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  1. ok, this is what I have done so far: in the index page: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE>Index page</TITLE> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css" /> </HEAD> <BODY> in the style.css page <STYLE TYPE="text/css"> body {color:blue} </style> I want to change the color of the body on all the pages at one time, but it is not doing it, any ideas? Thanks Never mind, on the .css I had to remove the <STYLE TYPE="text/css"></style> sorry to be a pest
  2. wow, I must have lucked out, I have not gotten the bug, but I guess my time is due..
  3. Jim, page can not be displayed
  4. Try this page out, the email gets encoded email encoder attached is an example of what the regular email looks like, and the encoded result encode.zip
  5. How do I unzip a file on the server, never done this before, so am not sure how to do it.. Thanks
  6. is php icalendar freeware?
  7. I am looking for a web calendar, I need to know what the best one out there is. I am looking for freeware if possible, I found one but to install it mjade my eyes hurt. Thanks
  8. Same here, I came here on a holiday, had trouble getting set up, and in a matter of hours ( i am sure between the turkey and pie) I am up running and got a wonderful site to boot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  9. I also want to say happy thanksgiving, I can only eat the White Potatoes Green Beans Fresh Corn I am a vegetarian, but all the food looks good. Enjoy and as it was said on the simpsons "take all you want, eat all you take" Enjoy Jayson
  10. Thanks Bruce, it should be a blast here, I already feel welcomed
  11. Thanks Steve just did that, thanks Don, and what a cute dog
  12. I am new here, I am coming from another server, got hacked, fixed, hacked, fixed,hacked...I then looked for a better server. I was talked into get space here, I decided on the hoof to sign up. I trust this person enough to do this. Jayson
  13. Just got this in email after registering: Please Note: This is not your account information email. You will receive your account information including username, password, and IP address within 24 hours of the receipt of this email if you are paying by credit card. Our billing department will be contacting you via telephone to verify your order. This is done in an effort to reduce credit card fraud. If we are unable to voice verify your order we will suspend services provided to you and refund the credit card charges. If I do not answer the phone ( i will be gone part or thanksgiving) will I be left a number to call back, I want to transfer to this site from a different hoster, I just need to know if it is a one call shot. Thanks, and I hope to feel welcomed Jayson
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