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  1. I am sorry if this is not the right area but when i go to see my website i get this error: Error establishing a database connectionmy URL is http://jaysarahandy.com/blog2/ can some one please tell me what is wrong? I do appoligize i do not know what server i am on, so cant check the status. Thanks all >>been a client of TCH for 6 years and still love it
  2. Thats, figured it out, for some reason the routing is wrong, it is looking for my site at www.jaysarahandy.com and it is do going to the proper url at www.jaysarahandy.com/blog2, just got to right a redirect file...thanks
  3. I did the same upgrade i have done for the last year, now i get this error: Warning: require_once(/home/jaysarah/public_html//wp-includes/classes.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/jaysarah/public_html/wp-load.php on line 43 Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required '/home/jaysarah/public_html//wp-includes/classes.php' (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/jaysarah/public_html/wp-load.php on line 43 here is the link www.jaysarahandy.com can i get someone to look at it for me. please
  4. going to bring this up, since this is the only post about the game WOW, a friend of mine at work got me into WOW, it was fun then I got BC and it got better, now with all the hype with The lich king coming out, it should be a whole lot better. server: vashji character: Shmar, undead mage
  5. never mind, custom theme never got moved over, time to go to bed.
  6. I did the upgrade, but something went wrong, it is asking me to do step 2 and do a install, when i click on that, it tells me that it must delete the database. I am not sure what happened now my site does not show up, any suggestions?
  7. jayson

    Zen Cart

    ok, I did the debug, and to be honest, do not under stand what it is telling me, is there some one here that can read the files and tell what they mean? thanks
  8. jayson

    Zen Cart

    any idea why it goes to a blank page? thanks for the input
  9. jayson

    Zen Cart

    Can some one please look at my zen cart? When a person, registers, places an order or goes to the check out, they are sent to the page, but it is just blank, it is like the system times out on its self, I just need someone to try to register, here is the link to the site. http://www.blossomshopkinsfloral.com/store/ thanks
  10. read all the post, is it worth it to D/L SP3?
  11. Thanks Thomas, neither one worked, but did get a fix that I just tried and works great.. http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/wordpress-25-...-wordpress-fix/
  12. That worked great, not if I can figure out why i can not upload by using tje wordpress uploader to upload a image i will be in 7th heaven..
  13. I did step 1 but can not find wp-content.php, where is it located..
  14. oh great, i really hate updating, i always mess stuff up...
  15. Firefox is a security update. Read more and get it at: mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ Or use the "Check for updates" in the help menu.
  16. jayson

    Good Small Blog

    my wife want to move from the website style to web site with a blog, now what is the best type of blog to install, i keep hearing about wordpress, is that a good one...i am more of a forum style person, so never done a blog... thanks
  17. jayson


    stuck at the iron curtain
  18. she can really hold a note, bet if she was older, she could be the next american idol
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