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  1. I was providing a link me icon to here on my website when i accidentaly deleted the file. can someone provide me with the link to the page with all the link me icons so i can get it back up thanks.
  2. anyone know a good site to find lots of phpnuke themes?
  3. yup yup turns out that phpnuke.org lied and the 6.7 download was actually 6.0 so i had to take it back down again but mike agreed to help me set it back up tommorow thanks for all the help
  4. there is no nukesql that i can see there is a sql folder but inside is a sql file called nuke.sql i uploaded that and went to it but only text
  5. whats the link for nukesql cant find it either hehe cant find a structure tab in phpmyadmin either
  6. ok visit the link Analyze Page and see the errors for yourself to much to type out there
  7. nuke install? The nuke page should be at www.deltataskforce.com/index.php but obviously it isnt working either. When i uploaded it i took all files out of the html folder and uploaded the rest of the loose files and folders inside to the public html
  8. i checked nukecops couldnt find the program either
  9. the site is www.deltataskforce.com i did not do anything but change the config.php so far
  10. ok i now did the first step by changing the info in config.php to what it should be i try my site now and i get the following: Warning: main(language/lang-.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/deltata/public_html/mainfile.php on line 166 Warning: main(): Failed opening 'language/lang-.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/deltata/public_html/mainfile.php on line 166 Warning: head(themes//theme.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/deltata/public_html/header.php on line 31 Warning: head(): Failed opening 'themes//theme.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/deltata/public_html/header.php on line 31 Fatal error: Call to undefined function: themeheader() in /home/deltata/public_html/header.php on line 47 The old error is not there now but there is alot more new errors
  11. ok i did that now i get another worse problem. It tells me this: Fatal error: Call to undefined function: message_die() in /home/deltata/public_html/db/db.php on line 88 when i go to www.deltataskforce.net. Im not sure what the problem is, if its possible something wrong with the config.php that could be ebcause it asks for the following things $dbhost = "localhost"; $dbuname = "Lebleu"; $dbpass = "*****"; $dbname = "phpnuke"; $prefix = "nuke"; $user_prefix = "nuke"; The prefixes im not sure about so i did not change them from default the rest is how it appears in the mysql datapase except that the word that comes before the names such as deltata_lebleu and deltata_phpnuke i did not include in the uname and dbname if that matters im not sure
  12. thing is i cant take apart folder as theres many other folders inside the main nuke one. I remember now how i did it though. I did it buy making it so when u visiting the main domain it would bring u to www.asdf/index.php but i forget how can u help me
  13. How would i upload a folder so that it stays under the main domain for example www.asdf.net rather then www.asdf.net/folder. I know whatever folder goes in public html will create something like the second one.
  14. Well im really sorry to see my site dying down to a graveyard so i decided to close it as theres no more use keeping it up. I was looking around the main page and i cant figure out how i cancel my account so all fees will end? Can someone help me out
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