section, what I can not figure out is how to get the links for the newsletter to appear, and to get the newsletter (which is in PDF) to appear where the index would be...(ok who did I lose) I want it to act like a frame. you load up the page, click a link and you go to the newsletter page all with links, and as you click a link the page changes in the main area but the links for the newsletter stays till you click home, then the main page comes back. Sorry if this made no sense. But here is the link for the site: www.jaysarahandy.com
  14. A link woyld be nice so we can see the site error.
  15. jayson


    I am with JTD, I started with win 3.1 gor a new computer that came with win 95, got the free upgrade to win 98 then went to win 98se, then win xp ( I got both home and profession) I think I am done upgrading. till I by a computer that has Vista on it. The cost is just not in my budget
  16. Cool, thanks, does tyhis replace the formmail.pl? If so I like this a whole lot better. Thanks for your help Bruce!!
  17. thanks for the reply, but I am confused as to what I do with it, where do I put a file like that, sorry if I am sounding like a noob, but I look thought the web and it is so overwhelming that I have a hard time decivering it all. Thanks
  18. Ok, after 3 hours I finally got it to work, but what I want to know, is when I use a script, and send it, I get it in my email with a from line like this: "nobody@server112.tchmachines.com" have can I get it to say: me@jaysarahandy.com Thanks
  19. I am trying to get a form to work, but it keeps talking about a formmail.pl on my site, do I have to create that file? Or is there a easier way to create a form for like feed back and support.
  20. thanks, you know I look there and did not see it, guess it is time for new glasses ok, I did all the steps, but i entered in my password, ( for cpanel?) and it will not take, is that the password I use? OK I am such a fool, I got it figured out
  21. I did a search for different words but nothing came up, I would like to configure outlook to get my mail from my TCH account. name@domainname.com how do I configure the POP3 and SMTP to send and recieve mail from outlook. Thanks.,. And if this had been asked and answered please point me in the right direction
  22. Well, I have talked him into hosting with TCH, now the question is, if I start out with a silver package, and want to upgrade to a different plan, how hard is it to do that. if and when the time comes?
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