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  1. Matt


    I have mentioned this before, but you should do more than just meta tags. Most search engines today do not use meta tags (google being most important). I would still add them for the few engines that do use them. Google uses Page Rank for it's results. When they spider your site, they look at all the links, incoming, outgoing, and internal. They then rate your site using info gained from the links as well as content. It is important to keep adding new content to your site to keep your current standing or improve. Some people have had sites ranked 6 or 7, but never added any new content and now rank 4 or 5. There are so many websites out there, you need to show why people should visit yours. PR calculation looks at the number and quality of links to (and somewhat from) your site. Having sites that earn high PR linking to yours is a definate advantage. Word of caution though, avoid link farms if possible. Google (and others) can penalize or drop you from their database for participating in these link farms. Why? Because link farms hold no unique or necessary content. Many link farms have been associated with spamming and fraudulent activities. Also avoid using any cloaking methods or mirror sites (sites with a different url but contain the exact same content.) These can get you banned from the database as well. I would suggest submitting your site manually rather than using the mass submission tools. Some of these services have been identified by the search engines as dishonest and are banned from their databases. Avoid submitting the same site multiple times to the same engine. I have had much better results submitting sites by hand than using the auto services. At bare minimum, make sure you submit your site to google, dmoz, and yahoo (and I do mean bare minimum).
  2. You may also consider adding a recommend box where visitors can send the site to a friend to look at. This usually is only effective on sites that have a loyal following. Being extremely specific in your content is best if you use one...that way people who come to your site for it's content can start to spread it around the applicable community.
  3. I use coffeecup. You can try the trial for free to see if it works for you. I would recommend getting the paid version if you like the trial. Not too expensive.
  4. I must say there are many webmasters who feel it is worth it and make great money from it. There are many providers such as TribalFusion, FastClick, and many others that are legit and have decent payout terms. You should do your homework before choosing and ask yourself the following questions: Do I have enough visitors to support the effort? If your site is low traffic, banner ads are useless as it would take you a good deal of time to just hit the threshold for payment (usually between $20/$50). Most ad networks have a minimum traffic guideline that you must meet prior to joining...usually between 1000-5000 page views or uniques (some companies use page views and some use uniques) per month. If you are just barely hitting the threshhold, you probably won't see much revenue being generated. Most succesful sites that utilize ads as a source of income receive high traffic such as 500,000 p/month. Some small sites are successfull as well, but the ads need to tied directly to the content. My site is forum based which equates to several thousand page views...will this boost revenue? In most cases, no. Most ad networks will not allow advertising on message boards due to low conversions. A person can sit in a forum and visit a hundred different threads viewing another ad at each thread. This is not effective for advertisers as they would be paying for 100 ad's for the same individual. Forum participants will usually ignore the ad as they are there to chat, not buy anything. Some forums are suitable but you have to receive permission to place the ads there. Which type of program would work best for me? You need to consider the traffic your site receives and the content of the site. There are many different model's to choose from: Pay-per-click: you receive a set amount for each time the ad is clicked on. Pay-per-impression: you receive a set amount for impressions (usually for every 1000+ impressions) ex: $2 for every 1000 impressions. Pay-per-lead: you receive a set amount for qualified leads that link from your site. Usually a few cents for each qualified lead but can vary. Pay-per-sale (otherwise known as Affiliate): people click a link on your site (or email) to be taken to merchant page. If they make a purchase, you receive a set amount or percentage. When choosing any of these, you must investigate your demographics. If your site is (and only for example) a gaming site, your visitor age is usually low. Online advertisers will usually not accept these types of sites. Most ad's are for you to purchase something online. If your visitor doesn't have a credit card, it is not worth the advertisers time and money to target someone who is unable to purchase their product. I utilize both pay-per-impression (currently testing it) and Affiliate programs. Affiliate programs work better for me as my sites are very target specific and the product relates to my visitors. One thing though, to be successful with affiliate programs, you must use a prgram that is related to your site. I see way too many sites using affiliate programs that have no relevance to their site. If I run a travel site but I utilize a hosting affiliate program, I will not see many sales as visitors to my site are looking for travel info, not web hosting. You must also target the program so as to drive your visitors to make a purchase. Testimonials help position the product as something your visitor should be interested in. I could write more in-depth about this but I am sure you are tired of reading this book Feel free to ask more questions.
  5. Could very well be. On an account I have elsewhere, it uses ths shared SSL and I get the warning every time I log in...even though I added the certificate.
  6. Well, perldesk is included in a reseller account I have outside TCH. That is why I suggested it. Plus TCH uses perl desk for their help desk so they have knowledge of the script.
  7. I am not TCH support either... You can use file manager in the CPanel in lieu of a FTP client (although much less user friendly). Like I said in the other thread, if this is your first attempt at webmaster, I would wait till the domain propgates to minimize any confusion. People won't be able to view your website anyway until the domain resolves (unless you give them the IP)
  8. If you have received your account set up complete email, it contains all the info you will need. You can go to the IP instead of the actual domain name until your domain resolves. That IP is included in the email. You will be able to use FTP or file manager. I do recommend, however, that if this is your first website/hosting package, you wait until the domain resolves before uploading. Using an IP when you are not used to them can be confusing. Much easier to use www,****** instead of 64.191.**.*** (IP for reference only, this is not part of your specific IP)
  9. Hey all, I was wondering if you had plans to upgrade (or rather add) features and themes to CPanel? I would really like to see the Vertex theme added. I find it to be the easiest one to use (and I probably have 5 different themes on various sites). I was also wondering if you had looked into adding the perldesk script? I find that very helpfull for resellers. Just my 2 cents....I know business dictates over wants.
  10. I understand your interest in discussing this topic, however it can become heated very quickly. I don't think we should be asking if war is right, rather doing everything we can to support those who are fighting for us. The decision has been made, and we cannot change that. Now is the time to come together to show support, not argue about it. Throughout our nations history, we have been involved in many bad situations. We have always pulled through. I predict we will continue to do the same. God Bless America!
  11. I have seen this issue with GoDaddy (Owner of Wild West) quite a bit lately, however the issue is not theirs. For your domain to propogate, it has to be fed into all the (I will call them Leader for simplicity)Leader comps. As you surf the net, your connections often take different routes, especially if you have disconnected from the network. As your domain is travelling, some will receive it sooner than others. Thereby creating the issue of here now, gone five minutes later. Give a full 24 hours (sometimes longer) and you should not experience this.
  12. I used to delete cookies (which would be one symptom) regularly but found that I hated trying to find all the passwords I didn't remember because they were "cookied" for the past month. Never delete anymore! I, however, have never had to log in here aside from the initial time. Your computer may also be programed to dump cookies automatically after a set time. I know XP has a default (I use XP) but don't remember what it was set at. Also, I have recently had issues with Norton Firewall playing havoc with somethings like spam filtering and privacy settings. It wouldn't let me view any pictures that were based within a forum such as this one. I had to lower the privacy control to fix it. Always push and pull....
  13. Ditto...although I do have one thing I must say... To the news and military people...STOP Telling What We Plan to Do! Sorry, but had to vent that. My prayers are with our military, their families, and the Iraqi people.
  14. I'll try not to write a book this time (although I usually end up doing so anyway). I will address the google issue first. Google has you with a current PR of 4. Has this been higher previously to your knowledge? One issue could possibly be your frames. Google has been acting very strange lately in it's spidering of framed sites. Many sites have seen their PR drop from 6 to 4 (or similar) with no navigational changes being made, but content updates were made. I wish I could explain what it is doing, but I am still trying to figure it out as one of my sites uses frames as well. Also, the dance started late this month and that has had a little impact. DMOZ...what catagory (bottom of tree) were you in previously? We move things around quite a bit to try and make sure the directories are as accurate and specific as possible. Give me a sec, I am going to try to find your listing....aside from the site being jacked up today (dmoz that is) it is currently not letting me log in. I will check later. Anyway, 2 months is not necessarily an indicator of your site being rejected. Depending on the number of editors and submissions for your catagory, it can take a good length of time as each site is reviewed manually. I hope this helps. I will try later to find your dmoz listing....if it ever let's me in
  15. I have also experienced this phenomenon (if you would call it that) recently. It was weird because with all my past domain changes, once they were working, they stayed. The last two domains I have changed have bounced a few times to the old version. I guess as the net keeps getting bigger with more addresses the more difficult it will be to ensure everyone is pointing exactly the same.
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